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Student Life 










Paterson Court 








Messages and 












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! 2 Student Life 

Student Life 13 


Student Life 15 


16 Student Life 


Student Life 17 


Ill II 

1 8 Student Life 

Student Life 





20 Student Life 



Student Life 21 


Paris. Rome, Moscow . . . and Dav- 
idson? Though few would consider Dav- 
idson one of the world's cultural centers, 
it does host a wealth of different cultures 
represented by its numerous interna- 
tional students. Every fall semester, 
Davidson hosts its international festival 
to heighten international awareness 
among its students and the community. 
It also provides Davidson's international 
students the opportunity to celebrate 
their culture with American students as 
well as other international students. 

22 Student Life 

Student Life 23 


24 Student Life 

Student Life 25 


26 Student Life 

Student Life 27 

28 Student Life 




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30 Student Life 

Student Life 31 




'♦ 1. ^'. "^'L 


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Li L„ 


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?2 Student Life 

Student Life 33 

34 Student Life 

Student Life 35 



36 Student Life 

Student Life 37 

I •'i* ' 4 .'V ••■I •.'■. ,,y V,, •,.'r<; 

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\jfi'Ui:M*^i^ !,' 

(*'"''I';*'vi..*r, ■ 






Above: Tracy Barwick and Kathryn Casey take part in 
Self-Selection activities at Connor House. 

40 Seniors 

Lee Pennington and Brad Griffin experience Mardi Gras 



"We're actually going through with the real thing in May?" 
think Caroline Prioleau, Kathy Vandergriff, and Jessica Crout. 

Class of 1993 freshmen get to know each other at their advisor's house. 

Seniors 41 

Keith Abramowski 


Amy Alston 


Will Andersen 


Allison Ariail 


Phillip Atchison 


Mandy Aycock 


Below: Kris Murphy takes a pizza break. 

Left: Maja Berlin and Below: Rachel Hall, Rob 

Asako Yoshii ponder the Hughes, and Suze Mathieson 

place of Blow-Pops in "study" in the Commons, 

Below: Are those beer goggles? 

Left: "Now wait a minute, Dave. Don't hurt the person with the camera." 
Below; Davidson girls express how they really feel. Second below: Friends 
gather before Rusk's Spring Formal. 

Carla Badgett 
Shelby Bailey 
Tracy Barwick 
Bo Bassett 

Andrew Bazemore 
European Political 
Jim Bear 
Rick Bender 
Heather Bender 
Political Science 

May 16 came to soon ... 
or not? 

Seniors 43 

Leonel Benoist 


Maja Berlin 


Curt Bickers 


Craig Bohart 


Meredith Boone 


Bobby Bowers 


44 Seniors 

Dair Brown 


Jennifer Brown 


Jon Brownlee 


Matt Bumstead 
Ramsay Camp 
Sara Carlson 

Kathryn Casey 


Cliff Castelloe 


Alice Chakmakian 


Sharon Cheah 


Joe Chewning 


Allison Clark 


David Clingman 

Ashley Cockrill 
Russian Studies 
Robert Coggins 

Seniors 45 

ii^f'- ■ OB 

Mary Elizabeth 



Marcus Cook 


Joe Cook 


Andy Cooke 


Katherine Cooke 


Joseph Cooper 


Tara Cox 


Carlton Craig 


Susan Criscione 

Political Science 

Jessica Crout 


Tosh Crystal 


Romylynn Cunanan 








Laura Cunningham 


46 Seniors 

^ ^1 >» i%««i- 

Above: Kelly Davis and Carla Davis battle exam stress. Left: Kiss me, you 

Josh O'Neill ... lost ... in a time warp. 

Tim Dancy 
Alex Daniel 
Kelly Davis 
Political Science 
Carla Davis 
Medical Ethics 

Meg Davis 
Janet Delery 
Mary Jo Dendy 
Bina Desai 
^s\ French 

Seniors 47 

Harin DeSilva 


Monique Dockter 


Meredith D(h> 


Stewart Douglas 


Robert DuBose 


Paul Elizondo 


Jennifer Ely 


Rachel Epps 

Political Science 

Barry Evans 


Alex Evving 


Bethan Faust 

Nathan Fenwick 


Julie Ferguson 


Erik Figlio 


Max Fisher 


48 Seniors 

Joanna Flinn 
Political Science 
Beth Ford 
Erin Forest 
Dudley Foss 

Robert Fowler 

Anthony Foxx 
Dan Franks 
Reid French 
Erika Fritz 

Kyle Garner 

Webb Garrison 


Sarah Gayle 


Terrica Gibson 

Anthropology and 


Eric Gilbert 


Seniors 49 

Girls, you ha%e some panties on your heads! 

Have a beer, a purple crayon, and a smile. 

Leslie Goff 


Political Science 

^^m ^^^ 

Michelle Graham 

jV ^ >-' V^b' 


^K iK> 

Michael Grant 

''JIUl '" '' .^Pr** 


*^HL ^KQLa 

Mary Katherine 






Chris Greiling 

Political Science 

Craig Gretter 


Brad Griffin 


. manda Grim 

Medical Ethics 

50 Seniors 

elow: 1993 girls' freshman year on 4th Cannon. Second Below: Friends enjoy Midwinter's Weekend. 

Gus Gustafson 

Rachel Hall 


) Geoff Hamilton 

Jesse Hamner 

Yv ■0 Christy Vacca, Chris Greiling, and Terrica Gibson at 
Warner Hall's Continental Extravaganza. 

Seniors 51 

Leigh Hamrick 

Political Science 

Melissa Hancock 


Wilson Hardcastle 



David Harding 


Jonathan Harris 


Davina Hayes 


Christiane Heim 


Lucy Harriott 

Political Science 

Kathy Hetherington 


Emily Hilbert 


Amy Hoffheimer 


Ben Hooker 


lie Martin and Barclay Cunningham in 

"Ashley, take mc NOW!" 
"I don't thinly so, Kathryn.' 

52 Seniors 

Rob Hughes 

Paige Hull 
Political Science 
Billy Hull 
Political Science 
Becky Hunter 

Peter Hurtado 

Daciana lancu 
Medical Humanities 
Lisa Jacobson 
Mark Johnson 
Political Science 

Seniors 53 





Above: Meredith, Sharon, and Asako test out their graduation caps. Right: Grey and Jennifer 
trv on boxers for a freshman mixer. 

Meg Jones 


Allison Jones 


Adelaide Kern 

History and Biology 

Timothy Kerns 


Lance Kinerk 


Kyle Kinner 


Robert Kiser 


Sue Kisla 


Kristen Knipling 


Tom Koonce 

Political Science 

Leslie Kraemer 


Carrin LaPointe 


' Seniors 

Louise Lackey 

George Lafaye 
Political Science 
Glen Laird 
Julia Lake 

Tait Lane 
Susan Langford 
Art History 
Erin Lee 

Biomedical Issues 
of Developing 
Gordon LeGrand 

Bailie Keiter 


Paul Levengood 


Sean Lind 


Athan Lindsay 


Left; Becky Hunter won 1st prize at the freshman cake race. Above: Geoff and Andy 

discuss Cosmopolitan and photography. 

Seniors 55 

David Lindsay 


Laura Long 


Harriette Lopp 

Political Science 

Ashton Loyd 


Kim Luss 

Children's Health: 

Ethical Challenges 

Laura Malenas 

Political Science 

Joe Maris 


Bill Marquardt 


May Martin 


EUie Martin 


Matthew Matheny 


Suze Mathieson 


Chad McCall 


Martin McCann 


Jim McCarney 



Jennifer McCraw 



Tom McDermott 


•Jennifer McDonald 
Susan McDonald 


Karen McDowell 
Political Science 
Erin McGee 

Elizabeth McLaughlin 

Jennifer McLean 

Charles McNeiU 


Meredith McQuilkin 


Chrissy and Aquarius show off their tack>"-wear before SAE's annual party. 

Seniors 57 

Lawson McWhorter 


Sarah Melson 


Catherine Milligan 


Melanie Mitchell 

Latin American 


Linda Moak 


Philip Mone 


Deidra Montague 


Jamie Moore 


Arthur Morehead 


Frances Morton 


Kym Motley 


Jane Mount 


Andrew Spainhour and friends 
"test the waters." 

5o Seniors 

Andrea Moxey 
Vicky Moxey 
Debolina Mukherjef 
Political Science 
Jack Murphree 

Kris Murphy 
Political Science 
Detlef Musch 
Zama Neff 
Jo Neal 

Mike Newton 
Amy Norwood 
David O'Brien 
Josh O'Neill 

vfn\ u Vi •• ;: ;;; 
■ ti n t^ 

Craig Omli 


Alyse Orgera 


Michael Orta 


Chris Pace 


Bo Park 


Bonita Paysour 

Anthropology & 


Jennifer Plowright 


Erin Plowden 


Laura Preuss 


\h')ve: Full of courage, Leila Salisbury begins a night of 
=«riou8 studying. Right: Melanie Mitchell and Rachel Starm- 
er at Fall Tonvocation. 


Seniors 61 

Amanda Reichard 


Jessica Reinertsen 


Jeff Revis 

International Political 


Nethea Rhinehardt 


Krista Richter 


Stancel Riley 


Ed Rizzo 


Michael Roope 


Above: Don Joyasinghe '94 and Harin deSilva man the Sri Lanka 
booth at the International Festival. Right: Joe carries Josh over the 
threshold for that "special" evening. 


Left: Bailie Keiter and Susan McDonald enjoy lemon-topped drinks? Top: The scary 
couple pose before the vamping begins. Far right: Blue says, "Happy Birthday to me!' 

Nick Russo 
Sarah Sadowski 
Leila Salisbury 

Wallace Sanders 

Mary-Gwyn Sansom 


Jesse Santaloci 


Michael Sappenfield 


Paige Ann Scarlett 


Sandi Schmahl 
Lissa Schreeder 
Andy Schwab 
Ethics and Genetics 
Otto Sharp 


Seniors 63 

Heather Shippey 


Lindsay Shoemaker 


Michelle Siee 


Glenn Smith 

Political Science 

Marshall Smith 


Billy Smith 




Mark Snyder 


Andrew Spainhour 


Randy Spaw 




■ -^ •rf 


Matt Spear 


Phelps Sprinkle 


Dack Stackhouse 



Cliff Standi 


Rachel Starmer 


Carey Stewart 

Political Science 


Top right: Alex Daniel and Meg Davis. Right: Leigh Hamrick 
and Alan Verm. Far right: Stir fry does amazing things to 

A Seiuoi:. 


Steven Summers 


Machelle Sweeting 


Heather Tarpley 


Adriana Tavernise 

Seniors 65 

Allison Taylor 


Laura Teal 


Jeff Terrell 


Rachel Thompson 


Kelly Thompson 


Grey Timberlake 


Ann Todd 


Dave Tonidandel 

Political Science 


Far Left: Charles Wyrick pigs out 
while Jim Knowles ponders his 
next English assignment. Left; Boy 
with butterfly on head ponders in 
weeds. Above: Ben Wiley, all 
yearbooked out, relaxes in front of 
the idiot box. 

Catherine Turner 
Political Science 
Laura Turner 
Political Science 
Sam Tutterow 
Jacquelin Ukrop 

Rob Ukrop 


Christy Vacca 





Albie Varoski 


Alan Verm 
Jennie Wagner 
Susan Wallace 

Ross Wallin 
Political Science 

Seniors 67 

Jane Wang 

David Wang 

Steve Waters 

Robb Webb 

Greg Weinig 


Win Welch 


Ciiappell Wescoat 


Michael White 


Weave Whitehead 




ire of the year - those fun-filled college 

Above: To be or not to be; that is the poster. Top right: 
The tweedlebugs live! Bottom right: Brad Griffin and 
Steve Wogan celebrate Fiji's Black Diamond Formal. Far 
right: Bina Desai and Romylynn Cunanan in Florence, 

'3 Seniors 

Left: "Really. THAT'S where I was in Mexico." Top: Lindsay 
Shoemaker shows an alternative use for the bathroom. 

Steve Wogan 
David Wright 
Asako Yoshii 

Seniors Not Pictured 

Sam Adams, Bruce Balestier, Michael Barber, Elaine Bell, Oma Blaise. Elizabeth 
Blalock, Case Bodiford, John Bodkin, Betsey Boshell, Julie Brewer, Chuck Brooks, 
Jamie Brown, Scott Bryant, David Coarsey, Tim Coughlin, Matt Cox, Boo Dabbs, Byrd 
Davenport, Liz Davidson, Billy Devens, Dennis DiCarlo, Matt Dormer, Joseph Dunham, 
Peter Fisher, John Friguglietti, Ian Gardner, Chris Gray, Nancy Green, Susan Hager, 
Stuart Hardy, Brett Hayford, J.D. Heuer, Jennifer Holladay, Tom Hunter, Chris Jones, 
David Kerns, Jay Kirtley, Jim Knowles, Dan Lamar, Sara Little, Chris Malanuk, Seth 
McLaughlin, Woody Miller, Bryson Moore, Will Motley, Lissa Mowris, Lise Nelson, 
Hayler Osborn, Sam Patterson, Andy Paul, Jay Pease, Chip Petree, Simone Plaisance, 
Norris Post, Tom Price, Walter Price, Wyman Rembert, Mark Rozear, Nicole Scoggins, 
Kirby Shealv, Katrice Shuler, Sohn Sims, Anne Sjostrom, Jay Spiegel, Jim Slewart, 
Jack Vartabedian, Francie Vaughn, Charles Wyrick, Julia Whittaker, Jennifer 
Whittington, Natasha Williams, Matt Woodlief, Mike Wright, Preston Yarborough. 

Seniors 69 




Sl^iors^ 71 

1 = 

.1 L 

% ^4'^ 

^ ^ 



^^^^^^1 """^ 

^^^^^^^H^f \ 14 

^^^r ^ 'V 

f^^^^M .-^^^'^ 

Rr^ -^ 

W ^1 ' 







^ >- a 






'_'\^ :,.■ -.J» 

T ^^lT^I^I 

■■■A-'.^' *■'','.'■ ■'^ 



' 1 












K^ I 1 J 








" ''4 Seniors 






f ""-^ni 



r 1 

Seniors 77 

78 Senior 

r v^" 


We were abroad in 1991-92... 

ind we know we were missed. 





H •- >i 


like Mjun 


Ah... 9 those were 
the days. 

Now graduation means 

getting a job 

and no breaks for: 

\ .. ^^ -it^ ^)t.i^ 

t ^ ( « I t k < « 


;»-, ^; M. .»: ;■•' ,■» 

Juniors Already? 

The war in the gulf.. .The Big South 
Conference. ..The end of the Cold 
War. ..Shorter E.xam Periods. ..Minus 
grades. ..The Rodney King 
verdict. ..F.L..A.G... .The Southern 
Conference. ..New Alcohol Policy.. ."bonus 
bucks".. .New dormitory security 
system. ..Newer dormitory security 
system. ..Soccer Final Four host. ..Soccer 
Final Four participant! 

Within the last two years, many 
changes have occurred both in the world 
and here at Davidson. One moment we 
were disoriented freshmem trying to find 
which rooms our classes were in. Hall 
mixers soon followed, and we received 

our Davidson big brothers or big sisters. 
The first night down on Patterson Court 
and Self-Selection night seem blurred 
together when "remembered" as juniors. 

The next moment we were all living in 
Belk or "down the hill", and were at the 
bottom of every list from room selection 
to course selection. 

Now many of us are either hall 
counselors, resident advisors, or studying 
abroad. I guess the old adage "Time flies 
when you're having fun!" proves correct. 
I never knew thirty-page papers and 
three and a half hour labs could be 
considered fun. 

'^ ^i 



V.' 'J 

It A ^vl 

Celebrating Kristin Atkins' birthday in Char- 

Anna Adkinson 

Kathryn Akers 

John Allen 

West Allen 

Peter Amidon 

Katherine Anderson 

Todd Armstrong 

Kristin Atkins 

Kathryn Ayers 

Brandon Barrett 

All dressed up and ready for action. 

Katy, Wendy, and Susan just hangin' out. 

Kelly Perry and Kathryn Akers pose for a 

Jack Barry 
Jim Bavis 
Jennifer Beahm 
Aida Bekele 
Jason Bell 

Jill Bennett 
Sarah Berry 
Jason Bertsch 
Towner Blackstock 
Chad Blackwelder 

Christy Block 
Paul Brannan 
Carol Brinkhous 
Cynthia Brooks 
Robert Broussard 

Ti.n.'r^rc g7 

Brannon Buck 

Will Caldwell 

Rafael Candelario 

Will Canu 

Angela Capillary 

Chris Carrigan 

Tim Carrigan 

Mary Anne Carswell 

Kevin Carter 

Rima Chakrabarti 

Rachel Chamberlain 

Vincent Choo 

Jimmy Cline 

Chris Cobb 

Susannah Cobb 

88 Juniors 

Sara Coker 
Emily Coleman 
Aylett Colston 
Jessy Coltrane 
Phillip Conrad 

Allison Cotton 
Simmons Covington 
Aimee Cronfel 
Audrey Dalton 
John Dalton 

Chris Reinking and Kristin Atkins take time to pose 
for a picture. 


Juniors 89 

90 Juniors 

Jennifer Guise offers Kathryn Akers an effec- 
tive guide for studying. 

Is that Frankenstein or Keith Abra- 
mowski? Susan Wildey can only hope 
for help. 

Hien Dang 

Ward B. Davis 

Molly Dawson 

Jean DeMoss 

Ed Denning 

Suma Desai 
Jimmy DeVries 
Rachel Dunifon 
Merrill Earnest 

Karla Eaves 

Chris Edmonston 

Thadd Ellett 

Stevfc Faller 

Rebekah Fanning 
Drew Fassett 

92 Juniors 

Sally Stone and Jean DeMoss get wet 'n wild at 
Connor's Self-Selection. 


Robbie Fierro 
Greg Fisher 
Heather Flint 

^ ^ ^\ Sean Fortier 

^ ^ Chris Frampton 


Jazz Freitas 
Sally Gantt 
Jen Garciga 
Kristin Garris 
Sarah Goldsmith 

Tiininrs 9,3 

Barbara Grooms 

Suneya Gupta 

Andy Haile 

Katy Hammond 

Meredith Hammons 

Suzanne Hardesty 

Rvan Harper 

Jeff Hart 

Chris Hass 

Cvndi Hess 

Laura Turner and Seth Huck- 
abee enjoy the Art History trip 
in France. 

Students from the Cambridge 
program on tour of England. 



The ^^^^^^^^1 
Martin to a ^^^^^^^^^^| 


Kristin Garris and Seth McLaughlin at 
Incheolm Abbey in Scotland. 

94 Juniors 



f^ f% 0> 

Steve Hill 
Katey Hines 
Win Holcombe 
Ben Hopkins 
Amy Howard 

Jennifer Humphrey 
Jimmy Jackson 
Don Jayasinghe 
Frank Jernigan 
Brad Johnson 

Molly Johnson 
Patrick Jopling 
Meg Kendall 
David Kim 
Rob King 

Juniors Study Abroad 

Junior year, supposedly the best at 
Davidson: you've established a great 
group of friends; most turn twenty-one 
and can finally descend into the "bowels 
of the basement"; you have some 
direction because you've declared a major 
but you don't have to stress out about 
finding a job; you've fulfilled your gym 
requirements; most of your classes start 
later and you know just when to get out 
of bed to make it to class on time; your 
biggest worries are if you'll run out of 
alcohol that night and when the next 
check from your parents will be 
deposited in your quickly depleting bank 

Sally Stone and David O'Brien 
punting on the Cam River. 

Yet if the junior year is so great, why 
weren't there more juniors at Davidson? 
This year an unusually large number of 
students decided to study in another 
country. Junior year at Davidson did not 
appeal to many students; for some the 
new alcohol policy, academic stress and 
social pressure outweighed the school's 

The hall counselors, resident advisors, 
and the handful of juniors who stayed on 
campus did, however, bond. New 
friendships flourished. With lots of 
familiar faces gone, Davidson did not 
appear so small. 

Juniors 95 



Australia : Kate Crosman, Morgan Farrell, 

Heather Galano. 

Austria : Nika Deakin, Meg Miller. 

England : Mike Harrell, Brian Heil, Marc Raber 

France : Will Coble, Mary Perrin Johnson, 

Heather Shavender. Eythan Sontag, Sarah Way 

Allison Wright. 

Germany : Seth Huckabee. 

Greece : Mary Hartman. 

India : Kathleen Gordon, Chris Jones, Jenny 

Scarborough, Becky Stohler, Margo Tootle, 

Molly Sentell, Elizabeth Whitehead. 

Italy : Andrea Begel. 

Mexico : Reeshemah Harrison. 

Scotland : Lisa Edgell, Carmen Limburg. 

Spain : Wells Black, Andrea Boshamer, Kirk 

Hall, Sonya Kapoor, Charlie Morris, Chris 

Parker, Lisa Watson, Neil Weyhing. 

Switzerland : Cindy Ebbs, John Harper, Kevin 


Wales : Bailey Foster. 

Davidson in Montpellier : Amy Bertram, 
Ellie Brown, Barbara Butler, Amy Cohan, 
Katherine Harrison, Marie Huntington, Greg 
Livers, Lauren McCutcheon, Jorge Pardo, 
Jennifer Romm, Georgina Rumsey, Audrey 

Davidson in Wurzburg : Irena Arsov, Susan 
Beale, Kristi Brown, Lori Brown, Jean Collins, 
Will Dearborn, Cheryl Dunbar, Sarah Beth 
Grant, Charles Grier, Steve Keller, Sue Kwon, 
Brett Marston, Jon Morris, D.J. Ruggles, Alice 
Schoo, Anne Zirkle. 

Austria : Sara McNally, Laura Walker. 

England : Ward Davis, Claire Hall, Wilson 


France : Mary Elizabeth Murphy, Dave Nutant. 

Ireland : Rob Kelley. 

Italy : Claire Hall 

Scotland : Heather West. 

Spain : Kristina Bell, Liz Davis, Alex Faulk, Sam 

Knowles, Jimmy Stewart, Laura Walker. 

Switzerland: Dave Kravbill. 

96 Juniors 



Australia : Simmons Covington, Robbie Fierro, 

Phuc Phan. 

Costa Rica : Carie Stanley. 

England : Carol Brinkhous, Meg Kendall, Josh 

Lamed, Margaret Murphy, Lisa Sitek, Robin 


France : Jason Bell, Sarah Berry, Cynthia 

Brooks, Laura Bryan, Wesley Davis, Rebekah 

Fanning, Kristin Garris, Katey Hines, Olga 

Krimon, Aimee Norman, David Rhodes, Rick 


Ireland : Jennifer Reid, Courtney Robertson. 

Italy : Amy Laukkanen. 

Japan : Lee Pennington. 

Mexico : Craig Ross. 

Nepal : Jennifer Guise. 

Scotland : Jack Barry, Erin Lang, Bill Mansell. 

Spain : Katherine Anderson, Christy Block, 

Angela Capillary, Stephen Hill, Julian Lloyd, 

Ross Sloop, Becky Stohler, Patty Stowe. 

Juniors 97 

Martha Knight 

Olga Krimon 

Rice Lacy 

Erin Lang 

Josh Larned 

Matt Laughon 

Amy Laui<kanen 

Wendy Lee 

Caroline Lemley 

Ann Brooke Lewis 

Nathan Ligo 

Mark Little 

Rob Lloyd-Still f 

Cristina Lopez-Ibanez 

Myles Louria 

98 Juniors 

Carmen Limburg, Simmons Covington, and Kate Dunlop 
partake of liquid refreshment. 

Cabe Loring, Josette Salazar, and Suzanne Hardesty 
playing Twister? 

Will Canu gives Rebekah Fanning a big fat kiss. 

Rob Malinzak 
Frank Mansell 
Karen Marshall 
Leslye Marshall 
Dave Martin 

Laura McCarthy 
Clay McCuUough 
Jennifer McCutchen 
Katy McDaniel 
Will McDaniel 

Juniors 99 

Catherine McEaddy 

Cherri McNeil 

Francis Mitchell 

Lisa Moore 

Tene Moore 

Catherine Morton 

Margaret Murphey 

Henry Neale 

Scott Newnam 

Aimee Norman 

Katrina O'Neal 
John Ogle 
Rob Owen 
Bruce Page 
Brett Palmer 

Bob Pascal 
Ashley Payne 
Lee Pennington 
Kelly Perry 
Julie Petty 

Phuc Phan 
Barrett Plasman 
Kristen Powell 
Hunter Purdom 
Shiny Purushothaman 

Ashley Payne, Richard Rivera, Alden Smith, 
and Karen Marshall love ice-skating. What's 
hanging out of Ashley's pocket? 

Back on Freshmen Halls 

Remember your freshman year? Mixers, 
hall meetings, big brothers and big 
sisters, Freshman Regatta, Flickerball, 
hall dinners, hangin' out, self-selection 
night,...? The people who were behind 
many of these events were your HALL 
COUNSELORS. They were a pair of 
juniors who gave up opportunities to go 
abroad or to live with their friends in 
order to be on a hall full of freshmen. 
Although being a hall counselor is time- 
consuming as well as energy-consuming, 
it is also very rewarding. You meet 25-30 
people you may not have otherwise 
gotten to know, and you learn how to 
deal with lots of different types of 

situations, especially when you least 
expect them. Since you are living with 
these freshmen, Hall Counseling becomes 
your life. And it's what you make of it. If 
you appreciate the role you have, it can 
be as rewarding as going abroad. You're 
given responsibilities you may never have 
faced before; after all, you're fully 
responsible for the academic, social, 
emotional, and physical well-being of 
about 50 parents' most prized 
possessions! Okay, at least partially 
resposible. So, for all the future hall 
counselors, here's my advice: Enjoy it 
while you can. You may never have such 
an experience again. 

Juniors 1 1 

102 Juniors 

Juniors 103 

Juniors Are Tops 

Juniors played an important role in the 
Wildcats' athletic success throughout the 
year. Football quaterback Richard 
Howell led the team to a respectable 5-5 
record. In addition, Alden Smith was 
named "Fighting Wildcat of the Year." 
Juniors on the soccer team contributed 
along the road to the Final Four 
Champioships. At a tournament in 
Richmond, Ben Hayes was named MVP. 
Hayes and John Sampers both had the 
pleasure of scoring against the UCLA 
goalie who received the Hermann Award. 
Rob Malinzak and Andy Haile also 
contributed to the team's success. 
Malinzak started in the Final Four 
Tournament, and Haile scored four goals 
against Marshall during the Southern 
Conference Tournament. 

Not to be outdone, the Junior Lady 
Wildcats also played an active role in 
their fall sports. Field hockey goalie 
Emilv Coleman shut out several teams. 

Making her job easier, Suzanne 
Hardesty, Jill Bennett, and Erin Lang 
worked hard on the field. Volleyball 
players Amy Howard and Katherine 
Anderson served up a good season. 
Women's Soccer found leadership from 
Susan E. Taylor, Anne Wampler, Jenny 
Satterfield, and Colleen Camaione. 

As fall changed to winter, the men's 
basketball team defended it's home court 
in Baker. Jason Zimmerman, Ron 
Horton, and Janko Narat supplied 
experience and posed a threat to 
Davidson's opponents. Cyndi Hess and 
Jennifer Beahm led the women's tennis 
team. In track, Duncan Spears and 
Karen Marshall dropped their times in 
the 400m hurdles and the 800m run, 
respectively. Juniors also made 
significant contributions to wrestling, 
swimming, golf, cross-country, baseball, 
women's basketball, and men's tennis. 

Julie Rannik 

Mike Reems 

Jennifer Reid 

Chris Reinking 

David Rhodes 

Bill Richard 

Richard Rivera 

Harrison Roberts 

Courtney Robertson 

Craig Ross 

104 Juniors 

Student trainer Ashley Torrance dispenses wa- 
ter to thirsty football players. 

Field hockey player Suzanne Hardesty eyes her 
opponent down the field. 

Buddy Rush 
Trey Rust 
Tasha Ruth 
Josette Salazar 
John Sampers 

Heather Sansom 
Gregg Sartiano 
John-Paul Schick 
Chris Shields 
Steve Shores 

Lisa Sitek 
Keri Slater 
Ross Sloop 
Alden Smith 
Garnett Smith 

Juniors 105 

Ryai) Smith 

Alice Spivey 

Carie Stanley 

Andy Stevenson 

Sally Stone 

Barry Stowe 
Patty Stowe 

Ginger Surratt 
Robin Taylor 

Jennifer Terry 

jt Juniors 

David Tweedie 
Sandro Vitaglione 
Carla Walker 
Anne Wampler 

Omar Ahsanuddin 
Marilyn Ambroise 
Peter Arnold 
Irena Arsov 
Will Averett 
Dan Bahmiller 
Susan Beale 
Andrea Begel 
Kristina Bell 
Amy Bertram 
Wells Black 
Gretchen Blake 
Will Bobo 
Brett Boretti 
Andrea Boshamer 
Brent Bowden 
Todd Bowman 
Stephen Boyd 
Jason Bradley 
Martin Bricio 
Russell Briggs 
Eleanor Brown 
Kristi Brown 
Lori Brown 
Thomas Brown 
Laura Bryan 
Curtis Burns 

Barbara Butler 

Colleen Camaione 

Rod Carter 

Miles Chapman 

Will Coble 

Amy Cohan 

Sara Coker 

Jean Collins 

Jeff Grain 

Kate Crosman 

Ginger Crossley 

Mike Cruise 

Ward F. Davis 

Liz Davis 

Wesley Davis 

Dex Davison 

Nika Deakin 

Will Dearborn 

Cheryl Dunbar 

Kate Dunlop 

Cindy Ebbs 

Lisa Edgell 

Todd Esporas 

Bubba Eubanks 

Billy Evans 

Mike Fallaw 

Morgan Farrell 

Alex Faulk 

^ r^, ^ 

Aimee Weaver 
Richard Wharton 
Susan Wildey 
Kyle Wilson 

Juniors Not Pictured 

Bailey Foster 
Phiderika Foust 
John Franklin 
Mike Freeman 
Chris Freer 
Heather Galano 
Kevin Garbee 
George Geer 
Frank Gibbes 
Eric Gilbert 
Kathleen Gordon 
Sarah Beth Grant 
Alexia Gregory 
Charlie Grier 
Jennifer Guise 
Frank Guzek 
Claire Hall 
Clay Hall 
Kirk Hall 
Brittany Haneberg 
Carolyn Hanson 
John Harper 
Mike Harrell 
Josh Harris 
Katherine Harrison 
Reeshemah Harrison 
Mary Hartman 
David Haslam 
Ben Haves 
Todd Haynie 
Brian Heil 
Tom Herndon 
Charlie Hill 
Heather Hill 
Travis Hinson 
Tom Hooper 
Dave Home 
Ron Horton 
Frank Houghton 
Richard Howell 
Seth Huckabee 
Marie Huntington 
Peter Jackson 
Beth Ann Jayne 
Mary Perrin Johnson 
Chris Jones 
Sonya Kapoor 
Steve Keller 
Rob Kelley 
Rogers King 
Craig King 
Tag Kleiner 
Sam Knowles 
David Kraybill 
Sue Kwon 

Ken Lane 

David Lee 

Wyatt Lilly 

Carmen Limburg 

Greg Livers 

Jim Livingston 

Julian Lloyd 

Sam Mackin 

Nicholas Manuel 

Brett Marston 

Matamba Mbayabu 

Lauren McCutcheon 

Scott McLean 

Joseph McLeod 

Sean McMillan 

Sara McNally 

Brooks Melton 

Tom Mew 

Meg Miller 

Dave Moore 

Kevin Morgan 

Charlie Morris 

Jason Morris 

Jon Morris 

Kristie Moss 

Anthony Mubiru 

Mary Elizabeth Murphy 

Robbie Myers 

Janko Narat 

Lillie Newton 

David Nieland 

Brad Niles 

David Nutant 

Mike Oehler 

Gleg Ordinartsev 

Scott Owens 

Jorge Pardo 

Shri Parikh 

Chris Parker 

Whit Pepper 

Rebecca Peters 

Robert Phillips 

Karen Podolsky 

Bill Pomeroy 

Steve Poole 

Will Presson 

Marc Raber 

Steve Raney 

Catherine Rideout 

Richard Robinson 

Jennifer Romm 

Richard Rotunda 

D.J. Ruggles 

Georgina Rumsey 

Azim Saju 

Chris Sanger 
Jenny Satterfield 
Morgan Savage 
Mike Savona 
Jenny Scarborough 
Alice Schoo 
Audrey Schuetz 
Molly Sentell 
Heather Shavender 
Debra Shipman 
Kelly Shirley 
Will Siler 
Wilson Skalinder 
Scott Skidmore 
Bryce Smith 
Tim Sobon 
Eythan Sontag 
Duncan Spears 
Kevin Spicer 
David Stewart 
Jimmy Stewart 
Becky Stohler 
Anne Stringfield 
Karen Sullivan 
Susan E. Taylor 
Susan K. Taylor 
Pat Thiedeman 
Beryl Thomas 
Edwin Thomas 
Josh Thomas 
Linda Thompson 
Michael Thurman 
Devane Tidwell 
Margo Tootle 
Chris Torres 
Del Turner 
Laura Walker 
Bennett Waters 
Lisa Watson 
Sarah Way 
Bill Webb 
Jon Weddell 
Heather West 
Neil Weyhing 
David White 
Elizabeth Whitehead 
George Williams 
Jay Wilson 
Allison Wright 
Jason Zimmerman 
Anne Zirkle 

Juniors 107 

1' ■.<>•/.%.. 

.>•:;, i! •■ - .'^.-lii- r'j, " ^' --^. AJ V ' '. /'>f) J lit M»i .■^'^^■ '■ 

r • ■i . • la^, tH . l■'^ \ ■ \'' <*>-;i. a ^'■-■. ■ ■ 'vfuF ■ AB .W t--- 

^/^'^ ^^"m- /. -,<«*«t; ^. . -K " vS? ■■.•■<• Hi --. ;■ =) V-." w-^ ■' ■■ • 

*^%' • ■;'^>./"'' 







Claire Abell 

Bryan Allison 

Linn Allison 

Gradv Alsabrook 



Mollis Amley 

Anna Gray 


Neal Andrews 

Andy Antonelli 

These Warner Hall sophomores enjoy a graffitti-filled basement and the excitement 
of a semi-formal as they show their Bright Eyes and Big Smiles. 

Putting the ball back into play, John Walsh shows 
how he and other sophomores contributed to the suc- 
cess of this year's rugby team. 

1 Sophomores 


- IlliWi 

Top Right: Relieving her exam stress, 
Milica Tomasevic lets out a loud yell 
in front of her friends at Connor. 
Above: After stopping San Diego's 
shot. Alex Deegan catches a breather 
before sending the ball upfield. His 
excellent performance throughout the 
season proved why he and the 
Wildcats belong in the Final Four. 
Left: Second Akers shows its true 
colors on Halloween. 

Ben Balsley 
Daryl Barnes 
Julia Barnes 
Patrick Barrett 

Thomas Bavis 
Joseph Beach 
Lannie Bennett 
Brian Bentley 

Sophomores 1 1 1 

Sophomore Nancy HiUes makes a play against Pteiffer College. 

Rebecca Billingsley 

Carol Bitter 

Katy Bourland 

Joanna Bovd 

Will Boye 

Stephen Brackbill 

Rachel Braden 

Jason Branch 

Roger Brown 

Alton Brown 

Lee Brumby 

Bill Bryan 

Amy Bryan 

Hart Bryant 

Jo Burrows 

Jason Burt 

Charlie Polster and Greg Padrick jam out at 
the 1992 Fiji Formal. 


1 1 2 Sophomores 

K -;-' f -:» ^P r "^ «^ \:y'<:^ 

Sean Callahan 
Sarah Cantrell 
Curt Cassidy 
Sandra Castle 

Wade Chumney 
Rob Clemens 
Will Cobb 
Andrew Cole 

Allison Cooke 
Mary Beth Crawford 
Stacy Cristman 
Emily Crowder 

Top Left: Jessalyn 
and Danny enjoy 
Unknown at the 
Tryon Hounds 
Below LeftiLee 
Sutton and Scott 
Bryant are all 
smiles at the year's 
first F.A.C. 

After kicking off her heels and lacing up her sneakers, Kelly 
Dixson prepares for a midnight jog with John Philpott after the 
Connor semi-formal. 

Sophomores 1 1 3 

Alex Crumbley 

Ashlyn Dannelly 

Lyn Daubenspeck 

Mindy Davis 

Julie Dawson 
Alex Deegan 

Laura Dennis 
Devjani Dev 

While Burt could always be heard cheering on the Wildcats from the 
sidelines, he was also active on the field. 

Giampiero Diminich 

Kelly Dixson 

Allison Dorbandt 

Renita Durant 



Malloy Evans 

Bob Feezor 
Susan Fischer 

Emily Crowder, otherwise known as Betty 

Crocker, poses for the camera while checking on 

her banana bread. 

1 1 4 Sophomores 

These three sophomores catch up on the week's gossip before heading out 
to a KA party. 

These 'Ex-Third Richers' are happy to be at their hall reunion. 

Megan Fisher 
Elizabeth Fleming 
Hal Fogleman 
Bill Gabriel 

Arthur Gaston 
Giannis Papagiannis 
Courtney Gilbert 
Kennon Giles 

Jared Glick 
Kristen Grady 
Sally Graham 
Geoff Graham 

Amanda Grant 
Elinor Gray 
Clay Grayson 
Molly Green 

Sophomores 1 1 5 

Power walking- Who doesn't love it? 

Determination marks the face of Sarah Cantrell. 

Amber Green 

Allison Greenlee 

Marjorie Gregory 

Sandra Guzman 

Samantha Hackett 

Eric Hall 

Taylor Hartley 

Eleanor Hatcher 


Jennifer Hauser 



Mark Hemby 

Scott Hile 

1 6 Sophomores 

fh <^ 

Meg Hines 
Chris Holder 
Chris Hood 
Rachel Horner 

Andrew Hotchkiss 
Jonathan Hoveland 
Fred Hsuan 
John Hudson 

Chad Huggins 
Max Hyde 
Willian Ingram 
Laura Isobe 

A quiet afternoon is spent in the relative peace of the art studio. Zack Eastman brings soccer pride to the Sophomore class. 

Sophomores 1 1 7 

A fun time was had bv all at the 1992 Lunar Luau 

Roomates B.J. Rudell and Wade Chumney grimace for the camera. 

Constanza Jamarillo 
Jay Jennings 
Dan Johnson 
Jamal Jones 

Betsy Jones 

Derek Judson 

Jennifer Julyan 

Hayden Kepley 

Jennifer Kerns 

Mike Kessler 

Joe Kestel 

Chris Kip 

Anni Kirkland 

Kresimir Klenovic 

Will Lazenby 

Christy Lee 

^ f^ 

1 1 8 Sophomores 

Li Lin Lee 
Scott Lenhart 
Amanda Lesesne 
Jodi Lewis 

Phil Lisi 
Lisa Lorenzin 
Geoff Love 
Lisa Lyons 

Smith Maddrey 
Gabriela Marti 
David McCaw 

Carrie McColgan 
Mary McCrory 
James MCDermott 

Sophomore John Ramey and Junior Catherine Turner sell Project Life 
T-Shirts at the Homecoming Football Game. 

These Warner Hall Sophomores are having a blast at the Ragin' 
Cajun party. 

Sophomores 1 1 9 

Brian McGinnis 

Matt McKenney 

Elizabeth McRee 

Carolyn Meadows 

Matt Melton 

Wendy McHugh 

Allison Milligan 

Shane Mills 

Rebecca Miller 

Sumner Mitchell 

Amy Morrison 

Holt Morrison 

Shelly Mott 

Elizabeth Mould 

Kimberly Nance 

Ranjit Narayanan 

Halite, Laura, and Karen engage in some pre-party bonding 

Some Sophomores enjoyed spending Fall Break in Montreal N.C. 

1 20 Sophomores 



^^^^^K. i 




Nintendo- it turns the best and brightest into vacant-eyed zombies. The women of 2nd Irwin and Akers look ready for a good Italian meal. 


f^ ^i 


Joshua Neubauer 
Michael New- 
Rachel Newcomb 
Danny Newman 

Tom Norwood 
Kevin O'Nell 
Kathy Oakes 
Allen Ogburn 

Timothy Ogden 
Jon Olin 
Jeff Oiler 
Lara Onkey 

Sarah Orsbon 
Adriana Ortega 
Casey Otis 
David Ownby 

Sophomores 1 2 1 

Greg Padrick 

Jennifer Palazzolo 

Alexis Parramore 

Brian Parrish 

Jalyn Parsley 

Leigh Patterson 

Sarah Patterson 

Karen Peck 

A girls' night out at Wood- 
y's is enjoyed by all. 

Robin Pepper 

John Philpott 

Yvette Pita 

Charles Polster 

Jeremy Potter 

Missy Potts 

Simon Priestley 

John Ramey 

122 Sophomores 

Mary Randolph 
Leigh Rawdon 
Jennifer Rawlings 
Melissa Ream 

Dan Ream 
Thad Reece 
John Reid 
Mark Reilly 

The rugby team separates 
the men from the boys. 

^^ fM ^1 

John Reuning 
Chance Reynolds 
Nicole Richardson 
Christy Rikard 

Catherine Rivenbark 
Bill Roden 
Casey Rogers 
Josh Rogers 

Sophomores 123 

John Rogers 

Matthew Rone 

Eric Rosenbach 

David Rozelle 

Mark Ruby 

Telisha Ruddick 

B.J. Rudell 

Cristv Russell 

Meg Sansom 

Liz Schaper 

Alex Schermer 

Amie Schumacher 

Sean Scoopmire 

John Seebach 

Laurie Self 

J.D. Semones 


ft JmJ i 

Alexis, Catherine, Hal, Rhen, and Steve enjoy a Warner Hall F.A.C. One of these roomates doesn't seem as enthusiastic about this prospect as 

the other. 

1 24 Sophomores 

Cormac and Hart relax at an Akers mixer. 

Sandra and Mollis love living down the hill. 

Hallie Shinn 
Andrea Short 
Carin Siegfried 
Jackson Smith 

Taylor Smith 
Kristin Solsrud 
Sinda Speer 
Ellen Sprinkle 

Gautam Srinivasan 
Janet Steven 
Jay Stilwell 
Alan Stump 

Sophomores 125 

The sophomores were well-represented in India during fall semester. The pariicipanls included John Ford, Nat May, Lillian Roe, and 
Phoebe Dean. 

Peter Sulkowski 

Tommy Suter 

Lee Sutton 

Bill Swartley 

Justin Theriault 

Ryan Thomas 

Carey Thompson 

T.K. Tibby 

Tammy Tiska 

Milica Tomasevic 

Hue Lin Tran 

Andrew Van Culin 

1 26 Sophomores 

Brian Vandersea 
Anna Watkins 
Nicole Watson 

Mike Weber 
Chris Wells 
Daniela Welsh 
Pat White 

Valerie Whitlock 
Angie Williams 
Jennifer Williams 
David Willard 

Dylan, Brenda, Brandon, Kelly, Andrea, and Donna made a surprise appearance at Davidson to satisfy all of the closet 90210 

Sophomores 127 

Tripp Winslow 

Sara Withers 

Sekon Won 

Alison Woodward 

Rachel Worlds 

Candace Worth 

Jessalyn Wynn 

Chris Wvrick 

Phyllis Zemp 

Allison Adams 
Mike Amaditz 
Ginny Austin 

Eric Autio 
Bruce Bannister 
Miche Baskett 
Shaye Benton 
Elizabeth Bishop 
Mark Bokesch 
Lindsay Boozer 

Jane Brock 
Patrick Brown 
Terry Bruner 

Todd Cabell 
Tim Caldwell 
Wells Campbell 
Sean Carithers 

Todd Cater 

Tracy Cliett 

Sara Coker 

Ceci Combs 
Cormac Connor 

Ty Crovetti 
Phoebe Dean 

Biren Desai 
Christina Dorrance 

Linn Dukes 

We can only guess what 
happened to these guys. 

Zack Eastman 

Mira Eklund 

Linton Elliot 

Rebecca Falkenburg 

Alice Felmlee 

Mary Ferguson 

Andre Ferree 

John Ford 

Jeff George 

Mazzi Ghoddoussi 

Carson Gilbart 

Maria Glaser 

Alana Glenn 

Catherine Grimmel 

Daniel Grinnan 

Danny Grossman 

Jason Hagan 

Ted Hassenfelt 

Amy Hawk 

Giorgio Hialt 

Catherine Higdon 

Nancy Hilles 

Kevin Holzworth 

P.J. Honerkamp 

Matt Hunoval 

Whitney Jewett 

Steve Johnson 

Laura Jordan 

Alan Keever 

Patrick Kimbrough 

Steve Krause 

Chris Leak 

Steve Lenard 

James Little 

Nikki Liverman 

Chad Lloyd 

Lorie Logan 

John Lopez 

Andy Love 

John McMahon 

Patrick Malcor 

Scott Manning 

Christopher Martin 

Nat May 
Geoffrey McAllen 

G.A. McClung 

Jim McKlmurray 

Will McKibbon 

Erik McMichael 

Ryan Miles 

Kevin Miller 

Kerry Monaghan 

Chris Moore 

Susan Moore 

Jim Moss 

Dhruv Mubayi 

John Murchison 

Kelly Murray 

Dan Nechemias 

Tyler Nichols 

Marty O'Brien 

Jonathan Orr 

Amy Palmer 

Ashley Patterson 

Blair Patterson 

Gary Penrod 
Jonathan Peters 

Tara Pyne 

Kirsten Ramsey 

Charles Raynal 

Mallory Reeves 

Lillian Roe 

Ann DuPre Rogers 

Chris Ross 

Katherine Salt 

Christopher Sanger 

David Saudek 

Meredith Schwaner 

Kami! Shah 

Tom Shelburne 

Jim Schumadine 

Erik Sjostrom 

Derek Slayton 

Andrew Smitherman 

Megan Snyder 

George Spain 

Chris Stewart 

Alex Sullivan 

Lillian Taylor 

Chris Tepera 

Lance Thigpen 

Strom Thurmond 

Paul Tong 

Jennifer Tracy 

Holt Vaughn 

John Walsh 

George Weld 

Ced West 

Creigh Wheeler 

John White 
Maria Whitehead 

Nicole Wilcox 
Chris Willingham 

Josh Worsham 

Scott Yarborough 

Quing Zhang 

1 28 Sophomores 

Mike Kessler bulldozing his Wake Forest opponent 

Tom Bavis and Jen Rawlings enjoy spending some time together. 

Catherine Riverbark and Chris Hood brazenly flaimt then- 
Yankee heritage. 

"Uh, no, Mom, I was just sitting here study- 

Sophomores 1 29 

T.K. Tibby is excited to meet Spike Lee at the dinner held in his honor. 

Shelly and Mills smile for the camera as they eiijuy the late iiiKhl 
at Warner Hall. 

1 30 Sophomores 

These sophomore girls help celebrate Hollis' birthday at Cornelius' newest restaurant 

Ben, Stephen, B|^«i) 

and Marty enjoy j^^™™- 

visiting their 

friends on 2nd 

Akers. Burt loves the attention he's getting from Megan, Gabriela, and Mary. 

Sophomores 1 3 1 


iO^rX M^^^ Vv^"::>'- -^V'^^-:- '::^»:^'-">?'^-.^^^3^¥'^"- ***^ 


\ f 


■ I. W^ 


.1 ... M: 


■■•■ ■•■■■K>j'jjS'S'*+| 

As the Class of 1996 

Embarked on its journey 
through the four year 
academic Utopia of Davidson 
College, the faces of the 
students were full of hope and 
expectation. Orientation was a 
contrast to the expected 
tensions of uncomfortable 
surroundings like the first time 
at summer camp. Orientation 
immersed the newcomers in 
their new home in a manner 
they would never forget. A 
cake race, hall groupings, the 
"dating game." karioke sing-a- 
longs, a hall v. hall tug-of-war, 
and a free-for-all regatta race 
all spiced up the long lectures 
on the Honor Code and the 
Do's and Don'ts Lectures on 
college life. As Dean Terry 
made his welcome to this 

talented class, each freshman 
realized that he or she was 
finally in college. Once the so- 
called "Orientation period" 
was 0%-er, the students still had 
more orienting to do: getting 
to your first class on time 
when you still didn't know 
your way around Chambers, 
making friendships that would 
last forever, organizing your 
flickerball team and having a 
cool name for it, picking out 
the good-looking guys or gals, 
adjusting to your roommate, 
and passing tests that seem 
impossible. When times got 
rough there was always a 
friend or a hall counselor 
nearby to lean on, and when 
times were great there was 
always someone to party with. 




134 Freshmen 

Freshmen 135 

The women of Third Rich 

are extremely excited after 

winning the Freshman 

Regatta which takes place 

every year at the Lake 


FreshmtTj disciAer what the library is all about 

1 36 Freshmen 

Pete and Howdie dress up 
and have a great time at 
Tacky Party. 

Women on Third Little and 
First Rich play hard and 
have fun while playing 

The freshman men head out to win a cake during the cake race at the beginning of school. 

Freshmen 137 

Christa Abbott 

Emily Ackles 

Edward Acle 

Christian Alpert 

Lee Anthonv 

Burt Arrington 
Sally Atlas 
Michele Augustin . ^'^ f" 

Frances Bailey 
Bob Bailey 

John Ballard 

Charles Barrus 

Bo Bartholomew 

Andy Barwig 

Bruno Baudet 

Yvette Beakes 

Corey Bean 

Jennifer Bean 

Meg Bentley 

John Bottomv 

Lori Blue 

Scott Boyd 

Sarah Brewer 

Jon Bridges 

Edward Gordon demonstrates what 

happens when freshmen get too 

stressed out. 

1 38 Freshmen 

Jonathan Brooks 
Alyson Browett 
Julia Brown 
Collie Bryan 

J. W. Buff 
Ben Burnsed 
Amy Burrows 
James Byassee 

Letitia Campbell 
Addria Capps 
Geoffrey Cardin 
Michele Carroll 

Stacey Carter 
Cynthia Cassell 
James Cassidy 
Maria Chase 

Bill and Jimbo get excited as they watch 
Davidson vs. San Diego State in the NCAA 
Soccer Championships. 

Freshmen 139 

The women on Fourth Rich really know how 

to party. They gathered at Rusk for First 

Night Down and had a blast. 

Eric Collins 

Katherine Colston 

Howdie Coonley 

Courtney Cooper 

Owen Covington 
Cara Crosswhite 

Heather Crouse 
Theo Curey 

Amanda Curtis 

Alicia Dandar 

Amanda Davis 

Emily Davis 

Stephanie Davis 

Cart deBrux 

Jason Deaton 
Lexy DeVane 
Bob Donnelly 

Ann Dunaway 

J.D. DuPuy 

David Dwyer 

Gray Dyer 

Jill Dyer 

1 40 Freshmen 

How did she get up there? Catherine decides she 

wants to store herself in her closet for the rest 

of the semester. 

Ivy Dymacek 
Eliza Edgar 
Elizabeth Edge 
Christopher Edwards 

William Elliot 
Scott Ellis 
Sarah Embry 
Kate Evans 
Jason Falzone 

Stephen Feeley 
Lylen Ferris 
Kristen Ferrucci 
David Fischer 
Lida Fitts 

Mathew Foree 
Anne Forget 
Will Foy 
Brian Francis 
Tracy French 

Melinda Fritz 
Jimbo Furr 
Wade Gaither 
Greg Garrison 
John Gayle 

Freshmen 141 

Adam Gess 

Emily Giacomini 

Tom Gibney 

Molly Gillespie 

Nate Gilmer 

Mary Gilreath 



Sara Lyn 


Jennifer Goodwin 



Margaret Graves 

Charlotte Gray 

Tom Greene 

Elizabeth Grier 

Matt Grieser 

Joanne Griffiths 
Marie Grisez 

Erika Gromelski 

Chris Grubb 



Bill Gullan 

Ty Hagan 

Peter Hallenbeck 

Susan Halyburton 

Women of Basement Rich and their dates get 
ready to party at the Connor semi-formal. 

1 42 Freshmen 

Matthew Hammett 
Jeni Hankins 
Launa Hankins 
Delia Hardin 
Sean Harvey 

Rasheedah Hasan 
Katherine Hasii 
Amy Hawfield 
Casey Hawthorne 
Meredith Hayden 

Zeke Hendrix 
Grace Hill 
Brad Hillsmier 
Samantha Hodges 
Ashley HoUweg 

Churchill Hooff 
Nicole Howard 
Laura Huggins 
Bill Hyder 
Rhett Ingerick 

Laura Jefferson 
Latasha Jenkins 
Wendy Johnson 
Laura Jones 

Ben teaches Yvette how to play the flute. 

Freshmen 143 

The guys of Third West Belk entertain 
themselves at dinner. 

Angela Jones 

Tyson Kade 

Julie Kaiser 

Nicholas Kalian 

Lesli Keller 

Jason Keller 

Anna Kemp 

Jeff Kent 

Julie Khalikov 

Holly Kledis 

Adam Knapp 

Lisa Knox 

Kristi Kops 

Rob Kosicki 

Claudia Krapfl 

Doitch Krastev 

Brian Krehmeyer 

Kimberly Kreiling 

Marc LaFrance 

Jennifer Lake 

Margrette Lane 

Sara Lang 

Jennifer Leaman 

Laura Leibfreid 

144 Freshmen 

Freshmen enjoy their first autumn at 

Chris Lichti 
Sarah Lindsay 
Beth Lindsey 
Jack Livings 

Liz Lockett 
Claudia Lombard 
Martina Love 
Cynthia Luckie 

Reed Maltbie 
Chris Mann 
Karen Mann 
Cynthia Marion 

Court McBryde 
Hugh McDaniel 
Anne Tilghman 
Pete McGuire 

Mark McGuire 
Katie McKelvie 
Anne McKinney 
Don McLamb 
Margaret McLeod 

Freshmen 145 



Scott McRae 

Brooke McRae 

Chris Meadows 

Erika Mehm 

John Menzies 

Sean Mercer 

Karen Milholland 

Bonnie Millar 

Anne Miller 

Cindy Minko 

Bill Mitchem 

Rosie Molinary 

Tracy Monk 



Hedy Moolenaar 

Darren Moore 

Mary Laura 


Philip Morgan 



Chad Morgan 

Karen Morris 

Jennifer Neale 

William Neville 

The women of Basement Rich put their war 
paint on before a flickerball game. 

1 46 Freshmen 

Kristina Nevius 
Chad Newman 
Phuong Nguyen 
Matthew Noewls 
Ryan Northington 

Emily O'Brien 
Ian O'Brien 
Rick Onkey 
Brad Orr 
Chad Ossman 

Eric Otto 
Jarrell Palmer 
Anne Parsons 
Mayur Patel 
Swati Patel 

Tammy Peutz 
Susan Pharr 
Cy Philpott 
Matthew Pitzer 

What are they pointing at? 

Freshmen 1 47 

Smita and her little sister Ebony decide to go 
Trick or Treating. 



Jennifer Ray 

Jenny Reinoehl 

Jennifer Reisenleiter 

Alfred Rembowski 

Katya Khripunova 

Nicole Ficeto 

Chad Richardson 

Caroline Ritchie 

Christine Roberts 

Thomas Robertson 

John Rogers 

Michael Rogerson 

Amy Rolfes 

Jenny Rose 

Allison Sabel 

Javier Salazar 

Sandy Salido 

Jana Sampson 

Jonathan Sands 

148 Freshmen 

''* orttv ^3^ 

The women of Third Little. 

Tiffany Sauls 
Sara Scarlett 
Margaret Scheu 
Ana Schick 

Benjamin Schlaefer 
Jennifer Schuetz 
Katherine Schwab 
Maggie Scott 
Steven Shames 

Tonya Sharpe 
Christina Shi 
Jason Shultz 
Jim Sibley 
Shannon Simmons 

Whitney Simpson 
Siouxz Skaff 
Jack Slosson 
Marion Smith 
Isaac Squyres 

Charlie Staples 
Carol Steele 
Jeremy Steen 
Catherine Stephens 
Roberta Stolpen 

Freshmen 149 

Jane Stubbs 

Ashley Stuckey 

Ashley Tabb 

Russ Tarver 

Jorge Thiermann 

David Thompson 



Krisztina Tihanyi 

Julie Timmons 

Elizabeth Titus 

Katherine Tobin 

Scott Tonidandel 

Jennifer Tracy 

Rachael Tripi 

Nicholas Troiano 

Tony Tuntasit 

Lauren Turner 

David Turrettini 

Alfredo Urbina 

Peter Varnev 

^ (?^ 

Freshmen join seniors for a spaghetti dinner on 
a Davidson Outdoors white water rafting trip. 

150 Freshmen 


... . ,^B- . O 


Susan Warren 
Sarah Webster 
Philip Ewing 
Katharine Welling 
Alexis West 

Ed White 
Brian Wickenden 
Brandon Williams 
Holley Wilson 
Mark Wittschen 

Meg Wolff 
Joshua Wood 
Jeremy Worley 
Scarlet Wynns 
Bob Yarbrough 

Anthony Yoder 
Maggie Young 
Alexa Young 
Heather Young 
Susanna Young 

Freshman elves get together before the 
Christmas hoHdays for the F-Crew Union 
Christmas Party. 

Minnie Mouse came up from Disney Land to 
celebrate Halloween at Davidson. 

Freshmen 1 5 1 

Not Pictured 

Claudine Abernathy 
William Aldridge 
Elizabeth Anderson 
Jeffrey Anderson 
Jeffrey Andrews 
Thomas Bannister 
Charlie Blake 
Michael Bode 
Kevin Boler 
Victoria Bost 
Peter Boylan 
William Brawley 
Candace Brown 
Molly Burke 
Erin Butcher 
Amia Canada 
G. Miller Gary 
Shayna Chazin 
Andrew Cole 
Cristine Corn 
Amy Cragin 
Kelly Cunningham 
William Davis 
Edward Dennis 
Daniel Djuric 
John Eckman 
Cara Finley 

Joel Floyd 
Krisy Ford 
Antonio Frye 
Austin Gerken 
Terri Gordon 
Edward Gordon 
Brett Gosnell 
Matthew Griffith 
Carrie Harris 
Robert Harrison 
Quinn Harwood 
\Vaddy Haynie 
Sarah Heer 
Kelly Hobson 
Helisse Hoffman 
Kirk Johnson 
Jessica Kahn 
Daniel Knight 
Christina Knox 
Katharine I.aidlaw 
Nikita Limberopoulos 
Deborah Liverman 
Eric MacLeod 
James McConnel 
Katherine McEntire 
Edward McWilliams 
Katharine Moore 

Miles Mowry 
William O'Brien 
Alana Odom 
Philip Parks 
Anne Payne 
Jonathan Pieslak 
Christopher Pollard 
Anthony Porcaro 
Robert Ramsay 
Meredith Robertson 
William Robinson 
Katherine Rogers 
Karl Ruch 
Robin Schroeder 
Charles Smithwick 
David Speakman 
Derek Spencer 
Janet Steven 
Margaret Anne Sutton 
Stuart Tillman 
Clark Valentiner 
Christopher Vargo 
Elizabeth Wellford 
Marianna Whitehurst 
Heather Wineberg 
Charles Wood 
Shawn Young 

152 Freshmen 





Freshmen 153 

1 54 Freshmen 

Freshmen 155 



\ ''v-y; 

.-(it. «V,- ." 




,'J|iU"..u<^v,cS''.^ '•;'•••». • ... .i:,i"',-v. ■•V";. , 




■ *V•.^VA;^■■.V;".'■• 'Jr '■■ 

■'••>t-r»i,v •.>'«"-...'.' -v.v;*->^-.i {\ CA*. . •> '" •:'^v,v' -v .'"^jii^v^*^^ 




•;_»h.: I 



■> r 


Oh, those Davidson Pikes -- up to those crazy 
campus hijinx again. Haunted House, service 
auction, and wet T-shirt contest with Rusk raised a 
lot of money while a swell time was had by all. Pika 
raised some $3.2 million during the year on our 
service projects. We have been applauded by 
Davidson Physical Plant members Bob Collins, Irvin 
Brawley, and Rick vanDyke for being the cleanest 
house on the court, and we take pride in our 
intimate relationship with Dean Terry and the 
Davidson College Police Department. We live by our 
motto "Eat, Drink and Be Fat and Drunk," and our 
personal hygiene is rivaled by none. 

Even though we had a party each and every day 
of the school year, we were able to boast the 
absolute highest GPA at any fraternity in the state. 
Our strict dress code drew praise from the entire 
school, and we have gathered a huge following of 
gorgeous women from the Davidson campus and 
some 113 other campuses in the state. The 
Davidsonian was rivaled only by our Pulitzer Prize 

winning weekly issue of Alter and Skull. We not 
only claimed victories in all of the intramural sports, 
but virtually all of our brothers are varsity athletes. 
We also boast one ex-SGA president, all hall 
counselors, and lots of other really cool, important 

I will end with a quote that is so often used by 
our favorite Dean: "Those Pikas are just a bunch of 
Chiefs among a campus full of Indians. That the 
Pikas are here is a blessing to us all." 

158 Patterson Court 

Patterson Court 159 

Dave Bell, Jason Bell. Geoff Bradford. Terry Bruncr. Will Canu, Curt Cassidy. Wade Chumncy, Rob Clemens, Dave Coarsev. I'hil Conrad Jeff Crain Tim Dancy 
Hien Dang Dex Davison. Jimmy DeVrics, Paul Elizondo, Barry Evans, Alex Hwing, Morgan Farrell, Rob Fowler. Dan Franks. John Friguglielti. Jared Click Charlie 
Gner. Geoff Hamilton. Jesse Hamncr, Jeffrey Hart, Jeff Hearle, Chris Hood, Tom Hooper, Andrew Hotchkiss, Chad Huggins, Dan Johnson, Mark Johnson, Kresimir 
Klenovic Tan Lane, Josh Larned. Chad Lloyd. Frank Mansell, Dave Martin, Tom McDermotl, Tuck McDermott, Erik McMichacI, Tom Mew, Scott Newnam Dave 
Ownby, Bruce Page, Brett Palmer, Gary Penrod, Phuc Phan. Will Presson, Chuck Raynal, Mike Reems, John Reid, John Reunmg, Bill Roden, B.J. Rudell Buddy Rush 
Nick Russo, Wallace Sanders, Mike Sappenfield, Kamil Shah. Andrew Smilherman. Ian Stewart, Jim Stewart, Barry Stowc, Justin Theriault, Alan Verm, Greg Weinig ' 
Chris Wells, Neil Weyhing, Tripp Winslow. .6 6. 

160 Patterson Court 


1992-93 marked yet another strong year for the Sig 
Eps at Davidson College. Brothers excelled in service 
activities, campus participation, and sports; and the 
house was still a great place for us to get away from 
it all. 

Sig Eps took part in campus activities at all levels, 
ranging from the SGA to The Davidsonian to 

ROTC to hall counseloring. Service activities also 
played a big role, as brothers participated in projects 
like Habitat for Humanity and Bowl-a-Thon. Some 
brothers showed off their athletic stuff in varsity 
sports like swimming and track, while others proved 
we're not so bad at IMAC flickerball and basketball, 

Life at the house continues to be relaxing. Dennis' 
food is still the best on the Court, and what better 
way to blow off some steam than to come down to 
our First Night Down, Early 80's, or Champagne 
Pajama parties? Despite the new alcohol policy, Sig 
Ep's social calendar didn't suffer. Rush and pledging 
went well also, as we welcomed twenty-one new 
brothers in the Spring. 

The new guys here have a lot to look forward to 
in their next three years here, but not only for the 
above reasons. Most importantly, Sig Ep is still a 
tight brotherhood. This is what sets us apart, and 
what will guarantee even better years for Sig Ep in 
the future. 

Patterson Court 161 


The Phi Delta Theta fraternity enjoyed one of its 
best years ever. In all walks of college life, the 
Brothers set new precedents for themselves and the 

One of the most eclectic houses at Davidson, the 
North Carolina Gamma chapter of Phi Delta Theta 
has members coming from as far west as Utah and 
Colorado, reaching all the way to the eastern 
seaboard. The chapter boasted fourteen varstity 
athletes from the football, wrestling, swimming, 
baseball, and track teams, as well as having its 
largest pledge class ever. 

Phi Delts took part in campus activities with 
Brothers serving as Patterson Court President, on 
the CCRL, and in SHOC. Their best-known 
activity, however, is sponsoring the campus' biggest 
party: Airband. 

The chapter does its best to uphold its unique 
combination of fun and academics, while promoting 
the traditions of Davidson. 



'*** A 



^_I ^ 

^ ^ 


Bruce Balestier, Patrick Barrett, Brian Bentley, William Bobo, Case Bodiford, John Bodl<in, G.D. Bowman, Paul Brannan, Curtis Burns, Tighe Crovetti, William Devens, 
Chris Edmonston, Todd Esporas, Andrew Fassett, Robbie Fierro, Michael Grant, Derek Judson, Steven Keller, David Kraybill, Wyatt Lilly, Myles Louria, Jeremy 
Potter, David Saudek, Michael Savona, John-Paul Schick, Scott Skidmore, Taylor Smith, Mark Snyder, Randy Spaw, Dave Tonidandel, Del Turner, John Walsh, David 
White, Josh Worsham, Dave Wright, Reed Maltbie, Scott Tonidandel, Derek Spencer, Bob Bailey, Chris Pollard, Ben Pusser, Rick Onkey, Brian Krehmeyer, Dave 
Christopherson, Stuart Tillman, Mark Wittschen, Brian Cole, Brian Wickenden, Holt Morrison, Frank Ingram, Jamie McConnel, Will Elliot, Steve Shames, Charlie 
Smithwick, Mike Rogerson, Jeff Andrews, James Cassidy, Happy O'Brien. 

Patterson Court 163 

Bcgcl, Meg Bentlcy. Shave Benlon. Rebecca Biilingsley. Carol Bider. Joanna 
rcnnTrc7B?u'ckman!'<5oliie Bryan, Laura Bryan. MoHy Burke, Jo Burrows,' Colleen Camaionc, Sarah Canlrcll, Angela Capillary, Addria Capps, Caroline Carpenter Michcic Carroll, 
( hazin Tracy Clicll. Courtney Cooper, Allison Cotton, Simmons Covington. Mary-Beth Crawford. Stacy Cristman. Aimec Cronfcl, Ed Dahm Audrey Dalton Alicia Dandar 
,11 licMoss Elizabeth Deprater, Suma Desai. Kelly Dixson. Allison Dorbandl. Rachel Dunifon. Kate Dunlop. Jill Dyer. Ivy Dymacek. Lisa Edgell. Mira Eklund. Sarah tmbry, 
!, Fleming Erin Forest, Tracy French, Melinda Fritz, Jennifer Garciga, Molly Gillespie. Mary Gilreath. Alana Glenn. Sara Lyn Goodman. Jennifer Goodwin. Sally Graham. 
■h i-jncr Cat Grimmcl. Erika Gromelski. Jennifer Guise. Suneya Gupta. Katy Hammond. Meredith Hammons. Brittany Hancberg. Jem Hankins, Carolyn Hanson, Carrie 
. 1-. ' ;,risiiiie Heilzxnroder, Katey Hincs, Meg Hines, Kelly Hobson, Samanlha Hodges, Helisse Hoffman. Amy Howard. Jennifer Humphrey. Laura Isobe. Molly Johnson, Laura Jones. 
cllcr. Jennifer Kerns. Julie Khalikov. Anni Kirkland. Martha Knight. Claudia KrapR. Jennifer Lake. Margarette Lane. Amy Laukkancn. Jennifer Leaman. Wendy Lee. Laura Leibfreid. 
Limburg. Liz Lockett. Lorie Logan. Elizabeth MacDonald. Cyndy Marion. Jennifer McCutchen. Katy McDaniel. Anne McKinncy. Bonnie Millar. Catherine MMIigan. Rcbecc^ Mir" 

Anna Adkimon. Kath-vn Aken, Linn Allison. Hollis Amiej, Anna Gray Anderson, Kathcrine Anderson, Wendy Asbury, Jennifer Bean, Andi 

Bc^d, Carol BrinkiiAij^ 

Kalhryn Casey. K , 

Mindy Davis. Stc; 

Kate Evans. Krister 

Missy Graves, Elin> r 

Harris, Eleanor Halcncf. > 

Jennifer Julyan. Julie Kaii 

Caroline Lemlcy, Jodi L 

Kerry Monagban, Lillian Montgomery, Karen Morns. Amy Morrison. Eliz.abeth Mould. Margaret Murphey. Kimberly Nance. Jennifer Neale. Kri 

1 Nr 

. Sarah Orsbon. Adriana Ortega. Amy Pain 

Parsons. Swati Patel. Leigh Patterson. Sarah Patterson. Anne Payne. Ashley Payne. Marcia Payne. Julie Petty.' Tammy Peutz, Elizabeth Pharr. Shinv Purusholhaman.TaraPync. Leigh Rawdon. Melissa Keam, jenn 
- - - - Roberts. Lillian Rue. Laurel Rosebcrry. Christy Russell. Margaret Ann Scheu. Robin Schroeder. Laurie Self. MoUy Scntcll. Cann Siegfried. Whitney Simpson. Kcri Slater Sm^^^ 

rinoehl. Catbenne Rivenbark. Ch 
Speer. Jane! Steven. Bcckv Stohlcr, Sally Stone. Karen Sull 
Whitehead. Susan Wildey! Sara Withers. Rachel Worlds, Scarlet Wyni 

c, Ashley Torrence. Margo Tootle. An 
. Alexa Young. Susanna Young. 

I Wamplcr. Sarah Way. Aimee Weaver. Katharine Welling. Alexis West. Elizabeth 

164 Patterson Court 

-^ V 


Connor House 

C-0-N-N-O-R, Connor House is what we are! The 
women of Connor proudly celebrate our first 
anniversary. It was hard work, but the Court Jesters 
have conquered every obstacle with dedication and 
enthusiasm. We're represented on campus as hall 
counselors, at the Union, on SGA, in athletics, 
publications, and on the Honor Council. In the 
community, we are seen at Davidson Daycare, 
Florence Crittendon, Methodist tutoring, and Adopt- 


All that and social too? You bet! Our soon-to-be 
traditions will live on: Jamaican Me Crazy, Murder 
on the Orient Express, Rita's Ranch and our 
infamous international and freshman "dinners". 

In the house, our kitchen managers serve only the 
finest culinary delights whipped up by the Crown 
Jester of Connor, Larry Howard. Connor aerobics 
and Saturday Coffeehouse add to the fun. We can't 
forget our IMAC teams ~ basketball, volleyball, 

Connor's diversity is evident in everything we do, 
but our most cherished quality is togetherness. 

...we're on our way. Connor House is here to stay! 

Patterson Court 165 

Warner Hall 

Food, service, and fun... they're all part of our 
everyday life at Warner Hall. Louise and Lucille, 
our famous twin cooks, must be the best cooks on 
the court. They certainly keep us excited about what 
great meal will be served next. Passion potatoes, 
fajita bar, Jenny's nachos, strawberry bread, veggie 
chili, eclair cake, surprise pie, and Oreo ice-cream 
dessert are some of our favorite foods. 

Service is an integral part of our life at Warner 
Hall. Singing at a nursing home in Huntersville, 
working with a soup kitchen in Mooresville, Big 
Sister-Little Sister, recycling, Valentine's Day dance 
at the Pines, Buck-A-Tuck, and Adopting a family 
at Christmas are part of our service activities. 

Our social calendar is always full of fun events. 
Mexican FAC, Beverly Hills 90210 study breaks. 
Senior Men's Champagne Party, Bright Lights Big 
City semi-formal, Pig-n-Swig, Tacky Party, Steak- 
and- Date, Patio Party, Champagne Pajama Party 

CtiCJCSOJO 30J 0333G3333 

aoccooeoaoooo .'-^03 


with Sig Ep, Scavenger Hunt, Halloween lock-in. 
Big Sis-Little Sis, People Hunt, Spring Formal, 70's 
party with Pika, plus a whole lot more. Our social 
chairmen keep us busy! 

The size of Warner Hall allows for great house 
unity. The cozy size of our house makes it easy to 
get to know everyone. We boast of incredible 
diversity within Warner Hall. We have prisses, 
preps, jocks, and granolas. Our advisor, Senora 
Pena, is very enthusiastic and supportive of all our 
events. Last but not least, we are proud to boast the 
hightest GPA on campus!!! 

166 Patterson Court 


i***A»^ *P:^55^gt* 


sr^^%^»%>.<»> ^>j<s>«aiSK£i»««:%ias«ssE&aK8«M 

Patterson Court 167 

Bryan Allison. Pcler Amidon, Eric Autio, William Averett. Andrew Bazemore. Jason Bertsch, Robert Broussard, Ramsay Camp, Chris Carrigan, Tim Carrigan, Joe 
Cook, Alex Crumbley. John Dalton, Edward Denning, Stewart Douglas, Merrill Earnest, Linton Elliot, Nathan Fenwick, Peter Eishcr, Reid French, Kevin Garbee, ' 

Arthur Gaston, Geoffrey Graham, Daniel Grinnan, Gus Gustafson, John Harper, David Haslam, P.J. Honerkamp, David Home, Max Hyde, Jimmy Jackson, Frank 
Jernigan. Patrick Jopling, David Kim, Robert King, Rogers King, Scott Lenhart, Paul Levcngood, Phil Lisi, Robert Lloyd-Still, John MacMahon, Bill Marquardt, Chad 
McCall. Lawson McWhorlcr, David Moore, Robbie Myers. Mike Newton, David Nicland, Allen Ogburn, K.C. Otis, Bob Pascal, Whit Pepper, Barrett Plasman, Casey 
Rogers. Josh Rogers. Craig Ross, John Rowc, Chris Shields, Duncan Spears. Alan Stump, Alex Sullivan, Steven Summers, Bill Swartley, Jeff Terrell, Ryan Thomas, 
Rick Thurmond, Steve Turner, Sam Tulterow. Robb Webb. Chris Willingham. Scott Windham. Daniel Arrington, Edward Dennis. James DuPuy. James F'urr. Thomas 
Gibncy, Geoffrey Graham, Charles Guggenhcimcr, Casey Hawthorne, Churchill Hooff, Jeffrey Kent, William Neville, Charles Newman, Cyrus Philpot, Robert Ramsay, 
James Sibley, John Slosson, Marion Smith, Isaac Squyres, Ashley Tabb, Edward White, John White. 

168 Patterson Court 





Occasionally I'm asked what it is about Davidson 
College tht I'll miss the most. My answer is always 
the same because I know that the day after 
Graduation, or even fifty years later, when I look 
back on these years most of my memories will come 
from the times that I have had with my friends and 
brothers at Kappa Sigma. 

These are men who have had the generosity to 
work for Habitat for Humanity and MADD, but are 
also just as adept at having a good time on Friday 
night. I hope that I never forget about Ramsey's 
enthusiasm both on the field and the dance floor, 
Courtney making us all look good at Homecoming, 
of Robb making each day an adventure. 

To all of the Brothers of Kappa Sigma, here and 
gone, thanks for the memories. 

-Jeff Terrell '93 

Patterson Court 169 






The Black Student Coalition was begun in 1972 
when there were only eight blacks on Davidson's 
campus. Today, though the number of Blacks has 
increased and become more diverse, the original goal 
of the BSC has remained the same — to provide an 
outlet for the social and cultural needs of Black 

Each year the BSC strives to create an awareness 
of the contributions of Blacks both here at Davidson 
and away. The BSC is active in the community and 
is a support to Black faculty and staff. By providing 
social and educational events (such as speakers, step 
shows, and parties), BSC members hope to share the 
pride of their culture and their traditions with other 
students on Davidson's campus. 

You do not have to be a Black student to be a 
member of the BSC. In fact, with more non-Black 
members, the BSC would be better able to bridge 
the gap between the races. We would be one step 
closer to a clearer understanding of what could be 

done to improve race relations. 

Although the BSC is a member of Patterson 
Court, it is not an eating house or fraternity. BSC 
members are basically the equivalent of 'social 
members' at another house. They pay dues to the 
BSC and continue to be active in other houses and 
organizations as well. Come check it out — it's the 
cheapest house you'll ever join. 

170 Patterson Court 

Patterson Court 171 

Alliion Ariait. Shclbv Bailey. Meredith Boone. Amy Branch. Mary Elizabeth Coley. Andy Cooke. Kathcrine Cooke. Tara Cox. Susie Criscione, Jessica Crout. Barclay Cunningham. Laura Cunningham, Alex 
Daniel. Liz Davidson. Meg Davis, Monique Docktcr. Jennifer Ely. Sarah Gayle. Leslie Goff. Amanda Grim, Marv Kathcrine Gregory. Rachel Hall, Kathy Hetherington, Lucy Hcrriott. Emily Hilbert, Amy 
HoffTieimer. Jennifer Holladay, Meg Jones. Bailie Kciler. Susan Kisla. Kristen Knipling. Leslie Kracmcr. Louise Lackey, Julia Lake. Harricttc Lopp. Kimbcrly Luss. Sarah Melson, Jennifer McCraw, Susan 
McDonald. v..>->d\ Miller. Dcidra Moniaguc. Frances Morton, Kris Murphy. Bonita Paysour. Erin Plowdcn. Jennifer Plowright, Caroline Priolcau. Jennifer Roos, Sandi Schmahl. Lindsay Shoemaker, Katricc 
Shuler. Anne SjoMrorn. Kfistcn Strieker, Rachel Thompson. Grey Timbcrlakc. Ann Todd. Trcloar Trcdcnnick. Catherine Turner. Laura Turner. Jacquclin Ukrop. Christy Vacca. Kathy Vandergriff. Susan 
Wallace. Kristin Aikins. Jennifer Beahm. Suvan Beale. Khsiina Bell. Jill Benncii. Andrea Boshamcr, Cynthia Brooks. Mary Anne Carswcll. Amy Cohan. Emily Coleman. Aylett Colston, Jessy Coltranc. Nika 
Deakin. Karia Eaves. Rcbekah Fanning. Sally Gantt. Kristin Garris. Barbara Grooms. Suzanne Hardesty. Mary Hartman. Mary Perrin Johnson. Sonya Kapoor, Meg Kendall. Ann Brooke Lewis, Karen Marshall, 
Leslye Marshall. Laura McCarthy. Lauren McCutchcon. Catherine McEaddy. Beth McNally. Aimec Norman. Kelly Perry. Becca Peters, Karen Podolsky. Julie Rannik. Catherine Ridcout. Courtney Robertson. 
Jenny Romm, Gcorgina Rumsey. Tasha Ruth. Joscitc Salazar, Heather Sansom, Jenny Satterfield. Heather Shavcnder. Alice Spivey, Carie Stanley, Ginger Surralt, Susan E. Taylor. Allison Wright. Claire AbeU, 
Alliioft Adams. Ashley Atkins. Lee Brumby. Hart Bryant. Allison Cooke. Ashlyn Dannelly, Julie Dawson, Rebecca Falkenburg, Alice Fclmlec. Mary Ferguson. Courtney Gilbert. Amanda Grant. Amber Green, 
Marjorie Gregory, Sandra Guzman. Jenny Hauscr. Catherine Higdon. Nancy Hilles, Betsy Jones, Lisa Lyons. Wendy McHugn, Allison Milligan. Kathy Oakcs. Jennifer Palazzolo. Alexis Parramore. Ashley 
Patterson. Karen Peck. Robin Pepper. Mary Randolph. Kirsien Ramsay. Christy Rikard. Kalherine Salt. Meg Sansom. Liz Schaper. Amic Schumacher, Hallic Shinn. Andrea Short, Kristin Soisrud, Ellen 
Sprinkle. Anna Watkins. Creigh Wheeler. Nicole Wilcox. Alison Woodward. Jessalyn Wvnn, Lcc Anthony. Sally Atlas, Frances Bailey. Lori Blue. Sarah Brewer. Alyson Browett, Fred Campagne. Cristic Corn. 
\- '' -,;vm, Mand> Curtis. Emily Davis. Ann Dunaway. Eliza Edgar. Elizabeth F^ge. Nicole Ficeto. Krisy Ford, Emily Halyburton. Launa Hankins, Amy Hawficld. Kathcrine Hash, Sarah Hcer. Grace Hill. 
- . I Mira Huggins, Laura Jefferson. Wenay Johnson, Jessica Kahn. Anna Kemp, Chris Knox, Kristina Kops, Kim Krciling. Kate Laidlaw, Sara Lang, Beth Lindsey, Claudia Lombard. Martina 
^'incc. Couriland McBryde. Anne Tilghman McEaddy, Kathenne McEntire. Katie McKelvic. Margaret McLcod. Brooke McRac. Erika Mchm, Cindy Minko. Tracy Monk. Hcdy Moolcnaar, 
I .r^ Moreiz. Phuong Nguyen. Emily O'Brien. Jarrcll Palmer. Brett Perry. Morgan Perry. Jennifer Ray. Jennifer Rciscnlcitcr. Katie Roacrs. Amy Rolfes. Sara Scarlett, Katie Schwab. 
■ I ::re. Siouxz Skatf. Roberta Stolpen. Ashley Stuckey. Anne Sutton. Anne Titus. Katie Tobin, Jennifer Tracy. Kathryn Voyer, Susan Warren. Sarah Webster, Liz Wellford, Marianna 
■'■ ■ '.'ifM Hi. liner Afcbcrg, Heather Young. Maggie Young. Renee Young. 

172 Patterson Court 


Rusk House 

Rusk House is alive and well with more enthusiasm 
than ever. With Ruskies involved in all aspects of 
Davidson life from varsity sports to student 
government to art and drama, they still find time to 
devote to service projects and even a few parties here 
and there! 

This year we had a goal of 1 500 service hours to 
commemorate our 15th Anniversary. All tallied, 
Ruskies came together to commit over 2000 hours to 
service. We held a Walk-A-Thon around the 
community to raise money for cancer research, adopted 

a family for the holidays, and participated in various 
activities surrounding our monthly spotlights on 
service, including homelessness and children. 

Starting the year off, we took a surprise trip to the 
Tryon Steeplechase for Destination Unknown, followed 
it with Policeman's Brawl, had a grand celebration for 
Self-Selection, made a toast to St. Valentine at Heaven 
and Hell, and topped it all off with Senior Formal. 
Ruskies and their dates gathered for Christmas cheer 
just before exams and held late nights when relaxation 
was in order. 

In the kitchen, Cindy joined Peggy and Geneva as 
the Ruskies' most loyal friends. They answered our 
requests for more desserts, pasta bar, fresh veggies, 
and all of our traditional favorites. And more than 
anything they supported us and kept us going when 
things got tough! 

Having welcomed over 70 new freshmen, the Rusk 
spirit lives on... the spirit of friends and fellowship, 
excitement and goodwill, food, fun, diversity, and 
laughter. Yes, in its 16th year, spirit is abundant at 
Rusk House! 

Patterson Court 173 


The 1992-93 school year brought even more changes 
to Davidson College, and especially to Patterson 
Court. The new alcohol policy succeeded in reducing 
the number of late-nights, but nothing could deter 
the quality of brotherhood at KA. 

It was another year of excellence in which KA's 
contributed to every element of campus life. 
Whether it be through "Final Four" soccer players 
or other fine KA athletes in basketball, tennis, 
baseball, football, track, and of course, intramural 
flickerball, KA's made a difference this year in 
athletics. Off the playing field, KA honor council 
members, honor council chairmen, SGA Presidents, 
hall counselors, Davidsonian editors, and Union 
Boarders helped lead Davidson. 

Socially, KA once again led the way with an 
assortment of unforgetable nights. The annual 
Hurricane Hugo Party, MD Disco, and Physical 
Graffitit were among the most memorable. 

In service, KA continued to raise money for its 
national philanthropy ~ the Muscular Distrophy 




Association. Also KA's participated with Habitat for 
Humanity, Adopt-a-Highway, Time-to-Read, and 
the Big Brother-Little Brother program. 

Of course, Mildred and Sylvia remained the 
constant forces who kept us in line, while providing 
the best Southern food on the court. "The Ladies" 
contribution to the house can never be overstated. 

In sum, 1992-93 was another great year for the 
Order. The good times and the quality of the 
brotherhood made this year one of the best in our 
long, rich history. Wheat, Barley,... 

1 74 Patterson Court 

Patterson Court 175 

Rick Bender, Towner Blackstock, Will Foy, Kyle Garner. Webb Garrison, Jeff George, Brad Griffin, Matt Hammett, Wilson Hardcastle, Taylor Hartley, Steve Hill, 
Brad Johnson. Will Lazenby, Brian McGinnis, Francis .Mitchell, Tim Ogden, Rob Owen, Greg Padrick, Lee Pennington, Charlie Polster. Jeff Revis. John Rogers. Sean 
Scoopmire. Jay Spiegel, Steve Sturm. Rob Townscnd. Drew Van Culin. Pat White, Steve Wogan, Preston Yarborough. 

! 76 Patterson Court 






The 1992-93 year passes with Delta Kappa grad- 
uating its first senior class since our recolonization 
in 1989. It has also proven to be our most successful 
year to date, with excellence on the rise in every 
aspect of the chapter. We topped the Davidson fra- 
ternities in grades again, installed a new roof, start- 
ed a parent's club, tore down some Habitat houses 

(they wanted us to, really), built a mailbox for Con- 
nor, and planned a new addition fot the house. Our 
new stereo cracked the house foundations during 
Haunted Woods, Big Hair, Fiji Island, and dozens 
of other events. We also spent a lot of time at Rob's 
house on Lake Norman arguing over how badly Duke 

Remember the ker-splash club, la-pel, gravel, the 
lovely Krista, cigars, John's hair (or lack thereof), 
four initiations, Bruce Wilson, pledge in Vietnam, 
Rick's mood swings, shaving cream and bread fights, 
the reality of NBA 301, the talon of the Owl, four., 
five., six wicks burning, Wogan the Fish, Lexington, 
a belated football player, Mardi Gras, Enter the 
Dragon, go P.Y.!, Joseph, squeaky, Brandy, 
Wednesdays at Prime, Ren and Stimpy, and **** 
you clown! 

We like to think of Phi Gamma Delta as the ep- 
itomy of fraternity life. After twenty years on Beaty 
street and seventy years at Davidson, Delta Kappa 
still means lasting friendships steeped in great 
traditions and the highest ideals. We are proud to 
be Fijis! 

Patterson Court 177 







After a turbulent 1991-92 school year, SAE was 
faced with a dilemma that would certainly test our 
mettle, and surely would have caused average houses 
to perish. We returned in the fall with a strong 
resolve to revert to the ideals of excellence that were 
so exemplified in our founding fathers over one 
hundred years before. 

From our temporary position of Eu Hall, we 
continued our strong traditions of service, mixed 
with the occasional social function. As always, SAE 
retained its position as the one true service-oriented 
house on the court. Among our many noble causes, a 
few traditional favorites were the Time-to-Read 
program. Big Brother-Little Brother, Davidson 
Phone-a-thon, Huntersville carols, and Habitat for 
Humanity. We also participated in a benefit golf 
tournament with the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation. 
Like many loyal Davidsonians, we played a major 
role in the success of the 1992 NCAA Soccer 

To no one's surprise, we dominated the Davidson 
social scene from various locations. The American 

Legion post and the Mooresville armory proved to 
be worthy locations for our many memorable parties. 
The success of Homecoming and Midwinters will 
certainly prove a tough act to follow. 

As we were faced with our first schoolyear 
without the fatherly guidance of Dr. Leland Park, a 
few loyal alums stepped up their role in our 
activities. With their continued support, we hope to 
establish a strong pledge class for the Fall of 1993. 
With Minerva's guidance, we will soon return to 
Patterson Court number six, our pedastal as the pre- 
eminent house on the Court. 

178 Patterson Court 

Patterson Court 179 






•i-,.., ••-4' r^-;- - V,' ii;-^r •;••■" ■;;:, ...^ 








4p |^?fH^5^' 




ilpb"''' ' '^ "' \...,'.'^^'^:lZ^!^^^■'■^^■^^■x^;^^'^f-~■•'''' ■•'-/: . '^-■:' •"'■.■ 


Below: Davidson defense comes up with the ball. 

Forward rolli...Hit the Beach. ..Run and Shoot. .Be 
the Hammer...No-Huddle... Gurkha.. .New 
coaches.. .Pride.. .FAMILY... 

The 1992 Davidson "Fighting Wildcats" Football 
Team can be characterized by a blend of innovation 
and tradition. New to the football team this year 
were forward rolls by the team as they took the 
field for each game, a wide open offensive system, a 
defense known as the Gurkha (chop, chop you're 
dead!), and four new coaches. Not everything was 
new about "The Fighting Wildcats" of 1992. "Pride 
in who you are and what you are" and a strong 
emphasis upon FAMILY were again stressed 
countless times by head coach Dave Fagg. 

Led by a strong class of seniors (Leonel Benoist, 
John Bodkin, Nathan Fenwick, Dan Lamar, Ashton 
Loyd, Matt Matheny, Martin McCann, Steve 
Sturm, Steve Waters, Win Welch, and Mike 
Wright) the Cats posted a 5-5 record with an 
impressive mid-season turn around, winning four of 
their last five games. This success came against 
opponents who were always larger than the Cats in 
both size and numbers. "When you take the field, it 
is going to tip heavily in the other team's favor," 
Coach Fagg constantly reminded us. 

This late season surge along with a highly 
experienced and dedicated group of juniors and 
sophomores and a talented freshman class all 
combine to make the prospects of next season even 

Below: The 1992 Davidson WUdcats 

M 1J55 Eils J^ 

» ■■■■ ' »=- £^H ' ■-«■' fiSs 

•urn ■■■■ R=V*> ■•>•— ■>. MH SRi£.-SI 


Field Hockey 

The Davidson field hockey program reached new 
heights this year with a 15-2-1 record. The team 
earned its first ever regional ranking. In addition to 
their ranking, the Cats defeated nationally ranked 
University of Richmond, Virginia Commonwealth, 
and James Madison. Success can be attributed to 
an experienced team which included five seniors: 
Monique Dockter, Simone Plaisance, Jenny 
Plowright, Jennifer Roos, and Jacquelin Ukrop. 
Juniors Jill Bennett, Emily Coleman, Suzanne 
Hardesty, and Erin Lang, along with rising 
sophomores Robin Pepper and Missy Potts also 
provided quality leadership and stability for the 

Davidson successfully defended its Deep South 
title for the third consecutive year by outscoring its 
two opponents in the tournament 11-0. The Deep 
South All-Tournament Team consisted of juniors 
Emily Coleman, Suzanne Hardesty, and Erin Lang, 
and seniors Monique Dockter and Jennifer Roos. In 
addition, sophomore Mary Ferguson, freshman 
Holly Kledis, junior Erin Lang, and seniors Jenny 
Plowright and Jacquelin Ukrop represented the 
South East Field Hockey Association at the 
National Field Hockey Festival in Irvine, California 
over Thanksgiving. 

Individually, senior Jenny Plowright was 
recognized nationally and played for the South in 
the Division I Senior North-South All-Star game in 
Richmond before the NCAA Final Four. 

Junior goalkeeper Emily Coleman recorded 
fourteen shutouts out of a possible eighteen games. 
She had over seventy saves and allowed only six 
goals during the season. This spectacular play gave 
her the third best goals-allowed average in the 

Coach Brown, M. Ferguson, Andrea Short, R. Pepper, S. 
Hardesty, E. Lang, Megan Snyder, E. Coleman, and Coach 
Pryor. .J. Bennett, M. Potts, M. Dockter, S. Plaisance, J. 
Plowright. -J. Ukrop, J. Roos, and Nancy Hilles. Amanda Curtis, 
H. Kledis, and Nicole Ficeto. 


Threepeat Champions 

Sports 187 


Senior Captain Ian Stewart and Senior Sensation 
David Kerns led the 1992 Men's Cross Country 
Team to one of its best years in recent history. 
Strong performances by the Cats earned them a 4th 
place finish at ASU and ninth out of twenty-four at 
the Winthrop Invitational. These Ironmen of 
running proved their toughness in the rough 
conditions at New York's Hunter College 
Invitational by placing third out of twenty-one 
teams. Stewart and Kerns both earned top twenty- 
five medals (10th & 24th places) and Senior Peter 
Hurtado finished strong despite vomiting in mid- 
run. The NC Inter-Collegiate Meet brought sunny, 
cool conditions and an eleventh place finish for the 
Cats. Putting his runners to the test, Coach Gary 
Andrew promised to shave his moustache if the 
men beat three teams to place seventh at the 
Southern Conference Meet. Later that day, the 7th 
place Wildcats joyfully watched Coach Andrew 
expose his long-covered mysterious upper lip. As if 
the excitment of the Conference Meet was not 
enough, all five runners set personal records on the 
lOK Furman course at Regionals. Kerns ran the 
fastest Davidson lOK time (32:48) in seventeen 
years and sent Coach Andrew into a state of wall- 
bouncing excitement. Stewart, Hurtado, Sophomore 
Erik McMichael and Junior Richard Wharton all 
shattered their previous best lOK times to end the 
season positively. Next year's team looks forward to 
the return of sophomores Joe Beach and Jim Moss 
and freshman John Bottomy from injury to help 
the only returning top-five runner, Erik McMichael, 
carry on the Wildcat tradition in 1993. 

Below; Coach Gary Andrew, Ian Stewart, Jim Moss, Erik 
McMichael, Richard Wharton, Mike Grant, Joe Beach, David 
Kerns, Peter Hurtado, John Bottomy, Greg Fisher. 

Above: Lisa Sitek, Marie Grisez, Carolyn Meadows, Coach Beth 
Manson, Elizabeth Bishop, Laura Jordan. 

The 1992 Women's Cross Country Team, coached 
by dare-devil van driver Beth Manson, tackled the 
season and other obstacles with amazing force. 
Freshman Marie Grisez, running her 19:58 PR, led 
the Cats to their 2nd place finish at ASU where all 
seven runners finished under 21:25. Three women 
in the top eleven, Grisez(6th), sophomore Elizabeth 
Bishop(9th), and sophomore Carolyn 
Meadows(llth), pushed the Lady Cats to a 3rd 
place finish at the Winthrop Invitational. 
Throughout the season. Meadows proved to be a 
team stronghold with her hair-raising kick and a 
20:27 PR. Speeding across the rocky, muddy terrain 
of New York's Van Cortland Park, 5th place Bishop 
led the Cats to a 6th place team finish at the 
Hunter Invitational. Junior captain Jean DeMoss 
ran hard for her mom at the NC Intercollegiate 
Meet and finished first for Davidson in 20:33. Close 
behind DeMoss, sophomore Laura Jordan and 
junior Lisa Sitek ran their best times of the season 
in 20:42 and 20:52. Only points behind Western 
Carolina, Davidson placed a strong fifth in its first 
Southern Conference Championships since the late 
eighties. DeMoss commented by saying, "The 
euphoria from our stupendous conference meet can 
only fuel our excitement for regionals at Furman, 
fine dining at the Bishop's house, and a marvelous 
end to a stellar season." Bishop fulfilled DeMoss' 
prediction by blazing through the Furman course in 
19:22. Following her were the four other noninjured 
members of the team running strong to proudly 
represent Davidson and round out the 1992 season. 
With the return of freshmen Phuong Nguyen and 
Alicia Dandar from injury, the joy of Grisez's new 
orthotics, and seven returning runners, Davidson's 
second year back in the Southern Conference 
should be even better than the first. 

Sports 189 


The 1992 Davidson Volleyball season can best be 
described as one of adjustment and improvement. 
The Wildcats completed their first season under 
coaches Carolyn Blake and Holt Hathaway with a 
13-24 record (3-7 in the Southern Conference). The 
team adjusted well to the changes in the program 
and raised their level of play to match that of their 
tough Southern Conference opponents. 

The highlights of the season were an impressive 
3-0 victory on opening night against High Point, a 
second place finish at the VCU Tournament, and a 
thrilling and hard-fought performance in a 5-game 
loss to UNCC. 

Coach Blake was especially pleased with the 
performance of the seniors, saying, "Our captain 
Jennie Wagner came through as a constant, stable 
force both offensively and defensively. Outside 
hitter Janet Delery established herself as our 'go-to 
player' and lit a fire under our team with her 
ability to put the ball away. Catherine Milligan 
played the vital role of a classic utility player. Her 
athleticism and her attitude allowed her to play any 
position when the need arose." 

In addition, junior middle hitter Katherine 
Anderson sparkled late in the season as she stepped 
into a leadership role and became a dominating 
offensive force. Coach Blake added that "our 
underclassmen gained valuable court experience 
and adjusted well to our new program and higher 
level of play." 

Davidson players were rewarded throughout the 
season for their strong play. Sophomore setter Lorie 
Logan and Jennie Wagner were named to the VCU 
All-Tournament Team, and Janet Delery earned 
All-Tournament honors at the Davidson 
Invitational. Most impressive, however, was the 
impact made by freshman outside hitter Michele 
Augustin. Augustin was All-Tournament at UNCG 
and was named Southern Conference Freshman of 
the Year. 

All season, the team battled the challenges of 
overcoming injuries to key players and of playing at 
a consistently high level with varying line-ups. By 
the end of the season, the team's play showed 
heightened levels of defensive intensity and 
offensive power, causing Blake to conclude that 
"even though we were affected by several 
devastating injuries, including a season-ending knee 
injury for Michele Augustin, we made great strides 
in our mental toughness and our overall team 

Si MM"hdi'9 

Top: .Jennie Wagner displays perfect passing form. Above: Jennifer Guise 
extends high above the net to block the opposing hitter. Left: Coaches 
Carolyn Blake and Holt Hathaway keep a watchful eye on the action. 

The 1992 Davidson Volleyball Team: Back row: Coach Carolyn Blake, Lorie Logan, Janet Delery, Carol Bitter, Jennifer Reisenleiter, Alyse Orgera, Catherine 
Milligan, Coach Holt Hathaway. Front row: Amy Howard, Michele Augustin, Katherine Anderson, Jennie Wagner, Jennifer Guise. 

Sports 191 





In its fourth year of existence, the 
Lady Wildcats continued to improve, 
posting their second straight winning 
season (10-8-1). Coach Kevin Hundley 
created a good balance of youth and 
experience on the field. Freshman 
Launa Hankins led the Wildcats in 
scoring this year, with 15 goals and 3 
assists for 33 points. Other freshmen 
standouts included Claudia Lombard 
who was named Davidson's MVP and 
Heather Wineberg who was second in 
scoring with 10 goals and six assists 
for a total of 26 points. The Wildcats 
will graduate three seniors who have 
added a great deal of leadership and 
experience: Amy Hoffheimer, 
Elizabeth McLaughlin, and Ann Todd. 

Coach Hundley will look to junior 
tri-captains Jenny Satterfield, Susan 
E. Taylor, and Colleen Camaione to 
step up next year. With six 
sophomores returning including Ellen 
Sprinkle, the Wildcats" leading scorer 
her freshman year, and marking back 
Jody Lewis, the Wildcats look to 
continue their streak of winning 
records against tougher competition. 

With a big win over Elon, a tie at 
Vanderbilt and close games against 
Radford and Mercer, the Davidson 
Women's Soccer Team will become a 
competitor among the top Division I 
programs in the South before we know 

Left: Freshman Erin Butcher sends the ball downfieid. 

192 Sports 

Left: Freshman Alyson Browett steals the ball from a confused opponent. 



%^ /jjt 

Sports 193 


Many have called it a Cinderella Story, but we prefer to view it as the fruits 
of a lot of hard work and all the pieces falling into place. 

There were very high expectations for the 1992 Men's Soccer Team and all 
were reached; a Top Twenty ranking, a Southern Conference Championship, 
and a first-ever invitation to the NC.A.\ Tournament. 

The team benefitted immensely from the leadership and experience of its 
nine seniors. This cohesive and talented group had learned over its four year 
tenure what it takes to compete with and ultimately defeat the elite teams in 
the countrv. Senior Tri-Captains were Craig Omli, Matthew Spear, and Rob 
Ukrop. Omli anchored the Cats' stonewall defense while Spear was the 
catalyst and playmaker in the midfield. 

Ukrop was the link which catapulted the program into a national 
powerhouse. .\s a junior in 1990, Rob was the third leading scorer in the 
nation (22 goals) and earned 2nd Team All-America honors. After breaking 
his leg in the second game of the 1991 season, Rob returned as a red-shirt 
senior to add a much-needed scoring punch for the Cats. His totals of 72 
points (31 goals, 10 assists) in 1992 placed him as the national scoring leader 
and 1st Team .'Mi-America. 

The team also possessed talented youth in its underclassmen. Juniors Ben 
Hayes (13 goals, 9 assists) and John Sampers (10 goals, 13 assists) 
complemented Ukrop to help the Cats score an astonishing 90 goals. Like 
Davidson teams of the past, the emphasis remained on a stingy team-oriented 
defense to shut down the talented opposition. Sophomore Alex Deegan started 
all but one game and compiled an outstanding 1.28 goals-against average. 

After defeating UNC-Chapel Hill in the second game of the season on 
senior Cliff Castelloe's dramatic overtime goal, the Cats really recognized 
their potential by tying rival Duke 0-0 in Durham. Davidson clearly controlled 
the game and had many more scoring opportunities than Duke who was 
ranked s2 in the nation. With the impressive performance, the Cats moved to 
#16 in the nation. 

The weekend of October 16 proved to be a huge stepping stone for 
Davidson Soccer. The Cats travelled to Los Angeles to play in the Met Life 
Classic, the most prestigious invitational in the country. Against the #2 
ranked UCLA Bruins, the Cats could easily have been intimidated by the 
perennial powerhouse and the fact that three of the Bruins had started for 
the U.S. Olympic team in Barcelona. After falling behind 0-1, the Cats 
rebounded under pressure, as they did so many times during the season, for a 
decisive 3-1 victory with goals by Ukrop, Hayes, and Sampers. Davidson left 
Los Angeles with a ff9 national ranking and the knowledge that they could 
beat any team in the country. 

After two losses to Furman and Coastal Carolina, Coach Charlie Slagle told 
the team to win its final five games or they may not receive its well-earned 
invitation to the NC.A.A Tournament. The team responded by outscoring its 
five opponents 25-4 and winning its first ever Southern Conference 
Tournament (Championship by beating Appalachian State 3-1 in the finals. 

The team had earned its first berth in the elite 28 team NCAA 
Tournament, but its appetite had yet to be satisfied! 


r ': 

I J: 


^ t J 




■i'-^i 1 X, 

N TTi 

c r INAL 

A Four 

After receiving a bid to the 28 team NCAA Tournament, 
the Wildcats got one more shot at rival UNCC, which had 
defeated them earlier in the season. After an unbelievable 
goal off a bicycle kick by Rob Ukrop, the game ended in a 
2-2 tie. The Cats won 4-3 on penalty kicks. In the second 
round against Coastal Carolina, the scenario was repeated. 
Goalie Alex Deegan did an outstanding job in goal, and the 
Cats advanced with a score of 6-5 during sudden death 
penalty kicks. To make it to the final four, Ukrop scored 
off a pass from Matt Spear to end the game 1-0 in sudden 
death overtime. 

The Davidson Wildcats played in their first NCAA Final 
Four in front of a hysterical home crowd. Concord Road 
and the entire Town of Davidson became a soccer carnival 
as the school hosted the final four for the first time. The 
Cats lost with two minutes to go in overtime to San Diego 
State. San Diego State then lost to National Champion 
Virginia, who had defeated Duke in the other semifinal. 
The Dream Season ended nearly perfectly, with the 
Wildcats playing their last game in the final four in front 
of the home crowd. 


Sports 197 




The 1992-93 Cheerleading and Dance Teams 
brought lots of enthusiasm to Davidson College 
sports events. The cheerleaders led the crowds at 
football and soccer games in the fall. They were 
joined at basketball games by the Dance Team who 
took control of the half-times and pleased crowds 
all season long. 

Of course no spirit team would be complete 
without a mascot, and Davidson is no exception. 
Mr. Cat and Miss Cat were regularly seen harassing 
other teams' mascots and referees. The Cat family 
grew as two junior Wildcats made appearances late 
in the basketball season. 

The Cheerleading Team, Dance Team, and 
mascots made Davidson sporting events more 
spirited and more fun. 

198 Sports 


When the Southern Conference basketball coaches 
held their presens. in meetings in November, they 
picked Davidson to finish ninth among ten teams in 
its return to ihe league after a four-year absence. 
Probably they relished the chance to beat up on a 
new chump at the bottom of the conference. But it 
didn't work out that way. In his fourth season, 
Davidson coach Bob McKillop put together a solid 
season. With two regular season games and the 
Southern Conference Tournament left, the Wildcats 
were 11-13, and held fifth place in the conference 
with an 8-8 record. 

Without question, the team's play at home was 
the key to its success. Through February 26, 
Davidson had won just one game on the road (an 
81-69 win over Western Carolina January 6), but 
had been dominant at Belk Arena. The team 
finished with a 10-4 record in Belk, including a 7-2 
mark in Southern Conference play. And it was their 
5-1 homestand in late January, in which the 'Cats 
beat, in succession, The Citadel, VMI, Marshall, 
and Georgia Southern, that put them into the thick 
of the league title chase. Davidson closed out the 
home schedule February 21 with a convincing 90-75 
win over second-place East Tennessee State, 
Southern Conference champions and NCAA 
Tournament participants for four years running. 

For the third year in a row, 7'0" senior center 
Detlef Musch started every game at center for the 
Wildcats, and emerged as the dominant center in 
the conference, averaging 14 points and almost 
seven rebounds per game. Musch scored 26 against 
Marshall and in February became the 26th 

Davidson player to score more than 1,000 points in 
a career, and the first to start more than 100 
consecutive games. 

Juniors Jason Zimmerman and Janko Narat, the 
team's leading scorers the two previous seasons, 
also were on the verge of the 1,000 point threshold. 
Narat averaged 13 points and Zimmerman 12 
during the season. Senior J.D. Heuer started every 
game at power forward, contributing eight points 
and six rebounds per game, and consistently drew 
tough defensive assignments. His defense held 
future NBA Lottery pick Rodney Rogers of Wake 
Forest to 10 points. 

The team featured a freshman class of seven, 
none of whom was more important to the team's 
success than walk-on guard Chris Alpert. Alpert 
took over the starting point guard role after the 
season's first two games, becoming one of only two 
walk-on starters in Division I, and played with 
unflinching poise. He averaged six points, five 
rebounds, and four assists per game, but his steady 
direction of the team was his most valuable 
contribution. Fellow freshmen Brandon Williams 
(7.4 ppg) and Jeff Anderson (5.1 ppg) were the first 
reserves off the bench. Williams, nicknamed 
"Ozone" for now-obvious reasons, provided an 
aerial game hitherto absent in McKillop's tenure. 

Seniors Musch, Heuer, and Matt Matheny will be 
lost to graduation, but the return of Zimmerman 
and Narat and the early success of this year's 
freshman class suggests a competitive future for 
Davidson in the Southern Conference. 

% r^^^ P^ \ /T^iPl /^'^•^ iw^^ 

Top row: Coach Rick .Simonds, Coach Steve Shurina, Ronald Horton. -Janko .Narat, C^uinn Howard, Detlel Musch. Mark McCuire. .J.D. Heuer, 
Tim Caldwell, Brandon Wilhams, Coach Larry Garloch, Coach Bob McKillop. Bottom row: Frantisek Babka, Chris Alpert, .Jason Zimmerman, 
Matt Matheny, Matt Grieser, and .Jeff Anderson. 






^ ^^. *^ 


With 9 fresliraen, 2 sophomores, 1 junior, and 2 seniors, the 
women's basketball team was rejuvenated to varsity status after 
a six-year absence. Their entrance coincided with the celebration 
of ten years of excellence in women's athletics in the Southern 
Conference. Davidson's women's basketball team will officially 
begin competition in the Southern Conference next year. 
Expectations are high for next year because the team nearly 
achieved a .500 winning percentage this season. 

Facing teams from Division III to Division I, the Wildcats 
gained needed experience. In their first game against Ferrum, 
the Cats made an impressive debut with a twenty-four point win. 
The first Division I opponent to fall was UNC-A. The Cats won 
by fifteen in .\sheville before Christmas break. Then the Cats 
made a strong showing against UNC-W in their Christmas 
tournament. The most win came over Big South Conference rival 
Winthrop when senior Jennifer Roos hit a three-pointer with one 
second remaining for the victory. 

Freshman Kristen Ferrucci led the team in scoring during the 
first half of the season until she broke her fibula in the game 
against Western Carolina. As a result, other players were needed 
to step up to make up for Ferruci's scoring and rebounding 

And step up the did! Freshmen Tonya Sharpe and Maggie 
Young lit up the scoreboard from the perimeter. Each averaged 
double digits in scoring, while Young led the team in three- 
pointers. Freshman Erin Butcher led the team in scoring and 
rebounding. She was ranked seventh nationally in rebounding 
with an average of 12.4 per game and was the second leading 
freshman rebounder. Other inside players Molly Burke and Cara 
Crosswhite added key offensive and defensive plays for the Cats. 
Other contributors from the bench were Cindy Minko, Krisy 
Ford. Addria Capps, Lisa Lyons, and Kristin Solsrud. 

Seniors Jenny Plowright and Jennifer Roos' leadership and 
character will be missed, but the future is in the hands of the 
underclassmen. They will have to rise to the challenge more than 
ever with a full slate of Southern Conference opponents next 
year, but Coach Filar and his young team are looking forward to 

202 Sports 

-itDOi ^^^ ^ 

I *J 

Left: Senior Jennifer Roos was confident as 
point guard for the Wildcats. Above: Senior 
Jenny Plowright provided key defensive and 
offensive play for the young team. Far left: 
Freshman standout Erin Butcher puts the 
ball up with strength inside. 


Sports 203 


The 1993 Daviason Wrestling Team got a shot in 
the arm with the arrival of an outstanding 
freshman class. Head Coach Tom Oddo has been 
building up the wrestling team for several years and 
fielded a deep squad for the 1993 campaign. With 
powerhouse Bo Bartholomew wrestling at 190 
pounds, Jason Deaton at 118 lbs.. Sean Harvey and 
126 lbs., Milller Carey at 150 lbs., and transfer 
sophomore Derek Spincer at 142 lbs., this year's 
new arrivals made an immediate impact. Team 
leaders Francis Mitchell at 142 lbs. and Jared Click 
at 158 lbs. showed that the freshmen were not the 
only ones having fun. These upperclassmen 
combined for many strong performances over the 

Captain Henry Neale, the only senior on the 
team, commented on the youthful team, "These 
guys have shown great improvement, and Davidson 
can expect excellent performances over the next few 
years." While Neale will be missed next year, the 
team will welcome the return of Robbie Fierro, who 
is in Australia this semester. His return should seal 
an excellent future for the Cats. 


4 Sports 

Sports 205 




1992-1993 was a year for the swimming and diving 
team to ring in a new era at Davidson. An 
incredibly strong recruiting class will help lessen 
the loss of the seniors. The contribution of the 
freshmen and upperclassmen led the swimming 
Wildcats to a better season than anyone could have 
hoped for. 

Senior captains Carlton Craig, Tara Cox, Curtis 
Bickers, and Caroline Prioleau led the team by 
example. With help from the other seniors the 
captains have moved Davidson swimming from a 
club team into the big time. 

Heading up a strong corps of freshmen were 
standouts Churchill Hooff. Corey Bean, Kevin 
Boler. Jennifer Schuetz, and Katharine W^elling. 
The freshmen's impact was dramatic and 
immediate, as the season's record clearly shows. 
The Wildcats swam a tough Division I schedule, 
but with everyone pulling together, they have 
proven themselves to be a force in the Southern 
States Conference. 

The season went out with a bang as the Cats 
proved their mettle at the conference meet. 
Freshman Churchill Hooff brought home a big win 
in the 500 freestyle and followed that up with 
runner-up honors in both the 200 and 1,650 
freestyle. Senior Curtis Bickers represented the 
upperclassmen as he took third in both the one and 
three meter diving. In impressive fashion the 
Wildcats placed several swimmers into finals and 
set personal and school records. Despite an 
extremely tough field, Davidson finished just under 
the half-way mark at the Southern States Meet. 
Other teams beware: the Wildcats mean business 
and they are only getting better. 


206 Sports 



The Davidson College Women's Tennis Team 
played its 18th season with a big advantage. Head 
Coach Caroline Price's team returned all of its top 
six players from last year's Big South Conference 
Runner-up squad. Their re-entrance into the 
competitive Southern Conference was a successful 

Leading the Cats again was junior standout 
Cyndi Hess, who has occupied the top spot of the 
Davidson lineup since her arrival three years ago. 
She played number one singles and teamed with 

Kimberly Nance in number one doubles. Juniors 
Jennifer Beahm, Tasha Ruth, and Barbara Grooms 
brought more experience and leadership to the 
team. Sophomore Nicole Wilcox shined again, 
returning from a freshman year in which she won 
over thirty matches and won the number five 
singles conference title. 

Newcomers Susannah Cobb and Sarah Heer 
rounded out the top eight and provided for a 
powerful team in the Southern Conference. 


Left: Tasha Ruth nails a forehand from the basehne. 
Opposite page left: Kimberly Nance with a powerful serve. 
Opposite page right: Cyndi Hess practices her backhand. 
Below left: Barbara Grooms waits to hit a backhand 
groundstroke. Below right: Susannah Cobb concentrates 
during an intense match. 

»>„imi I wiiiiiW'""'' 

* j» * ~* .i 


Sports 209 


The Men's Tennis Program entered the 1992-93 
campaign with one of its best teams in Coach Jeff 
Frank's twenty-one year career. The move back to 
the strong Southern Conference in addition to 
matches against Virginia, South Carolina, plus a 
tournament at UNC-Chapel Hill ensured that the 
team would be tested. After going 8-0 in the fall 
season, the Cats had an optimistic attitude about 
the spring and the upcoming conference 
tournament being held at Davidson. 

Davidson's strength stemmed from its experience 
and depth. Coach Frank returned all six singles 
starters from a team that went 16-6 and finished 
second in the Big South Conference a year ago. 
And with a virtual plethora of players to choose 
from, the doubles teams looked to be strong as well. 
The three seniors provided the leadership and 
stability needed to guide the team towards the goal 
of a conference championship. 

Over the past four years, one player has served as 
the cornerstone of the tennis program. Davidson 
has been blessed with Albie Varoski's outstanding 
play on the tennis court, however his play off the 
court has been lacking. Playing just below Albie at 
the #2 position, with an awe-inspiring physique, 
was David Jesperson who won a conference title a 
year ago. Dave Tonidandel held down the #6 
position again this year. Once opponents got a whiff 
of "Toni" and his powerful serve and volley game, 
they were usually overwhelmed. All kidding aside, 
these three provided the foundation for an excellent 
season with their work ethic, leadership, and 
success on and off the court. With the rest of the 
team following their example. Coach Frank was 
ensured of another strong season. 

Top: Celebration after the first ACC victory over UVA. Right: A 
forceful shot. Above; Dave Tonidandel slams another forehand 

;10 Sports 

Above left: Senior Albie Varoski 
slams his serve. Above: Senior 
David Jesperson in another 
challenging match. 

' *— -»• * ^ ^ ■ •♦- ♦._^. ^ ^ 

Above: Russell Briggs shows intensity while producing a strung serve. 

Sports 211 


1993 was a bittersweet year for Davidson's track 
and field squad. Incredible performances were 
mixed with injuries and illnesses throughout the 
year. Sophomore Elizabeth Bishop attacked school 
records in every race she ran. Junior Karen 
Marshall returned to the team to assert herself as 
the top middle distance runner. 

Junior captain Jean DeMoss overcame a foot 
injury to run strong in the 1500 late in the season. 
Carolyn Meadows was the grittiest runner, pushing 
herself to the limit in her 1500 and 800 meter races. 
Freshman standout Marie Grisez proved she could 
make the adjustment from high school to college, 
improving during the season to post strong times in 
the middle distance races. 

This strong group of distance runners was 
balanced by Maria Whitehead and Heather Tarpley 
in the sprints and field events. Maria proved her 
mettle in the long jump and the sprints. Heather, 
the epitome of senior dedication, achieved great 
success in the 400 hurdles and her favorite event, 
the discus. 

First year coach Beth Manson was an Ail- 
American thrower in college and provided excellent 
coaching for Tarpley in her quest for the school 
record. Manson worked well with all of the athletes, 
leading the women to excellent performances. What 
a great first season as head coach! 

Top right : Junior captain .Jean DeMoss anchors the 4x800 relay. 

Above: Karen Marshall and Marie Grisez lead the Wildcat 

milers. Right; Sophomore Laura Jordan outpaces her 800 


212 Sports 

Sports 213 


The 1993 Men's Track and Field season was the 
final showcase for one of the largest and strongest 
group of seniors in recent history. Co-captain Peter 
Hurtado reasserted his dominance as Davidson's 
best middle distance runner, posting the second- 
best time ever run indoors for the 800. He then 
took aim at the outdoor record. David Kerns and 
Ian Stewart converted their excellent cross-country 
times into stunning performances in the mile, 3,000, 
5,000, and steeplechase. Each ended their careers 
ranked among Davidson's best ever in several 
events. This outstanding trio was supported by 
Rafael Candelario in the shot put and discus and 
by Mike Grant and Ben Wiley in the 800. 

A strong group of underclassmen showed that the 
seniors did not get all the glory. Co-captain Duncan 
Spears, after being tripped up in the indoor 
conference championships, attacked the outdoor 
season with a vengeance. He defended his outdoor 
conference title in the 400 hurdles. Sophomore Lee 
Sutton set a school record in the shot put, proving 
himself to be a force for the next few years. 
Sophomore Erik McMichael will step into a 
leadership role next year in the 800 and 1,500. He 
ran right with Hurtado all year long, leaping into 
the ranks of Davidson's best ever. Rob King, Joe 
Beach, Jeff George. Rob Clemens, Jim Moss, John 
Bottomy, and Greg Fisher rounded out the team. 

Coach Gary Andrews coached the team to many 
record performance. In their second year in the 
Southern Conference, the Wildcats showed that 
they can compete with the best in the South. 

Front: John Bottomy, Mike Grant, Duncan Spears, Rafael 
Candelario. Rob Clemens, Rob King, David Kerns, Peter 
Hurtado, Coach Gary Andrews. Back: .Jim Moss, Joe Beach, Erik 
McMichael, Ben Wiley, Ian Stewart. 


l^k iM^^M 

■y^ll^^Rp^^^Bfl ' It ^r 

Z''3 i '^^' 





Left: Senior co-captain Peter Hurtado pushes for the 

finish line. Below: STEW - "BEAT STATE." Far 
Left: Senior Ben Wiley with the great relay exchange. 
Far left bottom: Seniors Mike Grant and David Kerns 
battle it out ahead of sophomore Joe Beach in the 800 

Rob King hurls the weight. 

Sports 215 



The women's lacrosse program was off to an early 
start this year with practice beginning in late 
January. The early start was necessary because they 
were leading the way as the first varsity women's 
lacrosse team in school history. Having competed 
last year as a club team, head coach Betsy Brown 
was very excited about the move from club to 
varsity status and about the opportunity to begin a 
program at the Division I level. 

"Having a successful record last year has given 
me a lot of confidence in this year's season. We will 
have tougher competition this year, but we are 
finally ready for the challenge," said Coach Brown. 
Lacrosse is somewhat of a new age sport to many 
schools in the South, and is played predominantly 
in the North. The women faced many teams from 
Virginia like Sweet Briar, Longwood, Hollins, James 
Madison, and Randolph-Macon. 

The team is comprised of experienced players 
and beginners from every class. Some standout 
players were seniors Jenny Plowright and Treloar 
Tredennick, and sophomores Allison Adams, Nancy 
Hilles, and Megan Snyder. Many women on the 
team, in addition to playing lacrosse, competed on 
the field hockey, basketball, and swim teams. Two 
and three sport athletes used their athleticism in 
order to give the program a solid foundation. In a 
first year program, building a foundation is the key 
to a successful program down the road. 



Sports 217 


The time has finally come for Coach Dick Cooke to 
lead his 1993 edition Wildcat baseball team back 
into the Southern Conference. The Southern 
Conference, a step up from the Big South 
Conference, will challenge the Wildcats with stiffer 
competition from teams like Georgia Southern and 
The Citadel, recent participants in the College 
World Series. Davidson should be ready for the 
competition, having been picked to finish fourth in 
the conference by Baseball America. 

A strong offense will be led by senior captain and 
shortstop Rick Bender, senior right fielder Tim 
Kerns, and junior catcher Brett Boretti. Both 
Bender and Boretti were selected to the Pre-Season 
All-Southern Conference Team by Baseball 
America. The pitching staff will be led by seniors 
Randy Spaw and Mark Snyder, and junior Chris 
Carrigan. The Wildcat freshmen, an outstanding 
group, could provide the extra push the Cats need 
to earn the Southern Conference's automatic bid to 
the NCAA Tournament. 

Coach Cooke has laid the foundation for a 
program that will be competitive for years to come. 

Right: Freshman Brian Cole delivers a pitch against Carolina. 
Below: Junior Mac Chapman anticipates the grounder. 



Above: Senior Mark Snyder scoops a low throw at first. Right: Junior Clay 
Hall stretches for the throw. 

Right: Senior Rick Bender swings for the fences. Below; Mac Chapman 
gloves a pop-up. Right: Seniors Rick Bender and Tim Kerns celebrate a 
Bender home run. 

Sports 219 


The Men's Golf Team enjoyed rebuilding seasons in 
1992-93. Hampered by youth and semesters abroad, 
this seniorless team's greatest gains came in the 
experience department. Led by junior Will 
McDaniel's stroke average of 75, the Wildcat golfers 
showed promise with new line-ups in each of their 
four tournaments in the fall. Coach Gordon Mietz 
felt confident about inserting any number of 
players in the rotation at any time. Highlighted by 
McDaniel's top ten finish at the Mike Hargrove 
Memorial Tournament in Buies Creek, North 
Carolina, the team finished the fall ready for the 

With McDaniel off to some exotic island in South 
America in the spring, juniors Will Coble and Marc 
Raber returned from their sojourns in Europe to 
lead the team with the help of steady sophomore 
Kevin Miller. With Miller overcoming a putting 
disability and Coble and Raber overcoming culture 
shock, the team placed very well in each of their 
five tournaments in the spring. Freshmen Bill 
Hyder, Slade Worley, Bob Bailey, and Aubrey 
Proud consistently proved to the older Wildcats 
and Coach Mietz that they are ready to compete in 
the future as each posted low scores at times during 
the year. Coach Mietz hopes that with continued 
improvement, juniors Jim Jackson and Kevin 
Garbee will contribute heavily next year. With the 
return of McDaniel and sophomore Hal Fogleman, 
the Wildcats will place their best line-up in years 
on the course next fall. Expectations will soar as 
the team is sure to vie for several tournament titles. 

Coach Mietz and the Wildcats wish to express 
their tremendous gratitude to the members and 
staff of River Run Country Club for their continued 
support. Without the privileges River Run grants 
the team, the Wildcats would struggle to find time 
for extensive practice during each season. 





Above: Senior Marc Raber shows perfect form driving down the 

120 Sports 


The Davidson College Rugby Football Club burst 
into the upper ranks of North Carolina Rugby in 
the 1992-1993 seasons. The team worked hard and 
earned the number 2 ranking in its state division 
after being next to the last for several years. The 5- 
1 record for the 1992 season was due mainly to the 
efforts of the coach and the dedication of the 
officers. The team roster more than doubled, 
climbing to a respectable 37 from a meager 17 just 
last year. This increase in players added much 
talent to the squad; but, more importantly, it 
enabled the team to have effective practices, 
yielding a team that was defensively sound and 
offensively threatening. The club not only won 
games; they conquered their division opponents. 
Counting 27 underclassmen on the team, the future 
looks extremely good for the Davidson College 
Rugby Football Club. A promising group of leaders 
and a multitude of talented players can only mean 
improvement for an already excellent team. 

The 1992-93 Davidson College Rugby Football Club 
Faculty Advisor Dr. David Coppola. 

Players: -Jamie Brown, Rafael Candelario, Owen Covington. Tim 
Dancy, Matt Dormer, .John Franklin, Geoff Graham, Dave 
Harding, Mike Harrell, Billy Hendrix, Jonathan Hoveland, Tom 
Hunter, Mike Kessler, Tag Kleiner, Tait Lane, Wyatt Lilly, Nik 
Limberopoulos. Patrick Malcor, Geoffrey McAUen, Jim 
McCarney, Darren Moore, Henry Neale, Philip Parks, Jeremy 
Potter. Simon Priestley. Dan Ream, Chris Reinking, Chance 
Reynolds, Chris Ross. David Rozelle, Mike Savona, Tom 
Shelburne, Kelly Shirley. Dack Stackhouse, Edwin Thomas, 
Scotch Turner, George Williams, David Wright, Bob Yarbrough. 


Sports 221 


This year, Men's Club Lacrosse joined the National 
Club Lacrosse League in Baltimore, MD. The 
NCLL gives the players opportunities and 
recognition that they were looking for. At the end 
of the season, there are championship and all-star 
games for the winners of the separate divisions. 

Men's Club Lacrosse has a wide variety of players 
who have played in high school and those who are 
just picking up the sport. The leadership of our 
seniors Jay Speigel and Tom Hunter aid 
tremendously in teaching the new players the 
fundamentals of the game. 

Junior co-captains Trey Rust and Jim Livingston 
give direction to a team that otherwise has a mind 
of it's own. It is the abundance of talent in the 
sophomore class, however, that keeps the team 


-v • -wm", 

' If* 




Other club sports included sailing, men's and 
women's soccer, men's and women's tennis, and 
men's volleyball. 


Sports 223 

A majority of Davidson students 
participated in intramural athletics 
during the 1992-93 school year. 
Under the direction of Judy Krenzei 
and IMAC president Carla Davis, 
student-formed teams competed in 
everything from basketball to 
flickerball to volleyball to soccer. 
Students were attracted by the 
companionship and competition 
provided by intramural sports at 

sports 225 


Above: Detlef Musch and Janko Narat reached the 1,000 point 
career scoring mark this year. Left: Andy Paul has been signed 
by the Milwaukee Brewers for his pitching prowess. 


Men's Soccer 1993: Final Four Appearance 

First Team All-Conference: Matthew Spear. 

Craig Omli. Rob Ukrop 

Second Team All-Conference: Alex Deegan. 

Cliff Castelloe. John Sampers 

Southern Conference Player of the Year: 


Southern Conference All-Tournament: 

Castelloe, Spear. Ukrop 

Southern Conference Tournament MVP: Ben 


Richmond Classic All-Tournament: Omli, 

Spear. I'krop 

Richmond Classic Tournament MVP: Hayes 

UCLA Met Life Classic All-Tournament: 

Lance Kinerk. Castelloe. Omli. Ukrop 

UCLA Met Life Classic Offensive MVP: 


Southern Conference. Southern Regional, 

and National Coach of the Year: Charlie Slagle 

National Leading Scorer: Ukrop 

First Team All-South: Ukrop 

First Team Ail-American: Ukrop 

Adi Dassler Player of the Year Award: 


Left: Conference Champion Duncan Spears. 

Sports 227 



Top: In the Southern States Meet, Churchill Hooff won the 500 
freestyle and placed second in both the 200 and 1,650 freestyle. 
Above: Michele Augustin was named Southern Conference 
Freshman of the Year. Right: Launa Hankins was ranked 
nationally in scoring for the women's soccer team. Another 
outstanding freshman was Erin Butcher who led the women's 
basketball team in scoring and was nationally ranked in 


228 Sports 


The Sports Medicine Department is an often 
overlooked and under-appreciated area of the 
Athletic Department. With an excellent staff and 
state of the art equipment, the trainers are able to 
keep Davidson's athletes healthy and productive. 
Their duty does not simply end with taping ankles 
and applying ice. Often trainers can be found 
driving vans to away games and returning late in 
the night with their teams. Head Trainer Chuck 
Voyles leads the crew with assistance from several 
people. Scott and Jennifer are the Assistant 
Trainers, and James, Tim, and Carrie served as the 
GA's for the year, along with many student 
trainers. All together, they do an excellent job of 
serving Davidson's Sports Medicine needs from the 
club up to the varsity level. 

linl'iilnp*^!^- '''^''; 



/u>i-i'. i.Jt^.i^u ilft^^jr. 

V :-'f.< '••"**-i«fj(k-,- 


^■■'■'^;^:: '"^^^^^^j-- ■ >V/iimi^- 




, .V(vf 




Vj'i.f''-''*-'^^'^-* -*^'''' "'*'*"^^»'2ll^^ 




... ■•■ '- v2^.,.,.-!;y,'55. ^ ., 'y, < ^l' ir•.,^ .:;u.-. -i,:;..: 


Responding to vast student concerns about the workings of the Honor System, the Honor Council has tried to 
heighten the awareness and involvement of all members of the college community. By implementing mandatory 
freshman mock trials, increasing the number of members on the council, writing informative articles in the Davidsonian, 
holding a fall retreat, creating a guidebook for honor system operations, and making sweeping changes and updates 
in the code, we have made our greatest strides in the 1992-1993 academic school year. — Matt Bumstead, Honor 
Council Chairman 

Left to right: Pres. M. Bumstead, Sec. C. Milligan, Solicitors D. Montague and T. Price, Defense A. Morehead and D. 
Lindsay (not pictured). 



Left to right. Back row: C. Milligan, C. Castelloe, 
C. Malanuk, L. Malenas, K. Hetherington. R. Epps. 
Front row. A. Verm, M. Bumstead, B. Hunter, E. 
Lee, M. Boone, D. Wang. Not pictured: K. Shealy. 


Left to right. Back row: W. Canu, R. Rivera, A. 
Haile. Front Row: A. Howard. S. Stone. J. DeMoss, 
V. Trim. Not pictured; P. Amadon, M. Sentelle, 
W. Davis. 


Left to right. Back row: J. Philpott, J. Rogers. A. 
Gaston, C. Rogers. Front row: A. Anderson, L. Self, 
S. Orsbon. 

Organizations 233 


The goal this year of the 
Student Government Asso- 
ciation is to get more stu- 
dents involved than ever 
before. We try to deal with 
the pressing issues on cam- 
pus, such as racism and the 
new alcohol policy. — Mary 
Katherine Gregory, '93 

Left: President A. Foxx, 
Chancellor L. Rawdon, Vice- 
President A. Smith. 




Left to right. Top row: M. Johnson 
(SPE), 0. Sharp (Ind), D. Jayasinghe 
(Ind.) Middle row: W. Price (SAE), M.K. 
Gregory (Rusk), M. Amaditz (KA), M. 
Hyde (KS), G. Mardi (WH). J. Jones 
(BSC), L. Sitek (Con), W. Welch (PIKA), 
V. Choo (Ind), J. Spiegel (FIJI). Front 
row: C. Edmonston (Phi Delt), G. Fisher 


Left to right. Top row: J. Cook, E. 
Rosenbach, C. Cassidy, B. Bartholomew. 
Middle row: M. Patel. B. Ramsey, K. 
Cunningham, K. Marshall, T. Curry. 
Bottom row: C. Turner, A. Sabel, B. 
Ruddell, A. Spivey, J. Humphrey, L. 

Organizations 235 


Reach Out includes 22 service groups, many of which are new this year. It involves 
over 800 Davidson students who go out into the community weekly to give their 

Reach Out is a great way for students to get to know people in the community, as well as other 
Davidson students. — Erin Lee '93, President 

Tutoring students at the Ada Jenkins Community Center is a great reason to put academics on hold 
and do something for the community. — Lillian Montgomery '96 


\ ^n] £'^'J 

Orpnjyatinns 222, 



~jj||||| nMDi !MI FC 

oyv\/' I O ^ 1^ 





The College Union is in charge of most of the social programming outside of Patterson Court. We 
support 19 committees, including DCTV, Davidson Outdoors, Speakers, Concerts, and Women's 
Issues. — Ann Todd, '93 


Left to right: Co-curricular V-P K. Strieker, President 
Ann Todd, Social V-P M. Jones. 

Organizations 239 



.:10 OrpaniTatinn^ 


We act as a support group for the theater department and also organize small scale productions. 
- Brad Griffin, '93 


The Spanish Club enjoys cultural and 
social activities together. We speak Span- 
ish, eat Spanish food, and have a good 
time; it's really a laid-back club. — Lin- 
da Moak, '93 



Omicron Delta Kappa is the national 
honor society recognizing students for 
their leadership in campus or community 
service, social, and religious activities, 
athletics, student government, journal- 
ism, and creative and performing art. — 
Leigh Hamrick, '93 


We're basically a social club which eats pizza and 
talks about psychological issues and films. — 
Meredith McQuilkin, '93 

Organizations 243 


According to statistics, on average there are 3 out of every 1000 college students that are HIV infected. Davidson is 
not immune to this disease. — Carla Davis '93 


rtittee on Campus and Religious Life enables students, faculty, and staff to advise the Dean of Students office 
n[; from Paterson Court and the alcohol policy to Bonus Bucks and the 1 1th hour." — Kelly Davis '93 


The Student Conduct Council is composed of students and faculty who review and make changes in the Honor 

Council and Code of Responsibility. — Laura Cunningham '93 


The purpose of the Student Health Options and Concerns committee is to act as an advisory board to the Student 
Health Center and to increase health awareness among students. — Catherine MilHgan '93 


We're the wild version of the Pre-med society. -Otto Sharp '93 


Davidson students have achieved higher than 80'}} medical school acceptance rate for more than 20 years, this 
■mpared to the national rate of slightly more than 50%. -Max Fisher '93 



The main purpose of Students for the Establishment of Racial and Cultural Harmony is to help students see that 
minority issues are really everyone's issues. -Anthony Foxx '93 


We support the chaplain in scheduling Christian activities on campus through chapel services, discussion dinners, 
and sponsoring fellowship groups on campus. -Michelle VanderVieren '95 

Organizations 247 


Although we have onlv four returning members, we have been able to form a full band for the first time in several 
\ears under the direction of Dr. hawing. -Jim Moss '95 



This year the Wind Ensemble consists of many new and friendly faces who have had the opportunity to entertain 

900 Room and at Christmas Vespers. -Laura Turner '93 

■+c urganizations 


The Society for Creative Anachronism gets together with the international SCA for medieval recreations. -Marshall 
Smith '93 


The committee trys to get more students involved in our effort to make Davidson a more environmentally conscious 
campus. -Leslie Goff '93 

Organizations 249 


1 !Bf- ' '^ 


Tilts is the publication for people who don't write for mainstream publications; Here's your opportunity to publish 
prose, poetrv, fiction, visual arts, and photography. -Sarah Carlson '93 



To hear people say that it really did help them, that it was an effective tool, really meant a lot. -Meredith Hammons 


' Organizations 


'The yearbook staff has attempted to capture the moments that made this year memorable. -Ben Wiley '93 


We continue to be Davidson's major forum to express concerns and opinions. -Walter Price '93 

Organizations 251 


\ 1 



It's time for the students who talk about North Carolina's problems to join students who are doing 
something about them. — Anna Kirkland '95 

4^ r ^'^^^BfB^^lff^lflVk^HHiiB \ 


^V'e hope ^(f expose students to our ethnic and social differences so that we can celebrate our 
^' ^'• — Joe Cook '93 


1 jji 

In R 


m m| 

1 1 




Amnesty International works to promote human rights internationally. Through letter writing 
campaigns, members petition international leaders to recognize and support justice and peace. — 
Sarah Sadowski '93 


The philanthropic Society consists of people who share literary interests. Members meet Sunday 
nights to read aloud favorite works and original writings, listen to special speakers and goof off. 
— Kyle Wilson '94 


Above: Davidson Reserve Officer Training Corps. Below: 
Scabbard and Blade. Opposite: Martin Honor Guard 

Davidson College is the home of the Carolina 
Foothills Battalion of the United States Army 
Reserve Training Corps. Presently there are 37 
cadets in the program. 

ROTC's purpose is to instill the qualities of 
leadership, honor, and military professionalism 
in the young men and women who will soon be 
officers of the United States Army, Army 
Reserves, and National Guard. 

ROTC demands your very best! After 
4 years of training I have learned much 
more than simple military skills. ROTC 
has molded me into a leader dedicated 
to my country. — Kelly Davis '93 


Organizations 255 


The Fellowship of Christian Athletes is open to anyone — not just athletes. It's a great place 
to come fellowship and learn more about God and just enjoy being together. — Becky Hunter 


We^^re a student directed small fellowship that meets Sunday evenings for dinner and fellow- 
'-'ip. — John Ogle '94 



There are so many ways to get involved with IV — large and small group meetings, service oppor- 
tunities, retreats, and Friday night dinners. Life is short — Pray hard. — Jenn Brown '93 

Organizations 257 




-^,-^ - 













^ -is?^ 



^H^ ,' 


7 / ¥^ 







m A 


Office of Adademic Affairs: Pat Gardner, Polly Griffin, Benjamin Klein (Director). 

English and 

Rupert T. BarWWr. 

Peter J. Ahrendorf 


Ruth Ault 

Political Science and 

Economics and 




- -. i' 

Robin B. Barnes 
History and 


Cole Barton 




XK ^^^ ] 


Ruth F. Beeston 

Barbara J. Ballard 

Elizabeth Benedict 

McGee Professor of 


Admissions: Janis Beam, Fran Budd, Robert Douthit, Paula Gray, Harrison 
Heil, Deborah Hogg, Judy Jordan, Kristi Kessler, Lynda Keller, Lai-Ning 
Lee, Gardner Ligo, Catherine Maier, Cindy Nantz, Wookie Payne, Gordon 
Peck, Jo Anne Shackelford, Tina Smith, Nancy Cable Wells (Director). 



Dr. David Grant prowls the periodi- 
cals in Little Library. 

Irl C. Bivens 


Mauro Botelho 


Daniel M. Boye 


Helga C. Bracke 

Chemistry Staff 

Debbie Brannbn 

Chemistry Staff 

Lynn H. Brickels 

Music Staff 

John P. 




D. Henry Buckley 


J. Nicholas Burnett 

Lawrence S. Cain 

Faculty 261 

Bookstore: Glenda Erwin, Gwen Gardner, Ruth Gardner, Siri Holland, Pam McGraw, 
Elizabeth Purcell, Patsy Woods. 

Ann Callahan 
Physics Staff 

Barbara Carmack 
Economics Staff 

Stephanie Carperos 
Medical Humanities 


Verna Case 

L-.'4rtJ*5^. i.'?.i«.?Ait»-,-«.K.i».r. 



Cherie M. Clark 

Richard C. Cole 

. Coppola 

Angela Curran 

Maria Domoto 

Henny Driehuys 
Instructor of Voice 

Fern Duncan 

Psychology Staff 

Wendy Dunn 
Dean Rusk Program 

C. Earl Edmonson 
History and 

Faculty 263 

Experiential Programs: Susie Summers, 
Ken Wood. 

Hansford M. Epes,, Jr. 
German and 



Kathleen Faulkner 
Dean Rusk Program 

Trent Foley 
Religion and 

Dirk French 
Classical Studies 


ilham F. Frey 

Ralph W. Gable 

Joseph Gardner 
Theater and Speech 

Evelyn C. Gerdes 

Gail M. Gibson 
English and 

Irwin Goldstein 




Dr. Felix Carroll speaks with 
Governor Jim Martin at the 
unveiling of a portrait of the 
Governor in the Martin 
Chemistry Building. 

College Relations: Pat Burgess, Amy 
Burkesmith, Bill Giduz, Lori 
Rockett, Jerry Stockdale, Mike Van 

David Grant 

Rebecca Gray 

Pamela Camp Hay 

John Hell 

Denise Hernandez- 

ipw""' ^' 

J. Alberto Hernandez- 

Joseph R. Higdon 

Theater Staff 



J. Gill Holland 

Kurt Holmes 

Patterson Court 


Faculty 265 

Dr. Larry Ligo and Art History students stand below 
a sculpture by Miro at the Maeght Foundation in 
Southern France. 

iRT DIAL '■ 

Dr. Dennis Appleyard and 
President John Kuyken- 




Elaine Houser 
Education Staff 

Herb Jackson 






Grant D. Jones 

Thomas A. Kazee 
Political Science 



Dr. Gail Gibson is congratulated by Dr. J.B. 
Stroud and members of the Davidson com- 
munity after being presented with the 
Omicron Delta Kappa Teaching Award at 
last year's Spring Convocation. 

Yvonne Kendall 

Donald L. Kimmel, Jr. 
Biology and 

L.R. King 

Benjamin G. Klein 

Peter Krentz 
History and 

>T>v /w*- 

John W. Kuykendall 

'College President and 


Zoran Kuzmanovich 
English and 

William T. Lammers 

Cynthia Lawing 
Instructor of Piano 

Faculty 267 

Dean of Students: Jo Archie, John Eaves, Tish Kimbrough, Leslie Marsicano, 
Annette Reagan, Will Terry. 

William D. Lawing 

Ralph B. Levering 

English and 

Larry L. Ligo 

Glenn C. Lindsay 

David Long 

Stephen H. Lonsdale 
Classical Studies 
and Humanities 

Maurya MacNeil 

William K. Mahoney 

Magdelena Maiz-Pefla 




Dr. Rosemarie Tong assists students interested 

in careers in medicine through an inter- 

discipHnary Medical Humanities 


muei u. iviaioney 

Religion and 

Robert J. Manning 
Physics and 

Laundry Staff 

David Martin 

Robert Maydole 

Philosophy and 



Kim McCoy 
Lab Animal 


Alexander McKelway, 



Sally McMillan 

Linda C. McNally 

Faculty 269 

President's Office: Denise Howard, John 
Kelton, Brenda King, Joiin Kuykendall 

ip're^ident I. 

Kenneth Menkhaus 
Political Science 

Elizabeth Mills 
English and 

M. Grace Mitchell 

Donna Molinek 





Mary Anne Moore 

1. iNeiainger 


Randy F. Nelson 

Rodger Nutt 



Library: Sharon Byrd, Nadine Caldwell, 

Jean Coates, Bobbie Lou Dalton, Lynda 

Dalton, Chalmers Davidson, Loyce Davis, 

Sara Enders, Michael Forney, Ellen Giduz, 

Jean Martin, Frank Molinek, Frances 

Overcash, Gina Overcash, Leland Park, 

Cindy Pendergraft, June Quick, Kim 

Sanderson, Pat Snow, Linda Snyder, Denise 

Torrence, Mittie Wally, Mary Wilson, Kelly 


Dr. Cynthia Lewis (center) served 
as resident director for the 1992 
Davidson in Cambridge Summer 

Carolyn Ortmayer 

Study Abroad 

Louis L. Ortmayer 
Political Science 

Edward L. Palmer 

Leland M. Park 
Library Director 

Luis H. Pena 

Patricia A Pero 




- ^ 


"' / 


Alex Pinkston Karl A. Plank 

Msk Program Theater and Speech Religion 

Lynn M. Poland 

Faculty 271 

Registrar: Polly Griffin, Lori Hayes, Chloe Myers, Karen Ryland. 

Dianne M. Portelance Jeremiah L. Putnam 
Political Science Biology, Premedicine 

Julio Ramirez 


Rosemary Raynal 








*K ^p 



Glen Rediehs 

Mitchell A. Rhea 

William M. Ringle, III 

Jerry A. Roberts 

Judith L. Robey 

Clark G. Ross 

Sue Fields Ross 



Wendy Dunn and the Dean Rusk 

Program work together to 

heighten international awareness 

at Davidson by bringing speakers 

to campus and by organizing 

activities involving Davidson's 

diverse student body. 

Residence Life: Judy 
Klein, Debby Sink, 
Richard Terry. 

Jeffrey Rous 

Robert D. Ruth 




Mary Nell Saunders 

Cort Savage 


Merlyn Schuh 

Nina E. Serebrennikov 
Art and Humanities 

Janet H. Shannon 

Faculty 273 

Student Health Services: Karl Barkley, Ronnie Beamon, Stephanie 
Carperos, Karen Donald, Dorothy Fleming, Avonne Goodson, Joe 
Ann Land, Sarah McNeely, Louvenia Mackins, Stephen Mange, 
Jan Poole, Georgia Ringle, Bill Williams. 


"Alan Singerman 

dia Shinn 
^ter Staff 


Catherine Slawy- 

Barbara A. Simerka 

■^f*\ '^ 

C. Shaw Smith, Jr. 
Art and Humanities 

Jennifer L. Simmons 


J. Russell Snapp 


Jane Snyder ' 
Applied Music ' 

nfer E. Stasack 
sic, Composer- 



Lance K. Stell 

Philosophy and 


Union: Verdie Barringer, William 
Brown, Catherine Chang, Erik Chris- 
tensen, Lynda Daniels, Ed Daugher- 
ty, Marlys Daugherty, Lindsey For- 
sythe, Mike Goode, Myrtle Knos, 
Annette Reagan, Darryl Sloan, Stacy 

Carole K. Stitt 

J.B. Stroud 

Homer Sutton* 

French, Director ^ 

Study Abroad 

les G. Swisher 

1 Sevillano 
International Studies 


Will H. Ten 
Dean of Studer 

Harry Thomas 

Faculty 275 

Thank God For Peter 

Proverbs 3: I-IO 

1 My son, forget not my law; but let thine heart keep my commandments. 

2 For length of days and long life, and peace, shall they add to thee. 

3 Let not mercy and truth forsake thee; bind them about thy neck; write them upon the 
table of thine heart. 

4 So shalt thou find favour and good understanding in the sight of God and man. 

5 Trust in the Lord with all thine heart, and lean not unto thine own understanding. 

6 In all thy ways acknowledge Him and he shall direct thy paths. 

7 Be not wise in thine own eyes: fear the Lord and depart from evil. 

8 It shall be health to thy navel, and marrow to thy bones. 

9 Honor the Lord with thy substance, and with the first fruits of all thine increase. 

10 So shall thy barns be filled with plenty, and thy presses shall burst out with new wine. 

Love Forever, 
Mom and Dad 

Michael Orta, my Son, 

"It is great to be great, but it is 
greater to be human" 

--Will Rogers 

and you've done a fine job! 

Love, Mom 

Congratulations to the graduating senior football 

Leonel, John, Nathan, Dan, Ashton, Matt, Martin, 
Sohn, Steve, and Win 

Good luck to you all, 

James Cassidy '96 

and Patrick and Alison Cassidy 

There are two gifts 

we can give our children 

One is ROOTS -- One is WINGS 

Thank you DAVIDSON for SUSIE'S wings. You've 
given her the ability to soar to unknown heights. 

we're very PROUD of you. 

Mom, Dad, Sandy, Grandma Helen, & Grandma 


Wildcat Club: Jane Blount, Sandy Carnegie, David Fagg, 

Joe Mark, Louise Martin, 
James P. Richards, II. 



Robert C. Williams 
Academic Affairs 

John H. Williamson 

E.O. Wrack 

Lauren W. Yoder 

T.C. Price Zimmerman 



French, Director of 

History and 

Center for Special 



Rosemary Zumwalt 

Not Pictured: . 


Horace A. Bryan 

Mark R. McCuUoh 

Malcolm 0. Partin 

Thomas A. Rogerson 

Faculty 277 

Messages and Ads 

The Staff of Quips and Cranks 

Thank You Sponsors 

Mr. Frank and Ann Bumstead 

Mr. Jack M. Averett, Jr. 

Mr. T. Lewis and Susan Hooper 

Dr. David and Jane Ann Harper 

Dr. and Mrs. David L. McCuUough 

Dr. and Mrs. D. A. Dandar 

Dr. and Mrs. Robert Savona 

Mr. Jackson and Kathleen Balestier 

Mr. and Mrs. Waher Brumby Fowler 

Ms. Marlene C. Embry 

Dr. and Mrs. Danald D. McNeill 

Dr. and Mrs. Gordon B. Legrand 

Col. and Mrs. John Bender 

Mr. and Mrs. Jay Stowe 

Dr. and Mrs. Steven P. Stove 

Dr. J. D. and Dr. G. K. Gupta 

Mr. John A. and Sally C. Nevius 

Mr. and Mrs. Robert Pascal 

Dr. and Mrs. Robert N. Marshall, Jr. 

Dr. Dudely and Fanny Autio 

Mr. and Mrs. John Lloyd-Still 

Mr. and Mrs. William Ferguson 


To be nobody-but-yourself in a world 
which is doing its best, night and day, 
to make you everybody else - means to 
fight the hardest battle which any 
human being can fight, and never stop 

-e.e. cummings 

We love you Mary Katherine! 
Congratulations to each of you! 
Mom and Dad 

Congratulations Fran! 
Love, Mom, Dad, and Billy 

Congratulations Amy! 
Love, Dad, Mom, and Tom 

Courtney, We're proud of you! 


Love, Mom & Dad 



Bob, Friends, 
and Class of '93 



B| •''--;■•!■ 




:.',. <^. 

K yf^^^c 

j.^ 79^^0(001^ -N 



■ „ < * 

Trust in the Lord with all thine heart: and lean not unto thine own under- 

In all thy ways acknowledge him, and he shall direct thy paths. 
Proverbs: 3:5-6 

Dear Bobby, 

We are proud of what you with God's guidance have 
accomplished in your first twenty-one years. 

We love you very much and look forward to being a 
part of your future. 

Mom and Dad 




We are so proud of you! 


Mom and Ash 

"Those who wait for the Lord 

shall renew their strength 
they shall mount up with wings 

like eagles, 
they shall run and not be weary, 

they shall walk and not faint." Isaiah 40:31 

To Sam Adams — 

You have used your youth to grow in every 
way — 

Body, mind, heart. 

Use your life for love and service. 

We love you. Mom and Dad 


to the 

Class of '93! 

May you all live 

happily ever after. 


Love to 








J^e Ln^yx^ LaJc/^r 

'i^cuj ^ ^ decrees. 

From Johnny Appleseed to Snoopy 

Petruchio to Graduate — VIOLA! 
We're so proud of you. 

Love and Congratulations, 
Art and Sioux 

Paul O. Elizondo 
We love you and are proud of 
what you have become. 
GO ON — 
— Mom and Dad 



A Toast To Friends, Love, and Life. 
You Always Know How To 
Celebrate Them All. 
We Love You, Tim. 













Cliff Castelloe 
Lance Kinerk 
Mike Newton 

Craig Omli 
Andy Schwab 
Matthew Spear 

Phelps Sprikle 
Rob Ukrop 
Preston Yarborough 




Allison Leigh Jones 

Our Davidson Graduate 

Class of 1993 

Much Love, 
Mom, Dad, Holly, and Paul 


Alex Daniel 


Congratulations Jennifer 
We are proud of you. 

We love you 

Mom, Dad, Kathryn, 

Jeff, John 

Class of '96 

Dr. and Mrs. Dan 

Ann Elizabeth Schreeder 

Best Wishes 

Success in Vet 


Love, Mom and Dad 

\m ^ ^inratoga fU\D^ ^ 

Sara Carlson Graduates 
from Davidson! 

lOCAlS hD«o«tt,ATHIHI, |"r /. I CEHE7A 

.■.■rr^ •- WINSMN I'"' /s/ ■".•' ■ 

You've come a long way 
from "The Hairy Bumblebee " / 

Congratulations^ Sara ... 
We^re all proud of pu! 




Congratulations Keith! 

Create Your 
Own World 

Through life's bumps and bruises 

M. y you always keep this smile. 
Congratulations and Love, 
Mom, Dad, and Mandy 

David Mills Wang 

We always knew you had it 

in you ... to succeed! 

Mom, Dad, and Carol 



Never quit 
chasing your 
dreams! We are 
proud of you! 
Love, Mom, 
Dad, Bruce, 

We could never ask for 
more than you have 
given us. 

May all your dreams 
come true. 

We love you! 
Mom and Dad 
Shelley and Justin 

Congrats to 
David O'Brien 

Guess Who? 

Our Congratulations and Honor to 

Carlton Scott Craig 

Our wish for a goodly life 

Robert Louis Stevenson 

To be honest, to be kind, to earn a little and to 

spend a little less, to make, upon the whole, a 

family happier for his presence — to keep a few 


Our Love, Mom and Dad — May 1993 

Congratulations to all graduating 
SAE's and to the rest of the class of 

Dr. and Mrs. Robert Calvin Brownies 

Congratulations to Susan Langford 

We are so proud of you! 

Love, Mom, Dad, Laurie, Tripp, and Kerby 


New Faculty 1992-1993 

I 'M rm iTU i iWit~ J iTT I 

erman and Russian 

ly 276 


Chad and all of his friends! 
Love, Mom and Dad 





Chemical & Environmental Technology, Inc. 

P O. BOX 12298 


Phone (919) 467-3090 

Fax (919) 467-3515 


May the wisdom you have shown in your 

choice of friends and of college go with you 


Our love, 

Nana, Mother, Dad, Tara, and Trevor 




M U U I 

for your brightest moments 

Ashley Cockrill, Otto Sharp, Jean DeMoss, Kristin Atkins, Allison Milligan, Helisse 
Hoffman, Kristin Solsrud, Carolyn Meadows, Ed Rizzo, Jesse Santaloci, Mike White, 
Bobby Bowers, Jamie Moore, Lee Pennington, David Kerns, Ian Stewart, Katherine 
Salt, Peter Hurtado, Tammy Tiska, Joanne Griffiths, Jenny Reinoehl, Alison 
Woodward, Margaret McLeod, Sharon Walton, Hart Bryant, Alice Felmlee. 


enhances the 
emotional and 
value of your 

525 Boyds School Road 
Gettysburg, PA 17325 

940 West 1400 Nortti 
Logan, UT 84321 

726 East Gracia 
Marceline, MO 64658 

6015 Travis Lane 
Mission, KS 66202 

2800 Selma Highway 
Montgomery, AL 36108 

1315 Inkster Blvd. 
Winnipeg, MB H2X IPS 



Assistant Editor 

Sales Representative, Yearbook Products 

145 Cedarwood Place, S.E. 

Concord, NC 28025 

(704) 788-7657 

An Employee Owned Company 


iJpgr pgCong ratul ation^! ^g 




P y i jrr :^ 









R^ Inquisitive 
y-^ Gregarious 
tzriM Resplendent 







Adventuresome [ 
I I E 

!=■ * 

Craig A. Bohart 

^P ^^fgrB S^ 


From a Proud Farailv and Good Friends 



What more could you ask? 

2444 Hwy. 17 South in Garden City 

Open 9-6 Monday - Saturday 


A 40,000 sq. ft. showroom 
Free interior design advice 
Thomosviiie Gallery 
Clayton Marcus Gallery 
La-z-boy Gallery 
Free delivery wlthiin 50 miles 
Custom window treatments 
Personal financing available 
Superb condominium packages 
45 years of service 



The Tom Clark Museum 

1 S 1 Main Street 



Four Long Years 


And thanks for making it happen. 

sponsored by Mr. and Mrs. Jerry B. Blackstock "66 


"May your words fork lightening 
and your deeds dance brightly 
on the green bay." 

Your Parents 

riosnpaBnaeM Te5e, Ashley! 
Mbi Te5H .nK)6nM! 


Mom, Dad, Howie and 


Congratulations. We love you, 


Mom, Dad, John, Rob, Keith, and 



Congratulations Meredith 
and the Class of 1993 


Boo knew form Year One that it would be Big D for 


Congratulations from all The Dabbs 

Nan, Bill, Terry, Blake, Ginny, Brad, and of course 

Mom and Dad. 


We knew it was one in a 


It was such a long shot 

But somehow we got here 


And who knows what will 


Anything can happen... 

Roos and Plow, 

Thanks for your leadership on the court and your friendship off of it. 
The 1993 Davidson College Women's Basketball Team 

Cabarrus & Rowan oflices 786-3300 

excepi Hamsburg - <S55-2141 & Mt Pleasant - 436-6531 

N MecKlenburg oMices, 

Huntersville - 875-3400. Davidson - 892-4644 & Cornelius - 892-3233 

NC loll free: 800-422-4650, 

Member FDIC 


"tillage travel 
& Cruises 



Reservations For: PENNY! 

• Airline • Tours 

• Amtrak • Hotels 

• Cruises • Car Rentals 

• Spring Break 


704/892-9020 - 800/284-5524 

PO Box 879. 109 North Main Street 

Davidson. North Carolina 28036 


Congratulations to all graduating seniors. 

Remember, you've got a friend 

just around the comer. 






The Hin.>l Chilli. M.- CuiMMi. 
\uthtrilK- ^Z(.(.hu:in. ( :;inl.„Ksc ;iiul \t:liul,inil ( :.I1MIK^ 


Svr^hiU W 1,11 <iii</ /(i. , 

Sc-.i//....! (./iiifciM Si-,-1.1-,/ \.v 

I.IIIIlIi .S,Ull<l/ I VVIV OlIlLI llcifc 

Un„i,inl I inilitiv^ 

Npetialt* on hi IIoiim: 
Si'iillioii ( hicUeii 

(704) 896-7878 

Sdiithlakt Shoppinii Ccnitr Cornelius. 1-77 K\t. 2H 


The irresistible Big Mac . A 
large order of our famous 
golden fries. An icy-cold 
Coco-Colo Classic . Your 
mouth-watering favorites, 
priced for today at 
McDonald's'. Come in and 
get a taste of real volue. 



ti92 McOoraW S Corpj' 

Quips and Cranks 

Thanks Our 

Advertisers and Parents 


Davidson Returns Home for the Final Four 

"In recognizing the humanity of our fellow beings, 
we pay ourselves the highest tribute." 

-Thurgood Marshall 

Hillary Rodham Clinton gets a tough 
role — leading health-care reform 


Into Somalia's 
Zone of Death 

Troops reach famine-struck Baidoa, 
but the looters still lurk nearby 

vox POP 

Do you know anyone 
who has AIDS or who 
is infected with the 
HIV virus? 



19% 80% 

From a telephone poll ot 1.000 Amencan adults 
taken for TIME/CNN on Feb 10-1 1 by Yankelovich 
Partners Inc Sampling error is * 3% 

















U.S. prosecutors add some muscle to 
Rodney King's civil rights case 


Mixing populism and celebrity, Clinton 
dances into office with a week-long 
party full of star turns, saxophone riffs 
and presidential hugs 

A year into office, 
Boutros-Ghali finds 
himself and the 
U.N. tested by the 
new world disorder 

Dizzy Gillespie 


Saddam Hussein's planes lose a vain 
challenge to the no-fly zone 

Men's Tennis Knocks Off University of Virginia 

5-2 Victory Ends Davidsons Seven Year Losing Streak vs. ACC 

From Time magazine, The Charlotte Observer , and The Davidsonian 


Captain's Page 

Each Davidson student-athlete experiences a unique 
narrative, but perhaps mine can shed some light on 
the common journey. 

I have learned much at Davidson, both in the 
classroom and on the soccer field. I am one who 
believes that the mind, body, and soul are all 
contigent upon each other. The knowledge I 
acquired in class added to the intangible qualities I 
gained on the field have made me a more self- 
confident, enterprising, and well-rounded 

Contrary to many common expectations, being a 
serious athlete can indeed help one to become a 
better student. During our team's busy fall seasons, 
I learned that only an organized daily regimen 
would ensure me success both as a student and an 
athlete. Preparing for an exam or a big game 
required parallel skills such as a focused work ethic 
and a strong will to always be better. Then when it 
came test or game time, I would strive to enrich my 
composure to think and act clearly, while ever 
intensifying my confidence to succeed. Hard, 
genuine work was the only way. As a dedicated, 
goal-oriented athlete, I acknowledged my 
weaknesses and aimed to improve them while 
simultaneously gaining insight into abilities and 
strenghts I never knew I possessed. 

Even more gratifying than my personal growth 
was the relationships that were products from a 
well-oiled team's chemistry, in which each and 
every member is striving and dreaming for that one 
common goal. The support and encouragement that 
was provided by friends/classmates and professors 
injected school pride. The more the College family 
got behind our team, the better we played and the 
more we wanted to win. 

Much credit should go to the Davidson professors 
who are the keys to allowing the true student- 
athlete experience to continue. A Davidson athlete 
could not take advantage of her/his status (as in 

many Division I programs) and yet the professors 
are generally very fair and receptive in 
understanding each student's condition. The 
athletes, professors, coaches, and administrators all 
seem to agree that Davidson's high academic 
standards should not and will not be sacrificed. 

Although it was by no means easy, I was 
relatively adept after my Freshman year at 
balancing my academic, athletic, and social 
endeavors. What I have seen in a high majority of 
Davidson student-athletes is a burning and 
unequalled desire to be winners on and off the 
field. If Davidson continues to recruit and admit 
intelligent, talented, and motivated student- 
athletes, it is very possible for the College to 
remain an national academic leader and continue to 
improve in its athletic excellence. 

It is by no means an inaccurate appraisal or 
overused cliche to declare that the Davidson 
formula is far different from that of its competing 
institutions. In an age when big time college 
athletics is becoming increasingly similar to 
professional sports, it is both extraordinary and 
refreshing for Davidson to maintain its dedication 
to the traditional prototype and essence of a 

Matthew Spear '93 


President's Page 

As a freshman, I thought of Davidson with 
contempt and frustration. Being one of a small 
number of African American students, I felt that 
much needed to be done to improve race relations 
and to encourage openness in general. All of a 
sudden I find myself looking back on 365 days as 
your Student Government Association President. 

I came into office with three objectives: 
improving student-faculty relations, student-trustee 
relations, and student-student relations. All three 
goals arose from my concern that our college 
community has operated in large part as separate 
parts rather that as fingers on a hand. 

Student/faculty relations have improved 
significantly over the past year. Dr. Benjamin Klein 
(Interim Dean of Academic Affairs and Professor of 
Mathematics), Dean Robert Williams (Dean of 
Academic Affairs), and Dr. Alexander McKelway 
(Vice-President Pro-Tern of the Faculty) have made 
exceptional attempts to solicit student opinion in 
academic matters. They should be commended for 
their respect for student opinion. The new SGA 
Council on Academic Affairs must serve as a 
resource to both students and faculty, as issues 
between us arise. The SGA faculty/student 
roundtables, an effort to engage campus issues of 
mutual interest, has met considerable success. We 
must continue to broaden communication between 
our groups, because our interests are often more 
similar than dissimilar. 

Student/Trustee relations have improved 
measurably through efforts of the Trustee contact 
committee, the school administration, and the 
Trustees themselves. For the first time, I heard 
Trustees comment on letters that they received 
from their student liasons, and those letters helped 
extend Baker Sports Complex hours. Both groups, I 
think, have reaffirmed the important connection 
between us. We must continue our commitment to 
Trustee correspondance and interaction. 

Student/student relations have been greatly 
influenced by the Student Government agenda this 
term of office. The alcohol policy has changed our 
social lives significantly. I expect that the policy 
will gain more acceptance with time and a few 
adjustments. No campus group ~ administration, 
faculty. Trustees, or students - stand to gain from 
a boring campus life. The bottom line, however, is 

that things will never be what they were. 

In another area of student interaction, we have 
renewed our confidence in Davidson athletics 
through our men's soccer team. Embarrassing as it 
is, I was as fair-weather as anyone during soccer 
season. Unfortunately, I was not alone. Our support 
of Davidson athletes has been low, and over my 
years here, we have underestimated our importance 
as supporters. The louder we cheer and support our 
student-athletes, the more we can expect from 
them. I wonder how far Davidson athletics can go 
with the full support of students and this 

The word intolerance surfaced on campus last 
year, resulting from angry incidents and the use of 
racial and sexual orientation slurs on campus. 
Intolerance, in my mind, comprises a small part of 
a larger problem. An absence of intolerance does 
not necessarily promote mutual respect and 
understanding. As individuals and groups, we must 
search for ways to be more inclusive in thought and 
action. The Davidson community must strive to be 

I set out the past year to illustrate that what has 
been done is the result of outstanding commitment 
from the student government and campus leaders. 
But many needs remain unmet, some inadequately 
addressed. Yes, we are and should be concerned 
with the alcohol policy, the number of exam days, 
and Baker Sports Complex hours. However, those 
issues are perennial. The student agenda must be 
more substantive and proactive than that. I hope 
that my leadership has furthered broad progress 
while servicing day-to-day student concerns. 

I hope that my service has inspired some to 
continue fighting for inclusiveness and 
understanding and has made clearer than ever the 
need for energized student leadership. We have 
made strides toward bringing the student agenda to 
its rightful place as a primary part of the college 
agenda. I leave you to build upon the Davidson 

Tuesday February 9, 1993, Alden Smith was 
sworn into office, and I left with the satisfaction 
that I have done my very best to serve you. 

Keep it strong and peace, 
Anthony Foxx '93 


One Final Moment 

In a few moments, the yearbook will be finished. It has taken many long hours, headaches, and sleepless 
nights, but it was well worth it. We have tried to capture all of the moments that have made the 1992-93 
school year memorable. 

I would like to give special thanks to Janet Delery, my assistant editor who conquered the computer, 
photographers Jamie Moore and Bobby Bowers, and Peter Hurtado who was always willing to do 
whatever was necessary to meet the deadlines. Thanks to Scott Caldwell and Herff Jones, Leslie 
Marsicano, Bill Gidduz, Mike Hood, and the entire staff of Quips and Cranks . 

As we seniors prepare to leave the confines of Davidson College, we turn to face the challenges and 
opportunities life offers. We enter a world tortured by international political disorder, economic and 
environmental struggle, and racial and ethnic conflict. We have our work cut out for us. With the hope 
that we can help to make the world a little bit more secure, peaceful, and just, I wish to close the 95th 
edition of Quips and Cranks with a prayer for unity. 

Ben Wiley 

(Now, before we all go our separate ways to graduate school, the work force, or some form of service, let's 
first take some time out to play some basketball.) 


my God! my God! Unite the 
hearts of Thy servants, and 
reveal to them Thy great 
purpose. May they follow Thy 
commandments and abide in Thy 
law. Help them, God, in their 
endeavor, and grant them 
strength to serve Thee. God! 
Leave them not to themselves, 
but guide their steps by the light 
of knowledge, and cheer their 
hearts by Thy love. Verily, Thou 
art their Helper and their Lord. 




Abbotl. Christa 138 

Abell. Claire 110. 172 

Abernathy. Claudine 152 

Abramowski. Keilh 42, 92 

Ackles. Emily 138 

Acle. Edward 138 

Adams, Allison 128, 172. 216 

Adams, Sam 69 

Adkinson, Anna 86, 98, 164 

.Ahsanuddin. Omar 107 

Akers. Kalhrvn 86, 87, 92, 164 

.Aldridge, Wiiliam 152 

Allen. John 86 

Allen, West 86 

Allison, Brvan 110, 168 

Allison, Linn 110. 164 

Alpert. Chns 200 

Alpen. Chrislian 138 

Alsabrook. Grady 1 10 

Alslon. .^my 42 

.Amaditz. Mike 1 28 

Ambroise. Marilyn 107 

Amidon. Peler 86. 168 

Amiey. Hollis 110. 164 

Andersen. Will 42 

Anderson, Anna Gray 110, 164 

Anderson, Elizabeth 152 

-Anderson, Jeffrey 152,200 

Anderson, Kathenne 86, 97, 104, 164, 190, 191 

Andrews, Jeffrey 152. 163 

Andrews. Neal 110 

Anthony. Lee 138. 172 

Antonelli. Andy 110 

Ariail. Allison 42. 172 

Ariail. Mills 110. 185 

Armstrong. Todd 86 

Arnold. Peler 107 

Arrington. Burt 138. 168 

Arsov. Irena 96, 107 

Asburv, Wendy 110, 164 

Atchison. Phillip 42 

Atkins. Ashley 110. 172 

Atkins. Kristin 86. 89. 172. 294 

Atlas. Sally 138, 172 

Augustin. Michele 138. 190. 191. 228 

Austin. Ginny 128 

Autio. Eric 128, 168 

Averett, William 107. 168 

Aycock. Mandy 42 

Avers. Kalhryn 86 

Babka. Frantisek 110. 200 

Badgelt, Carla 43 

Bahmiller. Dan 107 

Bailey. Bob 138. 163. 220 

Bailey. Frances 138. 172 

Bailey. Isaac 110 

Bailey. Shelby 43. 172 

Bain. Trevor 110 

Baker. Margaret 110 

Baker. Shelly 110 

Balcstier, Bruce 69. 163 

Ballard. John 138 

Balslev. Ben 111 

Bannister. Bruce 128 

Bannister, Thomas 152 

Barber, Michael 69 

Barnes, Daryl 1 1 1 

Barnes, Julia 1 1 1 

Barrett. Brandon 86 

Barrett, Patrick 111, 163 

Barms. Charles 138 

Barn. Jack 87. 97 

Bartholomew, Bo 138.204 

Barwick. Tracy 40. 43 

Barwig. Andy 138 

Baskelt. Miche 128 

Bassctt. Bo 43 

Baudet. Bruno 138 

Bavis. Jim 87. 88 

Bavis. Thomas 111, 1 29 

Bazemore, Andrew 43. 61. 168 

Beach. Joe 111, 188, 214. 215 

Beahm. Jennifer 87. 100. 104. 172. 208 

Beakes. Yvette 138 

Beale. Susan 96. 107. 172 

Bean. Corey 138. 206 

Bean. Jennifer 138. 164 

Bear. Jim 43 

Begel. Andrea 96. 107. 164 

Bekele. Aida 87 

Bell. Dave 160 

Bell. Elaine 69 

Bell, Jaion 87. 89. 97. 160 

Bell. Kristina 96. 107. 172 

Bender. Heather 43 

Bender. Rick 43. 176. 218. 219 

Bennett. Jill 87. 104. 105. 172. 186 

Bennett. Lanme 111 

Benoist. Leonel 44. 184 

Bcntlev. Brian 111. 163 

Benlley. Meg 138. 164 

Benton. Shaye 128. 164 

Berlin. Maja 42. 44 

Berry. Sarah 87, 97. 100 

Bertram. Amy 96. 106. 107 

Billingsley. Rebecca 112. 164 
Bishop. Elizabeth 128. 189, 212. 213 

Blalock. Elizabeth 69 

Block, Christy 87. 97 

Blue. Lori 138. 172 

Bobo. William 107. 163 

Bode, Michael 152 

Bodiford. Case 69. 163 

Bodkin. John 69. 163. 184. 185 

Bohan. Craig 44 

Bokesch. Mark 128 

Boler. Kevin 152.206 

Boone. Meredith 44. 65. 172 

Boozer. Lindsay 128 

Boretti. Brett 107. 218 

Boshamer. Andrea 96.107.172 

Boshell. Betsey 69 

Bost. Victoria 1 52 

Boltomy. John 138. 188. 214 

Bourland. Kalv 112 

Bowden. Brent 107 

Bowers, Bobbv 44, 294, 306 

Bowman, GD 163 

Bowman, Todd 107 

Boyd. Joanna 112. 164 

Boyd. Scott 138 

Boyd. Stephen 107 

Boye, Will 112 

Boylan, Peter 152 

Brackbill. Stephen 112 

Braden. Rachel 112 

Bradford. Geoff 44. 160 

Bradley. Jason 107 

Branch. Amy 44. 172 

Branch. Jason 112 

Brannan. Paul 87. 163 

Brawley. William 152 

Breman. Ed 44 

Brewer. Julie 69 

Brewer. Sarah 138. 172 

Bricio. Martin 107 

Bridges. Jon 138 

Briggs. Russell 107, 211 

Brinkhous, Carol 87. 97. 164 

Brock. Jane 128 

Brooks, Chuck 69 

Brooks, Cynthia 87. 97. 172 

Brooks. Jonathan 139 

Broussard. Roberi 87, 168 

Browett. Alyson 139. 172, 193 

Brown, Alton 112 

Brown, Candace 152 

Brown, Dair 41. 45 

Brown. Eleanor 107 

Brown. Ellie 96 

Brown. Jamie 44. 69. 221 

Brown. Jennifer 45 

Brown, Julia 139, 164 

Brown, Kristi 96, 107 

Brown, Lori 96, 107 

Brown, Patrick 128 

Brown, Roger 1 1 2 

Brown, Thomas 107 

Brownlee, Jon 45 

Bruckman, Jennifer 139, 164 

Brumby, Lee 112, 172 

Bruner, Terry 128, 160 

Bryan. Amy 112 

Bryan. Bill 112 

Bryan. Collie 139. 164 

Bryan. Laura 97. 107. 164 

Bryant. Hart 112. 172. 294 

Bryant, Scott 69, 113 

Buck, Brannon 88 

Buff, J, W 139 

Bumstead, Matt 45 

Burke, Molly 152, 164, 202 

Burns, Curtis 107. 163 

Burnsed. Ben 139 

Burrows. Amy 139 

Burrows. Jo 112. 164 


Bitter. Carol 112. 164, 191 
Black. Wells 93. 96. 107 
Blackstock, Towner 87. 176 
Blackwelder, Chad 87 
Blaise, Oma 69 
Blake, Charlie 152 
Blake. Grelchcn 107 

Butcher, Erin 152, 192. 202. 203. 228 

Butler, Barbara 96. 107 

Byassee. James I 39 

Cabell. Todd 128 

Caldwell. Tim 128.200 

Caldwell. Will 88 

Callahan, Sean 1 13 

Camaione, Colleen 104,107.164,192 

Camp, Ramsay 45. 168 

Campagne. Frederique 139. 172 

Campbell. Letitia 139 

Campbell, Wells 128 

Canada. Amia 152 

Candelario. Rafael 65. 88. 214. 221 

Cantrell. Sarah 113. 116. 164 

Canu. Will 88. 99. 160 

Capillary. Angela 88. 97. 164 

Capps. Addria 139. 164. 202 

Cardin. Geoffrey 139 

Carilhers. Sean 128 

Carlson. Sara 45. 250 

Carpenter. Caroline 139. 164 

Carrigan. Chris 88. 168, 218 

Carrigan. Tim 88. 168 

Carroll. Michele 139. 164 

Carswcll. Mary Anne 88. 172 

Carter. Kevin 88 

Carter. Rod 107 

Carter. Staccy 1 39 

Gary. G Miller 152. 204 

Casey. Kathryn 40. 45. 164 

Cassell, Cvnthia 139 

Cassidy, Curt 113. 160 

Casjidy, James 139. 163 

Castclloe. Cliff 45. 194, 227 

Castle. Sandra 1 1 3 

Cater, Todd 1 28 
Chakmakian. Alice 45 
Chakrabarli. Rima 88 
Chamberlain. Rachel 88. 164 
Chapman. Mac 107. 218. 219 
Chase. Maria 139 
Chazin. Shayna 152, 164 
Cheah, Sharon 45 
Chewning, Joe 45 
Choo, Vincent 88 
Christopherson, David 139, 163 
Chu, Joon 139 

Chumney. Wade 113. 118. 160 
Chung. Will 139 
Clark, Allison 45 
Clarke, Brandon 139 
Clemens. Rob 89, 113, 160, 214 
Cliett, Tracy 128, 164 


Clingman, David 45 

Coarsey, Dave 160 

Coarsey, David 41, 69 

Cobb, Chris 88 

Cobb, Susannah 88, 208, 209 

Cobb, Will 113 

Coble, Will 96, 107, 220 

Cockrill. Ashley 45, 294 

Coggins, Robert 45 

Cohan, Amy 96, 107, 172 

Cokcr, Sara 89. 107, 128 

Cole. Andrew 113. 152 

Cole. Brian 139. 163. 218 

Coleman. Emily 89. 104. 172. 186 

Coley. Mary Elizabeth 46. 172 

Collins. Eric 140 

Collins. Jean 96. 107 

Colston. Aylett 89. 172 

Colston. Kalherine 140 

Coltranc. Jessy 89. 172 

Combs. Ceci 128 

Connor. Cormac 128 

Conrad. Phillip 89. 160 

Cook. Joe 46, 168 

Cook, Marcus 46 

Cooke, Allison 113, 172 

Cooke, Andy 46, 1 72 

Cooke, Kathenne 40, 46. 172 

Coonley. Howdie 140 

Cooper. Courtney 140. 164 

Cooper. Joseph 46 

Corn. Cristie 172 

Corn. Cristine 152 

Cotton. Allison 89. 164 

Coughlin. Tim 69 

Covington. Owen 140. 221 

Covington. Simmons 89. 97. 99. 164 

Cox. Matt 69 

Cox. Tara 46. 172, 206 

Cragin, Amy 152, 172 

Craig, Carlton 46, 206 

Grain. Jeff 107. 160 

Crawford. Mary Beth 113. 164 

Criscione. Susan 46. 172 

Cristman. Stacy 113. 164 

Cronfel. Aimee 89. 164 

Crosman. Kate 96. 107 

Crossley. Ginger 107 

Crosswhite. Cara 140, 202 

Grouse, Heather 140 

Crout, Jessica 41, 46, 172 

Crovetli, Tighc 128, 163 

Crowder, Emily 113. 114 

Cruise. Mike 107 

Crumbley, Alex 114, 168 

Crystal. Tosh 46 

Culin. Drew Van 176 

Cunanan. Romylynn 46. 68 

Cunningham, Barclay 46. 52, 172 

Cunningham, Edward 46 

Cunningham, Kelly 152 

Cunningham. Laura 46. 172 

Curey, Theo 140 

Curtis, Amanda 140. 172. 186 

Dabbs. Boo 69 

Dahm. Ed 164 

Dalton, Audrey 89, 164 

Dalton, John 89, 168 

Dancy. Tim 47, 160, 221 

Dandar, Alicia 140, 164, 189, 213 

Dang, Hien 92, 160 

Daniel. Alex 47. 64, 172 

Dannelly. Ashlyn 114, 172 

Daubenspell. Lyn 114 

Davenport. Byrd 69 

Davidson. Liz 41, 69, 172 

Davis, Amanda 140 

Davis, Carla 47, 224 

Davis, Emily 140, 172 

Davis, Kelly 47 

Davis, Liz 96, 107 

Davis, Meg 47, 64, 172 

Davis, Mindy 114, 164 

Davis, Stephanie 140. 164 

Davis, Ward B. 92, 96 

Davis, Ward F 107 

Davis, Wesley 97. 107 


. Wil 


in, Dex 107. 160 
Dawson. Julie 114, 172 
Dawson, Molly 92 
Dcakin. Nika 96. 107. 172 
Dean. Phoebe 126. 128. 164 
Dearborn. Will 96. 107 
Deaton. Jason 140, 204 
deBrux, Cart 140 
Deegan. Alex 111,114,194.196,227 

Delery, Janet 47, 190, 191, 306 

DeMoss, Jean 92, 93. 164. 189, 212. 213, 294 

Dendy, Mary Jo 47 

Denning. Edward 92. 168 

Dennis, Edward 152, 168 

Dennis, Laura 114 

dePrater, Elizabeth 140, 164 

Desai, Bina 47, 68 

Dcsai, Bircn 128 

Desai, Suma 92. 164 

DeSilva. Harm 48, 62 

Dev, Dcvjani 114 

DcVane, Lcxy 140 

Devens, William 69, 163 

DeVrics, Jimmy 92, 160 

DiCarlo, Dennis 69 

Dimitina, Giampiero 114 

Dixson. Kellv 113, 114, 164 

Djuric, Daniel 152 

Dockter, Monique 48, 172, 186 

Docs, Meredith 48 

Donnelly. Bob 140 

Donthamsetty. Smita 140 

Dorbandl. Allison 114. 164 

Dormer. Matt 69.221 

Dorrance. Christina 128 

Douglas. Stewart 48, 168 

DuBose, Robert 48 

Dukes, Linn 128 

Dunaway, Ann 140. 172 

Dunbar. Cheryl 96. 107 

Dunham. Joseph 69 

Dunifon, Rachel 92. 164 

Dunlop, Kate 99, 107, 164 

DuPuy, J,D 140, 168 

Durant, Renita 1 14 

Dwver, David 140 

Dyer, Gray 140 

Dyer, Jill 140, 164 

Dymacck, Ivy 141, 164 

Earnest, Merrill 92, 168 

Eastman, Zack 117, 128 

Eaves, Karia 92, 172 

Ebbs. Cindy 96, 107 

Eckman, John 152 

Edgar, Eliza 141. 172 

Edge. Elizabeth 141. 172 

Edgell. Lisa 96. 107. 164 

Edmonston. Chris 92. 163 

Edwards, Christopher 114, 141 

Ekiund. Mira 128, 164 

Elizondo, Paul 48, 160 

Ellett, Thadd 92 

Elliot, Linton 128. 168 

Elliot. William 141. 163 

Ellis, Scott 141 

Ely, Jennifer 48, 172 

Embry, Sarah 164, 141 

Epps, Rachel 48 

Esporas, Todd 107. 163 

Eubanks, Bubba 107 

Evans. Barry 48, 160 

Evans, Billy 107 

Evans, Kate 141, 164 

Evans, Malloy 114 

Ewing, Alex 48. 160 

Ewing. Philip 151 

Falkcnburg, Rebecca 128,172 

Fallaw. Mike 107 

Fallcr, Steve 92 

Falzone, Jason 141 

Fanning, Rebekah 92, 97, 99. 172 

Farrell. Morgan 96. 107. 160 

Fassett. Drew 92. 163 

Faulk. Alex 96. 107 

Faust. Bethan 48 

Fceiey. Stephen 141 

Feezor. Bob 114 

Felmlee. Alice 128. 172. 294 


. Alic 


Fenwick. Nathan 48. 168, 184 

Ferguson, Julie 48 

Ferguson, Mary 128. 172. 186 

Ferree. Andre 1 28 

Ferris, Lyien 141 

Ferrucci. Kristen 141. 164. 202 

Ficeto, Nicole 148. 172, 186 

Fierro, Robbie 93, 97. 163. 204 

Figlio. Erik 48 

Finley. Cara 152 

Fischer. David 141 

Fischer. Megan 1 15 

Fischer. Susan 114 

Fisher. Greg 93, 188. 214 

Fisher. Max 48, 246 

Fisher, Peter 69, 168 

Fills, Lida 141, 164 

Fleming, Elizabeth 115. 164 

Flinn. Joanna 49 

Flint. Heather 93 

Floyd, Joel 152 

Fogleman, Hal 115,220 

Ford, Beth 49 

Ford, John 126, 128 

Ford, Krisy 152, 172, 202 

Force, Mathcw 141 

Forest, Erin 49, 164 

Forget, Anne 141 

Forticr, Sean 93 

Foss. Dudley 49 

Foster. Bailey 96. 107 

Foust. Phiderika 107 

Fowler. Robert 49. 160 

Foxx, Anthony 49. 247. 305 

Foy. Will 141, 176 

Frampton, Chris 93 


Francis, Brian 141 
Franklin, John 107, 221 
Franks. Dan 49, 160 
Freeman. Mike 107 
Freer. Chris 107 
Freilas. Jazz 93 
French. Reid 49. 168 
French. Tracy 141. 164 
Friguglielti. John 69. 160 
Fritz. Erika 49 
Fritz. Melinda 141. 164 
Frye, Antonio 152 
Furr. James 141. 168 
Gabriel. Bill 115 
Gaither. Wade 141 
Galano. Heather 96. 107 
Gantt. Sally 93. 172 
Garbee. Kevin 107, 168, 220 
Garciga, Jennifer 93, 164 
Gardner, Ian 69 
Garner, Kyle 49. 176 
Garris, Kristin 93, 94, 97, 172 
Garrison. Greg 141 
Garrison. Webb 49, 1 76 
Gaston, Arthur 115, 168 
Gayle, John 141 
Gayle, Sarah 49, 172 
Geer. George 107 
George, Jeff 128, 176, 214 
Gcrken, Austin 152 

. Adai 


Ghoddoussi. Ma 

Giacomini, Emily 142 

Gibbes. Frank 107 

Gibney, Thomas 142, 168 

Gibson. Terrica 49, 51 

Gilbarl. Carson 128 

Gilbert. Courtney 115. 172 

Gilbert. Eric 49. 107 

Giles. Kcnnon 115 

Gillespie. Molly 142. 164 

Gilmer. Nate 142 

Gilreath. Mary 142, 164 

Glaser. Maria 128 

Glenn. Alana 128. 164 

Glick. Jared 115. 160. 204 

Goff. Leslie 50. 172. 249 

Goldsmith. Franklin 142 

Goldsmith. Sarah 93 

Goodman. Sara Lyn 142. 164 

Goodwin. Jennifer 142. 164 

Gordon, Edward 138, 152 

Gordon, Kathleen 96, 107 

Gordon, Terri 152 

Gosnell, Brett 152 

Gradv, Kristen 115 

Graham, Geoffrey 115,168.221 

Graham, Michelle 50 

Graham, Sally 115, 164 

Granadillo. Elizabeth 142 

Grant, Amanda 115. 172 

Grant. Michael 50. 163. 188, 214. 215 

Grant, Sarah Beth 96, 107 

Graves, Margaret 142, 164 

Gray, Charlotte 142 

Gray, Chris 69 

Gray, Elinor 115, 164 

Grayson, Clay 1 15 

Green, Amber 116, 172 

Green. Molly 115. 164 

Green, Nancy 69 

Greene, Tom 142 

, Allis 


Gregory. Alexia 106. 107 

Gregory, Marjorie 116. 172 

Gregory. Mary Katherine 50. 172 

Greiling. Chris 50, 51 

Gretter. Craig 50 

Grier, Charles 96. 107. 160 

Grier. Elizabeth 142, 164 

Grieser, Matt 142, 200 

Griffin, Brad 41, 50, 68, 176 

Griffith, Matthew 152 

Griffiths, Joanne 142, 294 

Grim, Amanda 50, 172 

Grimmel. Catherine 128, 164 

Grinnan, Daniel 128, 168 

Grisez. Marie 142, 189, 212, 213 

Gromelski, Erika 142, 164. 213 

Grooms. Barbara 94. 172. 208. 209 

Grossman, Danny 128 

Grubb. Chris 142 

Guggenheimer, Charles 142,168 

Guise, Jennifer 92, 97, 107, 164, 190, 191 

Gullan, Bill 142 

Gupta, Suncya 94, 164 

Gustafson, Gus 51. 168 

Guzek. Frank 107 

Guzman. Sandra 116. 172 

Hackett. Samantha 116 

Hagan. Jason 128 

Hagan. Ty 142 

Hager. Susan 69 

Haile. Andy 94. 104 

Hall. Claire 96. 107 

Hall. Clay 107,218 



Hall, Kirk 88, 96, 107 

Hall, Rachel 42, 51, 172 

Hallenbeck, Peter 142 

Halyburton, Emily 142, 172 

Hamilton, Geoff 51, 160 

Hammett, Matt 143. 176 

Hammond, Katy 94, 164 

Hammons, Meredith 94, 164, 250 

Hamner, Jesse 51, 160 

Hamrick. Leigh 52, 64 

Hancock, Melissa 52 

Haneberg, Brittany 107, 164 

Hankins, Jem 143, 164 

Hankins, Launa 143, 172, 192. 193, 228 

Hanson. Carolyn 107. 164 

Hardcastle. Wilson 52, 176 

Hardesty, Suzanne 94, 99. 104. 105. 172, 18 

Hardin. Delia 143 
Harding, David 52. 221 
Hardy. Stuart 69 
Harper. John 96. 107. 168 
Harper. Ryan 94 
Harrell. Mike 96. 107. 221 
Harris. Carrie 152. 164 
Harris. Jonathan 52 
Harris. Josh 107 
Harrison. Katherine 96. 107 
Harrison. Reeshemah 96. 107 
Harrison. Robert 152 
Hart. Jeffrey 94. 160 
Hartley. Taylor 116. 176 
Hartman. Mary 96. 107. 172 
Harvey. Sean 143. 204 
Harwood. Quinn 152 
Hasan. Rasheedah 143 
Hash. Katherine 143. 172 
Haslam. David 107. 168 

Johnson, Mark 53. 160 

Johnson, Mary Pcrrin 96. 107. 172 

Johnson, Molly 95, 164 


, Wendy 143. 172 

. Allis 



. Chris 94 

Hassenfelt. Ted 128 
Hatcher. Eleanor 116, 164 
Hauser, Jennifer 116, 172 
HawHeld, Amy 143, 172 
Hawk. Amv 128 
Hawthorne, Casey 143, 168 
Hayden, Meredith 143, 164 
Hayes, Ben 104, 107, 194. 227 
Hayes, Davina 52 
Hayford, Brett 69 
Haynic, Todd 107 
Haynie. Waddy 152 
Hearle, Jeff 160 
Heer. Sarah 152, 172, 208 
Heil, Brian 96, 107 


, Chri 


Heitzenroder, Christine 116,164 

Hemby, Mark 116 

Hendrix, Billy 221 

Hendrix, Zeke 143 

Herndon. Tom 107 

Herriott, Lucy 52, 172 

Hess, Cyndi 94, 104, 208, 209 

Hetherington, Kathy 52. 172 

Heuer. J.D, 69, 200 

Hialt. Giorgio 128 

Higdon, Catherine 128. 172 

Hilbcrl. Emily 52. 172 

Hile. Scott l'l6 

Hill. Charlie 107 

Hill. Grace 143. 172 

Hill. Heather 107 

Hill. Stephen 95. 97. 176 

Hilles, Nancy 112. 128. 172. 186. 216 

Hillsmier. Brad 143 

Mines. Katey 95. 97. 164 

Mines. Meg 117. 164 

Hinson. Travis 107 

Mobson. Kelly 152. 164 

Hodges. Samantha 143. 164 

Hoffhcimer. Amy 52.172.192 

Hoffman. Helisse 152.164,213.294 

Holcombe, Win 95 

Holder, Chris 1 1 7 

Holladay, Jennifer 69. 172 

Hollweg. Ashley 143. 172 

Holzworth. Kevin 128 

Honerkamp. P,J, 128. 168 

Hood. Chris 117. 129. 160 

Hooff. Churchill 143. 168. 206. 228 

Hooker, Ben 52 

Hooper, Tom 107, 160 

Hopkins, Ben 95 

Home. David 107. 168 

Horner. Rachel 117 

Horton. Ron 104, 107. 200 

Hotchkiss. Andrew 117. 160 

Houghton. Frank 107 

Hoveland. Chris 53 

Hoveland. Jonathan 117,221 

Howard. Amy 95. 104. 164. 191 

Howard. Nicole 143 

Howard. Quinn 200 

Howell. Clay 53 

Howell. Richard 104. 107. 185 

Hsu. Katie 53 

Hsuan. Fred 117 

Hu. Gang 53 

Huckabec. Seth 94. 96. 107 

Hudson. John 117 

Huggins, Chad 117, 160 

Huggins, Laura 143, 172 

Hughes. Rob 42. 53 

Hull. Billy 53 

Hull. Paige 53 

Humphrey. Jennifer 95. 164 

Hunoval. Matt 128 

Hunter, Becky 53, 55 

Hunter, Tom 69. 221. 222 

Huntington. Marie 96, 107 

Hurtado, Peter 53. 188, 214, 215, 294. 306 

Hyde, Max 117, 168 

Hyder, Bill 143. 220 

lancu. Daciana 53 

Ingerick. Rhett 143 

Ingram, Frank 163 

Ingram, Willian 117 

Isobe. Laura 117, 164 

Jackson, Jimmy 95, 168, 220 

Jackson. Peter 107 

Jacobson. Lisa 53 

Jamarillo. Constanza 118 

Jayasinghe, Don 95 

Jayne. Beth Ann 107 

Jefferson. Laura 143. 172 

Jenkins. Lalasha 143 

Jennings, Jay 1 18 

Jcrnigan, Frank 95, 168 

Jesperson, David 210, 211 

Jewett, Whitney 128 

Johnson. Brad 95. 176 

Johnson. Dan 118. 160 

Johnson, Kirk 152 

. Angela 144 
Jones. Betsy 118. 172 
Jones. Chris 69, 96, 107 
Jones, Jamal 118 
Jones. Laura 143, 164 
Jones, Meg 54, 172 
Jopling, Patrick 95, 168 
Jordan. Laura 128. 189. 212. 213 
Joyasinghe. Don 62 
Judson. Derek 118, 163 
Julyan. Jennifer 118, 164 
Kade, Tyson 144 
Kahn, Jessica 152. 172 
Kaiser. Julie 144, 164 
Kalian. Nicholas 144 
Kapoor. Sonya 96. 107. 172 
Keever. Alan 128 
Keiter. Bailie 55. 63. 172 
Keller. Jason 144 
Keller. Lesli 144. 164 
Keller. Steve 96. 107, 163 
Kelley, Rob 96, 107 
Kemp, Anna 144. 172 
Kendall, Meg 95. 97, 172 
Kent, Jeffrey 144, 168 
Kepley, Hayden 118 
Kern, Adelaide 54 
Kerns. David 69. 188. 214. 215. 294 
Kerns. Jennifer 118, 164 
Kerns. Tim 54. 218, 219 
Kessler. Mike 118. 129. 221 
Kestel. Joe 118 
Khalikov. Julie 144. 164 
Khripunova. Katya 148 
Kim, David 95. 168 
Kimbrough. Patrick 1 28 
Kinerk, Lance 54. 227 
King. Craig 107 
King, Rob 95, 168, 214, 215 
King. Rogers 107. 168 
Kinner, Kyle 54 
Kip, Chris 118 
Kirkland. Anni 118. 164 
Kirtley, Jay 69 
Kiscr. Robert 54 
Kisla. Sue 41. 54. 172 
Kledis. Holly 144. 186 
Kleiner. Tag 107. 221 
Klenovic. Kresimir 118. 160 
Knapp. Adam 144 
Knight. Daniel 1 52 
Knight. Martha 98. 164 
Knipling. Kristen 54. 172 
Knowles, Jim 67, 69 
Knowles, Sam 96. 107 
Knox, Christina 152, 172 
Knox, Lisa 144 
Koonce, Tom 54 
Kops, Kristi 144. 172 
Kosicki. Rob 144 
Kraemer. Leslie 54. 1 72 
Kiapfl. Claudia 144. 164 
Krastev, Doitch 144 
Krausc. Steve 1 28 
Kraybill. David 96. 107. 163 
Krehmeyer. Brian 144, 163 
Kreiling, Kimberly 144, 172 
Krimon. Olga 97. 98 
Kwon, Sue 96. 107 
Lackey. Louise 55, 172 
Lacy. Rice 98 
Lafaye. George 55 
LaFrance. Marc 144 
Laidlaw. Katharine 152. 172 
Laird, Glen 55 
Lake, Jennifer 144, 164 
Lake, Julia 55, 98, 172 
Lamar. Dan 69. 184 
Lane. Ken 107 
Lane. Margrette 144. 164 
Lane. Tait 55. 160 
Lang. Erin 97. 98. 104. 105. 186 
Lang. Sara 144, 172 
Langford. Susan 55 
LaPointe, Carrin 54 
Lamed, Josh 97, 98, 160 
Laughon. Matt 98 
Laukkanen. Amy 97. 98. 164 
Lazenby, Will 118, 176 
Leak, Chris 128 
Leaman. Jennifer 144. 164 
Lee. Christy 116. 118 
Lee. David 107 
Lee. Erin 55 
Lee. Li Lin 119 
Lee. Wendy 93. 98. 164 
LeGrand, Gordon 55 
Leibfreid. Laura 144. 164 
Lemley. Caroline 98. 164 
LeNard, Steve 128 
Lenhart. Scott 119. 168 
Lesesne, Amanda 119 
Levengood. Paul 55. 168 
Lewis. Ann Brooke 98. 172 
Lewis. Jodi 119, 164, 192 
Lichti. Chris 145 
Ligo, Nathan 98 
Lilly, Wyatt 107, 163, 221 
Limberopoulos, Nikita 152,221 
Limburg. Carmen 96, 99, 107. 164 
Lind, Sean 55 
Lindsay. Alhan 55 
Lindsay. David 56 
Lindsay. Sarah 145 
Lindsey, Beth 145. 172 
Lisi. Phil 119. 168 
Little. James 128 
Little. Mark 98 

Little. Sara 69 

.Deborah 152 

. Nikki 128 
Livers, Greg 96, 107 
Livings, Jack 145 
Livingston, Jim 107, 222 
Lloyd, Chad 128, 160 
Lloyd, Julian 97. 107 
Lloyd-Still. Robert 98, 168 
Lockelt, Liz 145, 164 
Logan, Lone 128, 164, 190, 191 
Lombard, Claudia 145,172,192 
Long. Laura 56 
Lopez. John 128 
Lopez-lbanez. Cristina 98 
Lopp. Harrielte 56. 172 
Lorenzin. Lisa 119 
Loring. Cabe 99 
Louria, Myles 98, 163 
Love, Andy 1 28 
Love. Geoff 1 1 9 
Love. Martina 145, 172 
Lowrance, Shannon 145, 172 
Loyd, Ashton 56, 184 
Luckie. Cynthia 145 
Luss, Kim 40, 56, 172 
Lyons, Lisa 119. 172. 202 
MacDonald. Elizabeth 119.164 
Mackin. Sam 107 
MacLeod. Eric 152 
MacMahon. John 168 
Maddrey. Smith 119 
Malanuk. Chris 69 
Malcor. Patrick 128. 221 
Malenas. Laura 56 
Malinzak. Rob 99. 104. 105 
Maltbie. Reed 145. 163 
Mann. Chris 145 
Mann. Karen 145 
Manning, Scott 1 28 
Mansell, Bill 97 
Mansell, Frank 99, 160 
Manuel, Nicholas 107 
Marion. Cynthia 145. 164 
Maris. Joe 56 
Marquardt. Bill 56, 61, 168 
Marshall. Karen 99. 101. 104. 172. 212. 213 
Marshall. Leslye 99. 172 
Marston, Brett 96, 107 
Marti, Gabriela 119 
Martin, Christopher 128 
Martin, David 94. 99. 160 
Martin, Ellie 52, 56 
Martin, May 56 
Matheny, Matt 56, 184, 200 
Mathieson, Suze 42. 56 
Matricciani, Anthony 145 
May, Nat 126. 128 
Mbayabu, Matamba 107 
McAllen. Geoffrey 128 
McBryde, Courtland 145, 172 
McCall. Chad 56, 61, 168 
McCann, Martm 56. 184 
McCamey. Jim 56. 221 
McCarthy. Laura 99. 172 
McCaw. David 1 19 
McClung. G.A. 128 
McColgan. Kristin 119 
McConnel. James 152, 163 
McCraw, Jennifer 57, 172 
McCrory, Mary 1 19 
McCullough, Clay 99 
McCullough. Meredith 119 
McCutchen, Jennifer 99,164 
McCutcheon, Lauren 96,107,172 
McDaniel. Hugh 145 
McDaniel, Katy 99, 164 
McDaniel, Will 99, 220 
MCDermott, James 119 
McDcrmott. Tom 57. 160 
McDonald. Jennifer 57 
McDonald. Susan 57. 63. 172 
McDowell. Karen 57 
McEaddy. Anne Tilghman 145.172 
McEaddy. Catherine 100.172 
McElmurray. Jim 128 
McEntire, Katherine 152. 172 
McGec. Erin 57 
McGinnis, Brian 120 
McGregor. Andrew 145 
McGuire, Mark 145, 200 
McGuire, Pete 145 
McHugh, Wendy 120, 172 
McKelvie. Katie 145, 172 
McKenney, Matt 120 
McKibbon, Will 128 
McKinney, Anne 145, 164 
McLamb, Don 145 
McLaughlin, Elizabeth 57, 192 
McLaughlin, Seth 69, 94 
McLean, Jennifer 57 
McLean. Scott 107 
McLeod. Joseph 107 
McLeod. Margaret 145. 172. 294 
McMahon. John 128 
McMichael, Erik 128, 160, 188, 214 
McMillan, Sean 107 
McNally. Beth 172 
McNally. Sara 96, 107 
McNamara. Andrew 146 
McNeil, Cherri 100 
McNeill, Charles 57 
McQuilkin. Meredith 57 
McRae. Brooke 146. 172 
McRae. Scott 1 46 
McRee. Elizabeth 120 
McWhorter. Lawson 58, 61, 168 
McWiUiams, Edward 152 
Meadows, Carolyn 120, 189, 212, 213. 294 
Meadows. Chris 146 
Mehm. Erika 146. 172 
Melson. Sarah 58. 61. 172 
Melton. Brooks 107 
Melton. Matt 120 


Mcr^'Ci. John U6 

Mercer. Scan 146 

Mew, Tom 107. 1«0 

Miles. R«^a 128 

MiUiolUnd. Karen 146 

MiUar. Bonnie 146. 164 

Miller. .Anne 146 

Miller. Kevin 128.220 

Miller. .Meg 96. 107 

Miller. Rebecca 120 

.Miller. Wood) 69. 172 

Milligan. .Mlison 120. 172. 294 

MiUigan. Catherine S8. 164. 190. 191 

Milli. Shane 120 

Miner. Rebecca 164 

Minko. Cindv 146. 172. 202 

Mitchell. Francis 100. 176. 204 

Mitchell. .Melanie S8. 60 

Mitchell. Sumner 120 

Mitchem. Bill 146 

Moak. Linda Si. 61 

Molinan. Rosie 146 

Monaghan. Kerr\ 128. 164 

Mone. Philip S8 

Monk. Tracy 146. 172 

Montague. Deidra 38. 172 

Montgomerv. Lillian 146. 164 

Moolenaar. Hedy 146. 172 

Moore. Brv^on 69 

Moore. Chris 128 

Moore. Darren 146. 221 

Moore. David 107. 168 

Moore. Jamie 58. 294. 306 

Moore. Kathannc 152. 172 

Moore. Lisa 100 

Moore. Susan 1 28 

Moore, Tene 100 

Morehead. Arthur 58 

Moretz. Mary Laura 146. 172 

Morgan. Chad 146 

Morgan. Kevin 96. 107 

Morgan. Philip 146 

Morgan, Stepnanie 146 

Moms, Charlie 96, 107 

Morris, Jason 107 

Moms, Jon 96. 107 

Morris, Karen 146, 164 

Morrison, Amy 1 20, 1 64 

Morrison, Holt 120. 163 

Morton, Catherine 100 

Morion, Frances 58. 172 

Moss. Jim 128. 188. 214. 248 

Moss, Kristie 107 

Molt. Shellv 120 

Mould. Elizabeth 120. 164 

Mount, Jane 



Mowry. Miles 152 

Moicv. Andrea 59 

Moiey. Vickv 59 

Mubayi, Dhruv 128 

Mubini. Anthony 107 

Mukherjee. Debolina 59 

Murchison. John 128 

Murphe*. Margaret 97. 100. 164 

Murphree. Jack 59 

Murphy, Kris 42, 59, 172 

Murphy, Mary Elizabeth 96, 107 

Murray, Kelly 128 

Musch', Detlef 59, 20O, 226 

Myers, Robbie 107. 168 

Nance, Kimberly 120, 164, 208, 209 

Narat. Janko 104. 107, 200 

Narayanan. Ranjit 120 

Neal, Jo 59 

Neale, Henry lOO, 204, 221 

Neale, Jennifer 146, 164 

Nechemias, Dan 128 

Neff. Zama 59 

Nelson. Lise 69 

Neubauer. Joshua 121 

Neville. William 146. 168 

Nevius. Kristina 147. 164 

New. Michael 121 

Newcomb. Rachel 121 

Newman. Charles 147. 168 

Newman. Danny 121 

Newnam. Scott 100. 160 

Newton. Lillie 107 

Newton, Mike 59, 168 

Nguyen. Phuong 147. 172. 189. 213 

Nichols, Tvler 128 

Nieland, David 107. 168 

Niles, Brad 107 

Noewls. Matthew 147 

Norman. Aimee 97.100.172 

Nonhington. Ryan 147 

Norwood. Amy 59 

Norwood. Tom 121 

Nutant. E)avid 96, 107 

O'Brien, William 152 

OBrien, David 59, 95 

O'Brien, Emily 147. 172 

O'Brien, Happy 163 

OBnen, Ian 147 

O'Brien, Marty 128 

O'Neal, Katnna 101 

O'Neill. Josh 47. 59 

O'Nell, Kevin 121 

Oakes, Kathy 121, 172 

Odom, Alana 152 

Oehler. Mike 107 

Ogburn. Allen 121. 168 

Ogden. Tim 176 

Ogle. John 101 

Omli. Craig 60, 194, 227 

Onkey. Rick 147, 163 

Ordinartsev, Oleg 107 

Orgera, Alyie M. 191 

Orr, Brad 147 

Orr. Jonathan 1 28 

Onbon. Sarah 121, 164. 213 

Oria. Michael 60, 288 

Ortega, .-^driana 121. 164 

Osborn. Havler 69 

Ossman. Chad 147 

Otis. KC 121, 168 

Otto, Eric 147 

Owen, Rob 101, 176 

Owens. Scott 107 

Ownby. David 121. 160 

Pace, Chris 60 

Padrick, Greg 112. 122. 176 

Page. Bruce 101. 160 

Palazzolo, Jennifer 122. 172 

Palmer, Amy 128. 164 

Palmer, Brett 101, 160 

Palmer. Jarrell 147. 172 

Papagiannis. Giannis 115 

Pardo, Jorge 96. 107 

Parikh. Shri 107 

Park. Bo 60. 61 

Parker. Chris 96. 107 

Parks. Philip 152. 221 

Parramore, Alexis 122, 172 

Parrish, Brian 122 

Parsley. Jalyn 122. 164 

Parsons. Annie 147, 164 

Pascal. Bob 101. 168 

Patel, Mayur 147 

Patel. Swati 147. 164 

Patterson, Ashley 128. 172 

Patterson. Blair 1 28 

Patterson. John 147 

Patterson. Leigh 122. 164 

Patterson, Sam 69 

Patterson, Sarah 122. 164 

Paul. Andy 69. 226 

Payne. Anne 152. 164 

Payne. Ashley 98. 101. 164 

Payne. Marcia 147. 164 

Paysour. Bonita 60, 172 

Pease, Jay 69 

Peck, Karen 122, 172 

Pennington, Lee 41. 97, 101. 176. 294 

Penrod. Gary 128, 160 

Pepper, Robin 122. 172. 186 

Pepper. Whit 107. 168 

Perry. Bretton 147. 172 

Perry, Kelly 87. 101, 172 

Perry, Morgan 147. 172 

Peters. Becca 172 

Peters. Jonathan 128 

Peters, Rebecca 107 

Petrce. Chip 69 

Petty, Julie 101, 164 

Peutz, Tammy 147, 164 

Phan, Phuc 97, 101, 160 

Pharr, Elizabeth 164 

Pharr, Susan 147 

Phillips, Robert 107 

Philpot, Cyrus 147, 168 

Philpott, John 113, 122 

Pieslak. Jonathan 152 

Pita, Yvette 122 

Pitzcr. Matthew 147 

Plaisance. Simone 69. 186 

Plasman. Barrett 101, 168 

Plowden. Erin 60. 172 

Plownght, Jenny 60, 172, 186. 202, 203. 216, 226 

Podolsky, Karen 107. 172 

Pollard. Christopher 152, 163 

Polster. Charles 112, 122, 176 

Pomeroy. Bill 107 

Poole. Steve 107 

Porcaro. Anthony 152 

Post. Norris 69 

Potter, Jeremy 122, 163, 221 

Potts, Missy 122, 186 

Powell. Kristen 101 

Presson, Will 107. 160 

Preuss, Laura 60 

Price. Tom 69 

Price. Walter 69. 251 

Priestley, Simon 122.221 

Prioleau. Caroline 41, 61, 172, 206 

Prioleau, Osric 148 

Proud, Aubrey 148. 220 

Pruct, David 1 48 

Purdom. Hunter 101 

Purushothaman. Shiny 101.164 

Pusser. Ben 148. 163 

Pync, Tara 128, 164 

Quackenbush. PerMar 148 

Raber. Marc 96, 107. 220 

Radcliffe. Blake 61 

Ramey. John 119. 122 

Ramsay. Kirsten 128. 172 

Ramsay. Robert 152. 168 

Randall. Leigh 61 

Randolph, Mary 123, 172 

Raney, Steve 107 

Rannik, Julie 104. 172. 213 

Rawdon. Leigh 123. 164 

Rawlings. Jennifer 123. 129 

Ray. Jennifer 148. 172 

Raynal. Charles 128. 160 

Ream. Dan 123, 221 

Ream, Melissa 123, 164 

Reece, Thad 123 

Reel, Ursula 61 

Reems, Mike 104. 160 

Reeves. Mallory 128 

Reichard. Amanda 62 

Rcid, Jennifer 97. 104 

Reid. John 123, 160 

Reilly, Mark 123 

Reinertsen. Jessica 62 

Reinking. Chris 89. 104, 221 

Rcinoehl, Jenny 148. 164. 294 

Reisenleiter. Jennifer 148. 172. 191 

Rembert. Wyman 69 

Rembowski. Alfred 148 

Reuning. John 123. 160 

Rcvis. Jeff 62. 176 

Reynolds. Chance 123.221 

Rhinehardt, Nethea 62 

Rhodes. David 97. 104 

Richard. Bill 104 

Richardson. Chad 148 

Richardson, Nicole 123 

Richter. Krista 62 

Rideout. Catherine 107, 172 

Rikard. Christy 123. 172 

Rilc\. Slancel 62 

Ruchic, Caroline 148 

Rivenbark. Catherine 123, 164 

Rivera. Richard 101. 104 

Riverbark. Catherine 129 

Rizzo. Ed 62. 294 

Roberts. Christine 148, 164 

Roberts, Harrison 104 

Robertson, Couriney 97.104.172 

Robertson, Meredith 1 52 

Robertson. Thomas 148 

Robinson, Richard 107 

Robinson, William 152 

Roden. Bill 123. 160 

Roc. Lillian 126. 128, 164 

Rogers, Ann DuPre 128 

Rogers, Casey 123, 168 

Rogers. John 124. 148, 176 

Rogers. Josh 123, 168 

Rogers. Katherine 152, 172 

Rogerson. Michael 148, 163 

Rolfes. Amy 172 

Romm, Jennifer 96, 107, 172 

Rone. Matthew 124 

Roope. Michael 62 

Roos, Jennifer 62. 172. 186. 202. 203. 226 

Roos. Juha 62 

Rose, Jenny 148 

Rosebcrry. Laurel 62. 164 

Roscnbach. Eric 124 

Ross. Chris 128 

Ross. Craig 97, 104, 168 

Rotunda. Richard 107 

Rowe. John 62. 168 

Rozear. Mark 69 

Rozelle. David 124, 221 

Rubv. .Mark 124 

Ruch. Karl 152 

Ruddick, Telisha 124 

Rudell, BJ 118. 124, 160 

Ruggles. DJ, 96. 107 

Rumsey. Georgina 96,107,172 

Rush, Buddy 105, 160 

Russell, Christy 164, 124 

Russo. Nick 63, 160 

Rust, Trey 105, 222 

Ruth. Tasha 105. 172, 208, 209 

Sabcl, Allison 148 

Sadowski. Sarah 63 

Saju, Azir 


, Javic 


, Joselte 99, 105. 106. 172 
Salido. Sandy 148 
Salisbury. Leila 60. 63 
Salt. Katherine 128, 172, 294 
Sampers, John 104. 105, 106, 194, 227 
Sampson. Jana 148 
Sanders. Wallace 63. 160 
Sands. Jonathan 148 
Sanger. Christopher 107, 128 
Sansom. Heather 105, 172 
Sansom. Mary-Gwyn 63 
Sansom. Meg 124. 172 
Santaloci, Jesse 63, 294 
Sappenfield, Michael 63, 160 
Sariiano, Gregg 105 
Satterneld. Jenny 104, 107, 172, 192 
Saudek, David 128, 163 
Sauls, Tiffany 149 
Savage. Morgan 107 
Savona. Michael 107, 163, 221 
Scarborough, Jenny 96, 107 
Scarlett. Paige Ann 63 
Scarlett, Sara 149. 172 
Schaper. Liz 124, 172 
Schermer. Alex 124 
Scheu, Margaret 149. 164 
Schick, Ana 149 
Schick, John-Paul 105. 163 
Schlaefer. Benjamin 149 
Schmahl, Sandi 63, 172 
Schoo, Alice 96, 107 
Schreeder, l.issa 63 
Schroeder. Robin 152, 164 
Schuctz. Audrey 96, 107 
Schuetz. Jennifer 149, 206 
Schumacher, Amic 124, 172 
Schumadine, Jim 128 
Schwab. Andy 63 
Schwab. Katherine 149, 172 
Schwancr, Meredith 128 
Scoggins, Nicole 69 
Scoopmlrc, Sean 124, 176 
Scott, Maggie 149, 172 
Seebach, John 124 
Self, Laurie 124, 164 
Semones. J.D. 124 
Senlell, Molly 96, 107, 164 
Shah, Kamil 128, 160 
Shames, Steven 149, 163 
Sharp, Otic 63, 116. 246. 294 
Sharpe. Tonya 149. 172, 202 
Shavendcr. Heather 96,107.172 
Shealy, Kirby 69 
Shelburne, Tom 128. 221 
Shi. Christina 149 
Shields. Chris 105. 168 
Shinn. Hallie 125. 172 
Shipman. Debra 107 
Shippey. Heather 64 
Shiricy. Kelly 107. 221 
Shoemaker, Lindsay 64. 69. 172 
Shores. Steve 105 
Shori. Andrea 125, 172, 186 
Shuler. Katrice 69, 172 
Shultz. Jason 149 

Sibley, James 149, 168 

Sice, Michelle 64 

Siegfried, Carin 125. 164 

Siler. Will 107 

Simmons, Shannon 149 

Simpson. Whitney 149. 164 

Sims. Sohn 69 

Sitek, Lisa 97, 105, 189 

Sjostrom, Anne 69, 172 

Sjostrom, Erik 128 

Skaff, Siouxz 149, 172 

Skalinder, Wilson 96, 107 

Skidmore, Scott 107, 163 

Slater, Ken 100. 105, 164 

Slayton. Derek 128 

Sloop, Ross 97, 98, 105 

Slosson, John 149, 168 

Smith, Alden 101, 104. 105, 185, 305 

Smith, Billy 64 

Smith, Bryce 107 

Smith, Garnelt 105 

Smith. Glenn 64 

Smith. Jackson 125 

Smith. Marion 149, 168 

Smith, Marshall 64, 249 

Smith, Ryan 106 

Smith, Taylor 125, 163 

Smitherman, Andrew 128,160 

Smilhwick. Charles 152. 163 

Snvder. Mark 64, 163, 218 

Snyder, Megan 128, 186, 216 

Sobon, Tim 107 

Solsrud, Kristin 125, 172, 202, 294 

Sontag, Eythan 96. 107 

Spain. George 128 

Spainhour, Andrew 58, 64 

Spaw, Randy 64, 163, 218 

Speakman, David 152 

Spear, Matt 64. 194. 196. 227. 304 

Spears. Duncan 104, 107, 168, 214, 227 

Speer. Sinda 125. 164 

Spencer. Derek 152, 163 

Spiccr. Kevin 107 

Spiegel, Jay 69, 176, 222 

Spincer, Derek 204 

Spivcv, Alice 100, 106. 172 

Sprinkle. Ellen 125. 172. 192 

Sprinkle. Phelps 64 

Squyres. Isaac 149, 168 

Srinivasan, Gautan 125 

Stackhouse, Dack 64 

Standi, Cliff 40, 64 

Stanley, Carie 97. 106. 172 

Staples. Chariie 149 

Starmer. Rachel 60. 64 

Steele, Carol 149 

Stecn, Jeremy 149 

Stephens, Catherine 149 

Steven, Janet 125, 152, 164 

Stevenson. Andy 106 

Stewart, Carey 64 

Stewart, Chris 128 

Stewart, David 107 

Stewan. Ian 65,160.188,214.294 

Stewart, Jim 69, 160 

Stewan, Jimmy 96, 107 

Stilwell, Jay 125 

Slohler. Becky 96. 97. 107. 164 

Stolpen. Roberta 149, 172 

Stone, Sally 93, 95, 106, 164 

Stowe, Barry 106, 160 

Stowe, Patty 97, 106 

Strieker, Kristen 65, 172 

Stringficld, Anne 107 

Stubbs, Jane 1 50 

Stuckey, Ashley 150, 172 

Stump, Alan 125, 168 

Sturm, Steve 65. 176. 184 

Sulkowski, Peter 126 

Sullivan. Alex 128. 168 

Sullivan, Karen 107, 164 

Summers, Steven 65. 168 

Surratt. Ginger 106. 172 

Suter, "Tommy 126, 131 

Sutton, Lee 113, 126, 214 

Sutton, Margaret Anne 152,172 

Swariley, Bill 126, 168 

Sweeting, Machelle 65 

Tabb, Ashley 150, 168 

Tarpley, Heather 65, 212, 213 

Tarver, Russ 1 50 


, Adri 


Taylor, Allis 

Taylor, Lillian 128 

Taylor, Robin 97, 106 

Taylor, Susan E. 104, 107, 172, 192, 193 

Taylor, Susan K, 107 

Teal, Laura 66 

Tepera, Chris 128 

Terrell, Jeff 66. 168. 169 

Terry. Jennifer 106 

Thcriault, Justin 126, 160 

Thicdcman. Pat 107 

Thicrmann, Jorge 150 

Thigpen. Lance 128 

Thomas. Beryl 107 

Thomas. Edwin 107 

Thomas. Josh 107 

Thomas, Ryan 126, 168 

Thompson. Carey 126 

Thompson. Catherine 150 

Thompson. David 1 50 

Thompson, Kelly 61, 66 

Thompson. Linda 107 

Thompson. Rachel 66. 172 

Thurman. Michael 107 

Thurmond. Rick 97. 106. 168 

Thurmond. Strom 128 

Tibby. T,K. 126, 130 

Tidwcll, Dcvanc 107 

Tihanyi, Krisztina 150 

Tillman, Stuart 152, 163 

TimbeMake, Grey 66. 172 

Timmons, Julie 150, 164 



Tiska. Tammv 126, 294 

Thus. Ehzabelh Anne 150, 172 

Tobin, Katherine 150, 172 

Todd. Ann 66, 172, 192 

Tomasevic, Milica 111. 126, 164 

Tong, Paul 128 

Tonidandcl, Dave 66, 163. 210 

Tonidandel. Scotl 150, 163 

Tootle, Margo 96, 107. 164 

Torrence. Ashley 105. 106, 164 

Torres, Chris 107 

Townes, Courtney 66 

Townsend, Rob '106, 176 

Tracy, Jennifer 128. 150, 172 

Tran. Hue Lin 126. 129 

Trask. Patrick 66 

Trcdennick. Treloar 66. 17 

Trcgay. Steve 66 

Trim, Vernelle 106 

Tripi, Rachael 150 

Troiano, Nicholas 150 

Tuntasit, Tony 150 

Turner, Catherine 67. 119. 172 

Turner, Del 107, 163 

Turner, Laura 67, 94, 172. 248 

Turner, Lauren 150 

Turner, Steve 106. 168 

Turrctlini, David 150 

Tutterow. Sam 65. 67. 168 

Tweedie. David 107 

Ukrop. Jacquelin 44. 67. 172. 186 

Ukrop. Rob 44. 67, 194, 196. 227 

Urbina. Alfredo 150 

Vacca. Christy 51. 61. 67. 172 

Valentiner. Clark 152 

Van Culin, Andrew 126 

Vandergriff, Kathy 41, 67, 172 

Vandersea, Brian 127 

VanderVieren, Michelle 127, 247 

Vargo, Christopher 152 

Varnev. Peter 150 

Varoski. Albie 67.210.211 

Vartabedian. Jack 69 

Vaughn, Francie 69 

Vaughn, Holt 128 

Verm. Alan 64. 67. 160 

Verm. Justin 150 

Vitaglione. Sandro 107 

Voyer, Kathryn 150, 172 

Wachen, Matt 150 

Wagner. Jennie 65. 67, 190, 191 

Walker. Carla 107 

Walker. Laura 96. 107 

Wallace. Susan 67, 172 

Wallin, Ross 67 

Walsh, John 110. 128. 163 

Walton. Sharon 150.294 

Wampler. Anne 92. 104. 107. 164 

Wang. David 68 

Wang. Jane 68 

Warren. Susan 151. 172 

Waters, Bennett 107 

Waters, Steve 68. 184 

Watkins, Anna 127, 172 

Watson, Lisa 96, 107 

Watson. Nicole 127 

Way. Sarah 96. 107. 164 

Weaver, Aimce 107. 164 

Webb. Bill 107 

Webb. Robb 68, 168 

Weber, Mike 127 

Webster, Sarah 151. 172 

Weddell. Jon 107 

Weinig. Greg 68. 160 

Welch. Win 68, 184 

Weld, George 128 

Wellford. Elizabeth 152, 172 

Welling, Katharine 151, 164. 206 

Wells. Chris 127. 160 

Welsh, Daniela 127 

Wescoat, Chappell 68 

West, Alexis 151, 164 

West, Cedric 128 

West. Heather 96. 107 

Wevhing. Neil 96. 107, 160 

Wharton, Richard 107, 188 

Wheeler, Crcigh 128, 172 

White, David 107. 163 

White, Edward 151, 168 

White, John 128. 168 

White, Michael 68. 294 

White. Pat 127. 176 

Whitehead, Elizabeth 96. 107, 164 

Whitehead. Maria 128. 212. 213 

Whitehead. Weave 68 

Whitehurst. Mananna 152.172 

Whitlock. Valerie 127 

Whittaker. Julia 69 

Whittington, Jennifer 69 

Wickenden. Brian 151. 163 

Wilcox. Nicole 128. 172. 208 

Wildey. Susan 89. 92, 107. 164 

Wiley, Ben 67, 69, 214. 215, 251 

Willard. Beth 69 

Willard. David 127 

Woodlief. Matt 69 
Woodward. Alison 128. 172. 294 
Worlds. Rachel 128. 164 
Worley. Jeremy Slade 151. 220 
Worsham. Josh 128, 163 
Worth. Candace 128 
Wright. Allison 96, 107, 172 
Wright. David 69. 163. 221 
Wright. Mike 69. 184 
Wynn. Jcssalyn 128, 172 
Wynns. Scarlet 151. 164 
Wyrick, Charles 67. 69 
Wyrick, Chris 128 
Yarborough, Preston 69, 176 
Yarborough, Scott 128 
Yarbrough, Bob 151. 221 
Yoder, Anthony 151 
Yoshii, Asako 42, 69 
Young, Alexa 151, 164 
Young, Heather 151, 172 
Young, Maggie 151, 172, 202 
Young, Shawn Rence 152, 172 
Young, Susanna 151, 164 
Zemp, Phyllis 128 
Zhang, Quing 128 

Zirkle, Anne 96, 107 
Zirkle, Sarah 151 
Zomberg. Emily 151 

104. 107. 200 



, Angle 
Williams, Brandon 151,200 
Williams. George 107. 221 
Williams. Jennifer 127 
Williams. Natasha 69 
Willingham. Chris 128, 168 
Wilson, Holley 151 
Wilson, Jay 107 
Wilson, Kyle 107 
Windham, Scott 69, 168 
Wineberg, Heather 152. 172. 192 
Winslow. Tripp 128. 160 
Withers. Sara 128, 164 
Witlschen, Mark 151, 163 
Wogan, Steve 68, 69, 176 
Wolff, Meg 151 
Won, Sekon 128 
Wood, Charles 152 
Wood, Joshua 151